Various kinds of caching are essential to speeding up a WordPress site, and Kinsta provides all the tools you need to take advantage of those technologies. But, we admit, the MyKinsta dashboard didn’t have all those tools in the same box.

That has changed.

An update to navigation in MyKinsta puts all things related to caching under a single main menu entry labeled (you guessed it) Caching. Under that are grouped the tools to manage:

You can reach that menu by navigating to one of your WordPress sites in MyKinsta and then selecting Caching in the left-hand menu:

Screenshot showing cache-related tools within the MyKinsta dashboard.
Caching tools grouped under the new Caching menu item.

Previously, you would have to dig through different menu items for Edge Caching and CDN, while server caching and the Redis add-on were managed through entries in the Tools section. Now, it takes less time to reach the tools you need to make your WordPress site faster.

Take control of cache with Kinsta

Kinsta customers can enable and disable Edge Caching and CDN within the MyKinsta dashboard and clear those caches — as well as the server cache and Redis cache — using the same interface. However, Kinsta offers even more options for managing important tools to speed up WordPress.

The Kinsta MU (Must Use) plugin offers cache management within the WordPress admin dashboard. That means members of a publishing team who might not have access to MyKinsta can clear server-side caches, CDN, and edge caches within WordPress.

In addition, the Kinsta API is available for those who want to create their own tools for site maintenance, including clearing caches.

If you’re not already a Kinsta customer and want to take advantage of these powerful tools for your WordPress site, find a hosting plan that’s right for you.