WordCamps are organized by WordPress users for the WordPress community. Whether you’re a WordPress hobbyist, a marketer, or a developer, there are surely activities for you to enjoy.

Expect a laidback, welcoming vibe—you might even end up having coffee with someone who’s contributed to WordPress features you use every day without realizing it!

Prepping for your first WordCamp, or just looking for some extra pointers? Kinsta’s seasoned WordCampers Roger, Marcel, Alex, and Carlo share their insider tips to help you get the most out of it.

Carlo, Alex, Roger, Marcel at WordCamp
Kinsta’s seasoned WordCampers

Let’s make your next WordCamp your best one yet, shall we?

Why you should attend WordCamp

Learn and grow

WordCamps are all about learning something new and getting better at what you do. You can gain valuable knowledge and skills not just in WordPress development but also in design, marketing, and more. Whether it’s through workshops, sessions, or just chatting with other attendees, you’re sure to pick up tips that can help you grow both professionally and personally.

The WordCamp Europe 2024 attendees
The WordCamp Europe 2023 attendees

Alex’s experiences not only enriched his career but also broadened his worldview: “For one thing, I have seen some new parts of the world and built some wonderful connections. I have gained a new appreciation for different regions and cultures and ways of doing business, as well as for WordPress itself and the business ecosystem that exists around it.”

The Kinsta Team at WordCamp Asia
The Kinsta Team at WordCamp Asia

He adds, “I have gained appreciation for the value of in-person interactions and of event sponsorships as a marketing investment tool. And I have gained some new friends as well!”

Expand your network

WordCamps are as much about the people as they are about WordPress. They bring together folks from all over the world who love WordPress. You’ll make new friends, find future collaborators, or even meet potential employers. It’s a friendly crowd, so don’t be shy!

Join the vibrant WordPress community

Above all, WordCamps are fun! There’s usually an afterparty, casual hangouts, and lots of laughs. You’ll leave with great memories and even greater friends.

WordCamp Montclair 2024 after-party with the WordPress community
WordCamp Montclair after-party with the WordPress community

Carlo Daniele shares his favorite WordCamp memory: “The first WordCamp Italy in presence was special to me because I caught up with so many friends I had not seen for a long time because of the pandemic. The joy of meeting each other was huge.”

As for Alex, his favorite WordCamp experience was the afterparty from WordCamp Asia 2023 in Bangkok, Thailand: “It was just awesome! I was blown away by the venue, the music, the food, and the energy of the crowd. That was also my first time attending a WordCamp, and it set a very high bar for afterparties! It was also a chance to meet so many of my coworkers in person! Kinsta is fully remote, so it was the first time for me to meet many of my colleagues.”

This sense of community is a big part of what makes these events so special. Attending means you’re joining a vibrant community that is as passionate about WordPress as you are.

Prepping for the event

Plan your visit

Before you go, check out the schedule. Each WordCamp has many different sessions, some technical and others more about the community.

Here’s some advice from Marcel: “Plan which sessions to attend. This helps you focus on what interests you most. Also, knowing your transportation options and how you’ll get to and from the venue is crucial.”

A session about Interactivity API preview at WordCamp Montclair 2024
A session about Interactivity API preview at WordCamp Phoenix

He also adds, “Make sure your devices are charged, and you have necessary chargers and adapters.” (You wouldn’t want to miss out on anything because your phone died!)

Fun fact about Marcel: Marcel Bootsman trekked 465 mi. (748 km) on foot to raise funds for PHP_CodeSniffer. That’s right, he walked across The Netherlands and Germany—from his hometown of Berkel en Rodenrijs all the way to WordCamp Europe in Berlin.

Pack smart

What you bring can make a big difference.

Roger shares his top three must-haves: “Comfortable shoes, a business card or way to share your contact information, and a sense of humor.” You’ll be on your feet a lot, meeting tons of new people and having fun!

Alex also recommends wearing comfortable shoes. He adds, “Wear comfortable shoes, bring a jacket or sweatshirt, and don’t plan to carry a heavy bag around with you all day. Make sure to get enough sleep and take care of yourself!”

A portable charger is also a lifesaver for keeping your phone powered all day. Marcel also stresses the importance of carrying essentials like a notebook, pen, and water bottle to stay hydrated and jot down all the great things you learn.

Stay comfortably

Finding the right (and safe!) place to stay is very important. Roger suggests looking for hotels within walking distance to save on commute time and costs, as he mentions that “the hotels adjacent to the conference center are generally the most expensive.” If you’re a bit tight on budget, consider alternatives near rapid public transportation to get you from point A to B.

Marcel recommends considering accommodations that offer a good balance between cost and convenience. Also, don’t forget to check if the event organizers have arranged any special rates.

