LMS Hosting for WordPress

From online courses to coaching and beyond, Kinsta helps knowledgeable entrepreneurs share their experience and know-how with fast and flexible learning management system hosting.

Blazing Fast Speeds

When students work through your content, your pages should load fast. It’s why we’ve optimized our servers to handle heavy user activity and large numbers of logged-in students.

  • Compute-Optimized C2 virtual machines
  • HTTP/2 and IPv6-enabled CDN
  • Server-Level Caching
  • Kinsta CDN
  • Fine-Tuned for WordPress

Next Generation Architecture

We only use state-of-the-art hosting technologies, from our server hardware to the software we run. We’ll always have the latest framework versions installed and up to date.

  • Nginx, PHP 8.1, and MariaDB
  • Complete Resource Isolation
  • Scalable Hosting
  • PHP Workers

Trusted Google Cloud Partner

Kinsta is an official Google Cloud recommended managed WordPress host. Launch courses on the same future-proof infrastructure that powers Google Search, Gmail, and YouTube.

  • GCP Premium Tier Network
  • 35 Global Data Centers
  • User-Friendly Tools
  • WordPress-Specific Optimizations

Expert WordPress Support

Ask our customers why they choose Kinsta, and you’ll hear about our stellar support. We’re here around the clock to answer all your LMS hosting-related questions. Chances are, you’ll speak to someone who’s contributed to WordPress core, coded a plugin, or even run an LMS site.

  • 365/24/7 Live Chat
  • Get help fast
  • 720 daily uptime checks

Convenient Tools for LMS Sites

Get WordPress-optimized tools and features like detailed analytics, database optimization, self-healing PHP, New Relic (license required), one-click staging, and free migrations. Need more? Redis and extra disk space are available as optional add-ons.

  • Redis
  • Kinsta APM
  • Weekly Database Optimization
  • PHP Version Switching

Switching to Kinsta turned out to be the best decision we’ve ever made when it comes to our website infrastructure. We saw a 60% drop in server response times, faster delivery of our pages, and nearly 100% uptime. The most insane part of it all was that this came at nearly 40% lower cost than the previous host.

Share Your Knowledge With Kinsta

You’ve decided on the freedom and flexibility of a self-hosted learning management system platform. But that means you need a cloud hosting service with stability, security and speed you can count on.

Kinsta was born out of a desire to share what we’ve learned about web hosting. We’ve taken our collective knowledge and built the best LMS hosting platform for WordPress, with a spectrum of tools and features that take the complications out of delivering an exceptional user experience for your students.

Whether you want to teach online courses, coach one-on-one, or share what you know with an online community, our LMS hosting can support it. Our platform provides the solid foundation you need to run all the popular WordPress LMS plugins, including LearnDash, Lifter LMS, LearnPress, Tutor LMS, Sensei, WP Courseware, Good LMS, Namaste! LMS, MasterStudy LMS, and more.

  • Supports popular LMS plugins
  • Multisite, BuddyPress, and bbPress
  • Online communities
  • Online courses
  • Forums
  • Professional services
  • Group coaching
  • Premium content

Want To Know More About How We Can Support Your Unique LMS Website Setup?

Why Host Your WordPress LMS Site With Kinsta?

Bring your online course to life with a hosting solution that understands the resource-intensive nature of LMS sites. Large numbers of logged-in users, uncacheable content, complex database queries, and considerable amounts of data like profiles, forum threads, images, and video, can really slow down your site when left unchecked. Our focus is on delivering the performance and speed you need with fewer hosting headaches.

Performance-Focused Hosting

We obsess over speed — and it’s where we really shine. We’ve partnered exclusively with Google Cloud. We use their premium tier network, compute-optimized C2 servers, and global network of data centers so your pages are served to students with lightning speed. We’ve designed our platform with high-performance and scalability built in, so whether you run a small coaching site or a booming online community with thousands of courses and students, we’ll grow with you.

PHP 7 Version Switching

Switching to the latest version of PHP is often all you need to get an instant boost in speed and performance. Our latest PHP performance benchmarks show that PHP 8.0 offers incredible performance improvements, and PHP 8.1 is even faster. We offer PHP 8.1 as well as all the other major versions, which you can easily toggle between in your MyKinsta dashboard.

Object Caching With Redis

Hosted LMS sites are dynamic and constantly changing. Object caching can provide considerable performance benefits, helping to reduce the load on your database and speed up PHP execution times. We offer Redis as an optional add-on so you can take full advantage of persistent object caching and deliver content faster to your students.

Detailed Dashboard Analytics

We’ve seen first-hand that WordPress LMS sites typically generate a lot of 404 errors. With our MyKinsta analytics tool, you can determine just how many 404 errors your site is generating and then create a simple 404 template that avoids querying your database any more than is necessary. Book a live Demo!

