wordpress vulnerabilities

WordPress Vulnerabilities – The Facts

Despite earning itself a shame-worthy award title of ‘Pwnie for Mass 0wnage’ at the BlackHat security convention in 2008, WordPress has developed into a surprisingly popular content management system (CMS) through the years. WordPress security breaches are still the fodder feeding the journalistic cannons in the tech blogosphere though.

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wordpress security

A Handy Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress is easy. A simple platform lifting some 20 percent of the Web on its shoulders, loved by the cyber world’s virtuous and evils alike. But tiny cracks and pinholes in the WordPress system have made it a hacker’s best friend, leaving many unwary, heedless and unmindful online business owners walking the lonely roads to digital hell. Yet, cranking up the security on WordPress sites to shut the door on cybercriminals takes little efforts in the right direction. And here is a short, multi-tier Kinsta primer on WordPress security to help aspiring online businesses and individuals protect their digital investments.

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