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Is DDoS Protection From Your Host A Lie?

After causing $1.7 billion in damages in the first documented DoS attack in early 2000 the techniques behind DDoS attacks have only become more potent. While many hosts tout DDoS protection, can they really do anything when faced with an attack of epic proportions?

Kinsta Hires Former Pagely Exec Sean O’Brien

We are proud to announce that we have hired Sean O’Brien as our new Chief Operating Officer (COO) to help us expand in North America and in particular the United States.

Slides Review: A Closer Look at DesignModo’s New Framework

At Kinsta, we are obviously big-time advocates for the power of WordPress. Simply put, it’s one most capable, flexible, and affordable CMSs out there, making it the world’s number one site-building software.

10 Things Not To Do In PHP 7

With PHP 7 coming out later this month it’s time to prepare and shed some of our bad habits.

Check Out Our Latest Guide About WordPress’ Licensing Model – the GPL

If you use WordPress, understanding the GPL should matter to you, because it defines how WordPress has to be utilized—by users and developers alike.

What is WordPress XML-RPC and How To Stop an Attack

The XML-RPC implementation in WordPress allows external services and desktop clients to interact with WordPress. In this article I’ll take a look at what XML-RPC is, how it works and what the future holds once the WordPress API becomes a part of core.

How to Use the WordPress Register Sidebar Function

Not long ago we had a look at how sidebars work in the WordPress database. If you want to work with widgets and sidebars however, in most cases the first step is to register them – make WordPress aware of them so users can start assembling things in the backend.

How to Use Icon Fonts in WordPress

In the bad old days icons were readily available, but implementing them efficiently was a bit more difficult. You could get around some issues with sprites, but they were not always a good way forward, and as retina screens came to be, the problem was magnified (quite literally).

A Guide To HTTP And The WordPress HTTP API – Part 2

In this article I’ll take a look at how you can handle HTTP requests easily with the help of the WordPress HTTP API. We’ll also be looking at a simple example using Github’s API, if you want to follow along, grab a free account!

The Getting Ready For PHP 7 Cheat Sheet

Everyone is getting excited about PHP 7, and rightfully so. It contains relatively few backward compatibility issues (which have been deprecated for a long time now anyway) and without any optimization on your part it should bring a significant speed boost – about doubling your website’s performance.

A Guide To HTTP And The WordPress HTTP API – Part 1

The Internet is becoming more and more open to communication between the entities on it, primary through the boom of great REST APIs over the last few years. In fact, WordPress is joining the effort with the WordPress REST API soon.

Understanding Managed WordPress Hosting

In the last couple of years there has been a buzz around managed WordPress hosting services. This market is growing rapidly and tens of thousands of WordPress site owners take advantage of the services provided by these hosting companies.