PHP Workers

A big challenge for WordPress LMS sites is large numbers of uncached requests. PHP workers determine how many simultaneous database requests your site can handle at any given time. If you continually max them out the queue will start pushing out older requests, resulting in 500 errors. A set number of PHP workers is included with all our hosting plans. If you’re not sure how many your LMS site needs, read our guide: PHP Workers: What They Are and How Many You Need (Advanced Guide). Or, chat to the sales team to find out more.

Database Optimization And Maintenance

Regular database maintenance is critical for the health of any WordPress LMS site. Without it, you’ll find that over time your site slows to a crawl. To help ensure your database runs smoothly, our platform will automatically fine-tune your MySQL database settings based on the specific needs of your LMS site. Our plans also include weekly automatic database optimization. If our automated system detects something wrong that it can’t fix, our sysadmin team will be alerted to follow up.

Kinsta support is fantastic. They just solve the issue, whatever it is, with a smile and keep going. Kinsta does business the way it should be done.Kinsta’s platform has allowed us to migrate a non-Wordpress (WP) site gradually so that we make fewer mistakes. The ability to host a hybrid site (WP and non-WP) has been a huge help.

Let Our Migration Team Do The Heavy Lifting

If moving your years-old WordPress LMS site to a new hosting provider seems daunting (or near impossible!), leave the hard work to us. Our migration team will take care of the process, saving you time and money.

We approach your site’s move as if it were our own, leveraging years of hosting and WordPress experience to get your site up and running just like it was before your move.

Features Available With Every Plan

Configure Kinsta to meet your LMS site needs. Get all the features and tools you need to make the development and running of your WordPress LMS site faster and your life easier.

Convenient Features

  • Server-level caching
  • Cloudflare firewall with free DDoS protection
  • WordPress-specific performance and security rules
  • Detailed analytics, including bandwidth, CDN usage and insights, cache HIT and MISS ratio, and performance data
  • Self-healing PHP
  • Easy-to-use site creation and migration request wizard
  • WooCommerce-specific optimizations for e-commerce

Tools You’ll Love

  • Free Cloudflare SSL certificates, or install your own custom SSL certificates in the dashboard
  • PHP version switching
  • WP-CLI, Composer and Git
  • SSH and SFTP
  • Purge site cache from the dashboard
  • Kinsta APM for monitoring and debuggin WordPress performance issues
  • Search and replace tool for bulk site updates (for example, change HTTP URLs to HTTPS or update old shortcodes)
  • Multi-user permissions and roles, allowing you to define access on both the site and company level
  • Enable WordPress debug through MyKinsta

Additional Features We Think You’ll Love

Build a business you’re proud of with tools that help take your online learning site to the next level.


Use Redis to store values generated by WordPress’ native object cache in a persistent manner so cached objects can be reused between page loads.

Extra Disk Space

mages, videos, profile information, and discussions — data adds up fast! Add extra disk space to your plan in your MyKinsta dashboard for more storage when you need it.

Kinsta APM

Get granular visibility into your LMS site’s performance in real-time, including all WordPress plugins, themes, database queries, custom code, and WordPress itself.

Two-Factor Authentication

Access authenticator-based two-factor authentication in the MyKinsta dashboard that doesn’t rely on mobile phones and can be used with popular password managers like 1Password and LastPass.


Get six different types of automatic and manual backups, including hourly and six-hourly backup add-ons — essential for WordPress LMS sites with dynamic content.

MyKinsta dashboard

MyKinsta Dashboard

We built MyKinsta specifically for WordPress, so you’ll find all the WordPress-specific LMS tools you need to configure for speed and security, view analytics, access 24/7 live chat support, and more. Book a live Demo now to see it for yourself!

Need Help? Reach Out to Our Expert Support Team

Chat to one of our support engineers in real-time and get expert help with your WordPress LMS site, no matter what time of the day or night. Our team covers every time zone, working around the clock to assist customers in over 120 countries.

24/7 live support

Website crashes don’t work to a 9 to 5 schedule. They often strike at the worst possible times, day and night. That’s why we offer customer support every hour, every day.

We know WordPress

Our support team is the best in the industry because we only hire WordPress developers and Linux engineers, including many who’ve managed their own servers and coded WordPress plugins.

In-depth insights

It’s our goal to make sure your site is always running at peak performance. We use Kinsta APM and our own custom backend tools to debug what’s happening under the hood if your site experiences problems.

Focused on you

We leave no stone unturned when solving support queries. We encourage knowledge sharing within our support team so when complex issues call for teamwork, we’re ready to mobilize.

Proactive monitoring

We monitor the status of all sites we host every 2 minutes. In the rare event your WordPress membership site goes down, our staff will be instantly alerted and will start investigating before you get in touch.

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Kinsta’s support team is A+. Every time we have an issue they are on it and it is resolved within minutes. Kinsta was easy to setup and migrate to. We love the production/stage separations, CDN capability with just touch of a button and insightful analytics.

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