Support questions

Support Questions

Can I Request a Second Migration for My Site?

Sometimes a site is migrated but not always made live right away. In these cases data can get out of sync. See details on requesting a second migra...

How Kinsta Migrates Dynamic WordPress Sites (Ecommerce, Community, and Membership)

Learn about Kinsta's procedure for migrating dynamic WordPress sites such as ecommerce, community, and membership sites and how to prevent data loss.

What Are PHP Workers and How Many Do You Need?

PHP workers determine how many simultaneous requests your WordPress site can handle at a given time. Check out these tips on how many PHP workers y...

How to Migrate From to

Kinsta does offer free WordPress migrations, but this doesn't include migrations from to Check out our recommendations.

How to Fix WordPress Stuck in Maintenance Mode

Is your WordPress stuck in maintenance mode? Don't worry, it happens. Check out this quick method to get back up and running in just a couple minutes.

How to Fix a 501 Not Implemented Error on Your WordPress Site

A 501 not implemented error is typically a problem with your WordPress host's web server. Check out these steps you can take to quickly resolve the...

How to Add Code to WordPress Header and Footer

Struggling with how to add code to the WordPress header or footer? Check out these quick and easy methods, both with a plugin and manually with code.

Scope of Support

The Kinsta support team is available to assist you 24-7. Check out how our support team can assist you and a few limitations that do apply.

How to Optimally Offload PDF, DOCX, MP4, and MP3 Hosting

Hosting will always have limitations, even if they aren't advertised. Follow this tutorial on how to optimally offload PDF, DOCX, MP4, and MP3 host...

How to Configure Mailgun in WordPress to Send Emails

Having trouble sending emails? Check out our quick tutorial on how to configure Mailgun in WordPress to send emails for free (10,000 emails per mon...

How to Add A Record With GoDaddy

Struggling with how to add A record with GoDaddy? We'll show you the whole process from start to finish with tons of screenshots.

How to Change GoDaddy Nameservers

DNS can sometimes be a confusing process. Follow our quick and easy tutorial on how to change GoDaddy nameservers and point them to Kinsta.