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Support Questions

How to Use MyKinsta Analytics to Troubleshoot Issues on Your Site

MyKinsta Analytics can help you analyze your WordPress site. The reports include everything from resource usage, performance monitoring, and even s...


The ERR_SSL_VERSION_OR_CIPHER_MISMATCH error is typically caused by problems with your SSL certificate or web server. Check out how to fix it.

How to Download Older Versions of WordPress Plugins

Run into an issue with a plugin update or conflict on your site? Check out these four simple ways on how to download older versions of WordPress pl...

How to Find cPanel Bandwidth Usage

A hosting provider might inquire about how much bandwidth your site uses. Check out these 3 quick steps on how to find cPanel bandwidth usage.

How to Stop WordPress Comment Spam

Spam comments can be downright annoying and a big waste of time. Check out these different tricks, plugins, and settings to stop WordPress comment...

How to Change Your WordPress URL (4 Easy Methods)

Check out these 4 easy methods on how to change your WordPress URL, which references the address of your site and the location of your site's files.

Why We Don’t Offer Phone Support

By focusing on online support channels, we can scale our support and dedicate resources to continually improve and innovate our all-in-one hosting...

How to Easily Clone Your WordPress Site

Kinsta makes cloning a breeze! Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to clone your WordPress site with just a few clicks.

How to Quickly Reset WordPress Admin Password

Lost your password or perhaps your email isn't working? Click here for simple instructions on how to manually reset WordPress admin password.

How to Create and Modify a WordPress Cron Job

Cron jobs are used to schedule repetitive commands and tasks. Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to create, modify, and run a WordPress...

How to Restore MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

Perhaps you are migrating WordPress hosts or doing local development. Check out this quick tutorial on how to restore MySQL database using phpMyAdmin.

How to Backup MySQL Database Using phpMyAdmin

Perhaps you want a 2nd backup or need to migrate WordPress hosts. Check out this quick and easy tutorial on how to backup MySQL database using phpM...