WordPress Businesses You Can Start Right Now

You’ve signed up with WordPress as your CMS platform. You have decided to go with a hosting service like Kinsta to make sure that everything runs ship-shape. You are ready to take on the virtual world through the infinite power of the Internet.

There’s only one tiny question: What exactly are you going to do?

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Kinsta is Safe from the Heartbeat Bug

It has been discovered very recently that the OpenSSL library suffers from a serious flaw that can result in data leakage if not treated. We are happy to announce that as soon as OpenSSL released the latest package with the fix for this vulnerability included, we switched to the new OpenSSL 1.0.1g package on all of […]

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Infinite Slider – A Free, Innovative WordPress Slider Plugin

We’re happy to announce that we released our first of (hopefully) many WordPress freebies! It’s called Infinite Slider and it’s a free WordPress slider that’s built on a unique idea of featuring a horizontally scrollable set of tiles made up of your WordPress site’s featured images.

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wordpress security plugins

WordPress Security Plugin Review – The Best Free and Paid Security Plugins

WordPress website security is a hot topic – a tough job, but someone’s got to do it. And considering the number of WordPress vulnerabilities materializing rather frequently, maintaining website security has to be an ongoing and multi-layered process. Hosting providers are no longer responsible for holding the last line of defense, and website owners are expected to fortify their online business with thick walls, tall defense structures and deep trenches.

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wordpress vulnerabilities

WordPress Vulnerabilities – The Facts

Despite earning itself a shame-worthy award title of ‘Pwnie for Mass 0wnage’ at the BlackHat security convention in 2008, WordPress has developed into a surprisingly popular content management system (CMS) through the years. WordPress security breaches are still the fodder feeding the journalistic cannons in the tech blogosphere though.

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wordpress security

A Handy Guide to WordPress Security

WordPress is easy. A simple platform lifting some 20 percent of the Web on its shoulders, loved by the cyber world’s virtuous and evils alike. But tiny cracks and pinholes in the WordPress system have made it a hacker’s best friend, leaving many unwary, heedless and unmindful online business owners walking the lonely roads to digital hell. Yet, cranking up the security on WordPress sites to shut the door on cybercriminals takes little efforts in the right direction. And here is a short, multi-tier Kinsta primer on WordPress security to help aspiring online businesses and individuals protect their digital investments.

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These Are Great Times to Work with WordPress

One might easily think that with all the new technology and consumer behavior change in the past one or two years means that something as old (in “internet years”) as WordPress cannot continue to be on the top for long. Au contraire! We believe that the coming years will be truly exciting and prosperous for the whole WP ecosystem.

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