If you’re going to WordCamp Europe 2024, Carlo says, “In Turin, it is easy to travel from the city center to the event location, so participants are free to choose to stay in the city center or near the venue.”

How to get the most out of WordCamp

Dive deep into learning and networking

WordCamps are packed with sessions on various topics, and choosing which ones to attend can sometimes be a challenge. Alex offers his advice: “You are free to choose what excites you. If there is something you want to learn about or a speaker you want to hear, then go check them out! A big part of what makes these special is the social aspect, so heading to a side event or session with a friend or colleague can also make it a more enjoyable experience.”

A session from WordCamp Italy 2023
A session from WordCamp Italy

If your main goal is to grow both your skills and network, then choose the sessions that interest you most in your profession and try to connect with as many people as you can.

Carlo points out how easy it is to approach even the speakers at WordCamp:

“You can just walk up to speakers after their talks. Ask them questions, shake their hand, and invite them for coffee. And don’t be shy around other attendees. Everyone’s there to meet new people and have fun! Take advantage of the event as an opportunity to grow from all points of view.”

Carlo Daniel, Kinsta’s Business Development Manager in his talk at WordCamp Italy 2023
Carlo Daniel, Kinsta’s Business Development Manager in his talk at WordCamp Italy

Stop everyone and talk to everyone because a WordCamp is a party.

If you are generally shy, don’t worry; others will surely come to you. That’s just how warm and welcoming the WordPress community is.

Embrace language and diversity

As an international event, each WordCamp brings together attendees from around the globe. Embrace the diversity at these events; people from different backgrounds bring unique insights and experiences.

The WordPress community from WordCamp Europe 2023
The WordPress community from WordCamp Europe

Marcel reminds us to “be patient and respectful when interacting with attendees who may struggle to communicate in a different language.”

Take this chance to learn about different cultures and pick up a few phrases in another language! And remember, a friendly smile goes a long way. Let’s make sure everyone feels welcome by creating a positive, inclusive space at every WordCamp.

Explore the host city

Every WordCamp city has its unique charm and hidden gems, and discovering the local area is a big part of the experience.

A scenic lookout in Montclair, New Jersey
A scenic lookout in Montclair, New Jersey

Carlo shares a tip: “Ask the organizers and members of the local WordPress community directly about the best spots in town.”

There’s always so much to explore, from cool cafes to cultural landmarks. Capture it. Remember it. Roger also encourages exploring local eateries and events. He says: “Take advantage of events around the host city to get a quick tour of local hotspots.”

Welcome the unexpected

And sometimes, no matter how much planning you do, the most memorable experiences at WordCamps come from unexpected opportunities. Be open to spontaneous adventures—they can lead to some of the best stories!

An example: Imagine finishing up a day of learning about WordPress and then rushing to a major football match! That’s exactly what happened to Carlo at a WordCamp in Milan.

Right after the event, he and his friend dashed off to the famous San Siro stadium to catch a big game between Milan and Napoli. The match ended in a draw, 1-1, but the thrill of watching it live was a perfect end to their day.

Meet the Kinsta Team

Don’t forget to connect with our wonderful team! We’d always love to chat about WordPress and anything under the sun, really. Plus, we usually have some cool swag to give away!

What to do after WordCamp

Once WordCamp is over, the connections you’ve made and the things you’ve learned can help advance your career. After meeting so many great people at WordCamp, you’ll want to keep those connections alive.

  • Swap Contacts: Right after the event, swap business cards or connect on social media like LinkedIn. This way, you won’t forget each other. Carlo says, “Speakers are members of the community, people like all of us. There is no separation between professors and students as there is in university lecture halls.”
  • Send a quick note: Send a follow-up message a day or two after the event. Mention something you talked about to remind them who you are.
  • Get social: Follow your new friends and speakers online. Like, comment, and share their posts to keep the interaction going.
  • Join the community: Check out WordPress forums, Slack channels, or Facebook groups. These are great places to chat with others from the event.

WordCamps are great opportunities to join the WordPress community, learn new skills, and make lasting connections.

By planning ahead, packing smart, and staying open to new experiences, you can get the most out of your next WordCamp adventure. Embrace the diverse community, explore the host city, and don’t be afraid to strike up conversations with fellow attendees. Remember, WordCamps are not just about WordPress but also about its people.

After the event, keep those connections alive. Swap contacts, follow up with new friends, and stay active in the WordPress community. The relationships and knowledge you gain at WordCamp can continue to benefit you long after the event is over.

Ready to join the fun? Meet the Kinsta team at WordCamps across the globe!

Loise Dizon

Loise Dizon is a writer before she is a marketer. Her passion for words, design, and storytelling led her to leave the newsroom for marketing. She now thrives as Kinsta's Digital Marketing Coordinator who produces its newsletters, case studies, and social media content.