For 8+ years now, Kinsta has made a name for itself as a top-tier managed WordPress hosting provider. We’ve worked to innovate new ways to simplify and improve WordPress setup, maintenance, performance, and security for developers and site owners across the web.

In listening to our customers and beta testers, we’ve come to a single overarching realization: there’s an absence of simplicity in the world of cloud hosting platforms. And we wanted to fix that.

Today, we’re throwing the doors open wide and welcoming a whole new group of customers to Kinsta with our latest releases: Application Hosting and Database Hosting.

Application Hosting and Database Hosting Solutions at Kinsta

With Kinsta’s Application Hosting and Database Hosting solutions, we’re here to serve the modern developer even better. Whether you’re hosting a website, web application, database, or some combination of them all, we’re prepped and eager to provide the most seamless solution for your development needs.

Let’s take a closer look at what each of these new services has to offer.

Application Hosting

With the release of Application Hosting, Kinsta can now act as your reliable, one-stop-shop Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS). This means you can leave some of the most time-consuming tasks like infrastructure setup, container orchestration, adding custom domains, and server management in the hands of our expert team while you focus on creating, testing, and growing your applications.

Deploying an application to Kinsta is as simple as hooking up to your GitHub repository and choosing to deploy it via any of our 25 data centers worldwide.

Your processes will run separately to provide an instant speed boost and allow for smoother scaling. In addition, any Kinsta-hosted application or database will reap all the benefits of Google Cloud Platform’s C2 VMs and our isolated container technology running on Google’s low-latency Premium Tier network.

You can deploy applications using any of the following popular frameworks and libraries, with more already on the way:

  • Node.js
  • Ruby
  • Python
  • Java
  • Scala
  • PHP
  • Go
Adding an application within MyKinsta
Adding an application within MyKinsta

If you opt to use your own Dockerfile in the repository, you’ll have plenty of freedom to use almost any language/framework you’d like as you won’t be limited by those supported by our current Buildpacks.

For more information, make sure you read our documentation on Application Hosting.

Pricing Options for Application Hosting

Pricing is resource-based, so you can scale at your own speed, and you only pay for what you use.

Deploy your application today. The first $20 is on us!

Database Hosting Details

Thanks to Database Hosting, you can set up your databases in just a matter of a few clicks by choosing:

  • The database type you’d need to use with your preferred version
  • The deployment location from our list of 25 data centers
  • Your preferred resources (Size, RAM, CPU)
Adding a database within MyKinsta
Adding a database within MyKinsta

The whole process takes a couple of minutes only and you’ll end up with containerized databases (no shared resources!) ready to be connected to Kinsta-hosted applications or third-party services.

If you create an internal connection between your application and your database, they’ll both live in the same cluster, providing you with better performance than external connections. But there’s more: you won’t be charged for internal traffic, as the requests remain within the same network!

We currently support the following options, with others soon to follow:

  • MySQL
  • Redis
  • MariaDB
  • PostgreSQL

For more information, make sure you read our documentation on Database Hosting.

Pricing Options for Database Hosting

Database Hosting offers a per-usage billing system that charges you based on the size and runtime of your database.

Set up your first database ($20 is on us!) to one of our 25 data center locations.

What Does This Mean for WordPress Hosting?

Kinsta has long been rooted in specialization in WordPress hosting. We’ve built the trust of more than 120,000+ customers who have elected to switch to Kinsta for their hosting needs.

With WordPress commanding a staggering 64.7% of the global CMS market share in 2022, it’s clear our favorite open-source CMS isn’t going anywhere. Well, neither are we.

Our team will stay hard at work further improving the WordPress experience through our hosting platform, tools, and features. Customers can keep managing and scaling their sites just as before, while we’ll continue to innovate new ways to improve the entire WordPress experience.

A New Era for Kinsta

What could be more complicated, more frustrating, and more potentially costly than splitting your website, application, or service across multiple hosting providers? With Kinsta’s latest hosting solutions, you can now deploy, host, and manage all of your web projects right in one place!

Take full control over the development and growth of your websites, applications, and databases with the same industry-leading tools and 24/7 expert support that have made our managed WordPress hosting platform so popular.

Focus on development. Leave the rest to us.

Deploy your application (or database) to Kinsta. The first $20 is on us.