Support questions

How to Rename a Site in MyKinsta

If you recently changed your site's domain name or brand, learn how to rename your WordPress site in MyKinsta.

How to Label Sites in MyKinsta

Learn how to use Kinsta's site labeling feature to organize and filter through your WordPress based on unique tags.

How to Make an External Backup of Your WordPress Site

Learn how to back up your WordPress site to Amazon S3 or Google Cloud Storage with Kinsta's external backups tool.

How to Enable ionCube Loader in MyKinsta

If your WordPress site uses PHP scripts encoded with ionCube, you'll need the ionCube Loader. Learn how to enable ionCube Loader in the MyKinsta da...

How to Fix the HTTP 304 Error (6 Potential Methods)

The HTTP 304 error tells you there's a communication problem between the browser and a website’s server. Fix this issue using one of these methods.

How to Change Bluehost Nameservers to Point Your Domain to Kinsta

DNS can sometimes be a confusing process. Follow our quick and easy tutorial on how to change Bluehost nameservers and point them to Kinsta.

How to Unzip a ZIP File in Terminal Using SSH (Works on Linux Servers)

Whether you use macOS, Windows, or Linux, speed up your WordPress workflow by learning how to unzip ZIP files in Terminal using SSH.

How Has Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Affected Kinsta?

Kinsta's team members are well-positioned to continue to provide the same degree of support, security, and performance you've come to expect from us.

Does Kinsta Keep Your Website Files and Database in the Data Center You Choose?

Read more about Kinsta's website data practices and how your files and database are stored in the data center of your choice.

Kinsta Go Live with Your Website Checklist

Follow our go-live checklist to get your WordPress site up and going fast. If you run into any problems, our support team is available 24/7.

htpasswd Tool – How to Easily Password Protect Your WordPress Site

Check out how to use the MyKinsta htpasswd tool to enable password protection on your WordPress site; also referred to as basic HTTP authentication.

Kinsta Multilingual Support and Hours (Hosting, Sales, Billing, MyKinsta)

Kinsta is proud to offer multilingual support! Not only for hosting, but also for sales/billing, MyKinsta dashboard, affiliates, and website. Check...