Free Course: Node.js Full Stack Developer Course – Kinsta

Learn all about using Node.js by building your own photo sharing application. Your app will have real world functionality including signup, user authentication, photo upload, and commenting. You’ll learn full stack development skills using: Node.js, npm, Express, EJS, MariaDB, and how to integrate them all together. Get started now with this free course!

Course summary

Watch and code along with Drew to build a Node.js app with a MEEN stack (MariaDB, Nginx, Express, and Node.js). You’ll see it all coded live, and can use the course GitHub repo to access all the code snippets and files for yourself.

About the course

Build a functioning photo sharing app that allows users to; sign up for an account with an email and password, log in, upload photos, and add comments to photos. Code along with Drew, step by step. Along the way you’ll set up and learn how to use Node.js, npm (Node Package Manager), and MariaDB as well as programming concepts like routes, middleware, and callback functions.

Who is this course for?

Developers of any skill level who want to power up by learning a powerful mix of full stack JavaScript development skills. You learn how to code an application’s backend, connect and set up a database, and connect it all to a pre-built html/css frontend template.


  1. Chapter 1: Getting Started and Requirements
  2. Chapter 2: Using Node.js, Express JS, and npm Packages
  3. Chapter 3: Creating a Template and Navbar and Using Nodemon
  4. Chapter 4: Templating, EJS, and MVC
  5. Chapter 5: Using MariaDB and Sequalize
  6. Chapter 6: Working with Middleware and Routes
  7. Chapter 7: Setting up Sign-Up and Log-In
  8. Chapter 8: Encrypting Passwords, Sessions, and Routers
  9. Chapter 9: Populating Images Database and Comments
  10. Chapter 10: Preparing Your App for Production
  11. Chapter 11: Deploying Your App to Kinsta Application Hosting (Try it Free!)

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