Support questions

Support Questions

How to Restore a WordPress Backup to Staging

Need to recover something from a backup without modifying your live site? Kinsta has a feature in which you can restore a WordPress backup to staging.

How to Clear DNS Cache (Windows, Mac, Chrome)

Encountering 404 errors on your WordPress site? This could be due to a DNS change. Follow our tutorial on how to clear DNS cache on your computer.

How WordPress Malware Removal Works

If your site is infected with malware it can cost you money and visitors. It's important to choose a host like Kinsta that offers WordPress malware...

How to Create a Company

Kinsta uses companies to associate users and plans. With our multi-user feature, there are four different types of company roles to define permissi...

How to Fix the WordPress Not Sending Emails Issue

Check out our step by step guide on how to fix the WordPress not sending emails issue. Run a quick check on your web server or use SMTP server alte...

How to Properly Handle or Create a DMCA Takedown Notice

Someone stealing your content or perhaps you received a DMCA notice? Check out our tutorial on how to properly handle or create a DMCA takedown not...

I Can’t Connect via SSH or SFTP – Delete SSH known_hosts

If you are having trouble connecting via SSH or SFTP to your website at Kinsta, follow these steps to clear out your known_hosts file on MAC and Wi...

Kinsta MU Plugin

The Kinsta MU (must use plugin) has been designed to work on our WordPress hosting platform. It handles our full page caching and Kinsta CDN integr...

Push Staging Site To Live

At Kinsta each of your sites can have a staging environment. Staging environments are first copied from your live site, and then allow you to test …

How Can I Change the WordPress PHP Version My Site Uses?

Learn how to change the WordPress PHP version of your site with a single click. You can switch between PHP 5.6, PHP 7, PHP 7.1, PHP 7.2, and PHP 7.3.

Can I Restart PHP On My WordPress Site?

Please use this tutorial to find out how to restart PHP on your WordPress installation when you get a 502 error for example.

How Do I Change My SFTP Password?

If you would like to change your site's SFTP password you can do so easily from your My Kinsta Dashboard. See the SFTP change password instructions.