Interested in seeing more “Sold” signs with your real estate business? Take a look at your website. If you don’t have one that’s your first problem. If you do, ask yourself if it’s clean, modern and easy to navigate.

One big problem with the real estate industry is that agents get sold on websites from franchisors or affiliates. These include franchisors like Remax and Baird and Warner. Many agents partner with companies like these, and they get all sorts of incredible benefits. Unfortunately, however, the websites usually aren’t good at all.

However, you can still be associated with your real estate company and make your own WordPress website. This way, you have complete control over the design and functionality, and you can boost your sales by utilizing the best WordPress real estate plugins. The plugins, or extensions you install to add functionality, include highly advanced property listing plugins, options for adding mortgage calculators to your site, along with integrations with Zillow.

If you’re getting started from scratch, I’d recommend finding a real estate WordPress theme. But older WordPress sites can be improved with the help of a solid WordPress real estate plugin.

The Pieces Needed to Build an Effective Real Estate Website on WordPress

Since many people reading this article are new to WordPress altogether, it helps to explain the elements that will go together to create the ideal real estate site. We’ll be listing the best WordPress real estate plugins below, but you’re only going to select maybe one or two of them for your website.

The rest of the plugins you decide on won’t have a direct relation to real estate. Instead, they’ll protect your site, make it faster, allow for social sharing and give you marketing options. Since you shouldn’t install too many plugins, it’s important to stick with the reputable essentials.

For a brand new real estate site, here’s how you would piece it together:

  • Find and install a WordPress real estate theme.
  • Install basic WordPress plugins for things like marketing and SEO.
  • Install a WordPress real estate plugin (listed below) to improve on the theme or add a feature that’s missing.

Once you’ve found a theme, it’s time to make sure your site has the basics. Therefore, every real estate agent, company or developer should launch a new site with the following plugins:

  • Yoast SEO – An SEO plugin for improving your Google rankings and optimizing each page and post based on specific keywords.
  • Easy Social Share  – Here’s your marketing go-to. This offers email marketing tools, a list builder, social media sharing buttons and more. We, in fact, use this on our Kinsta site. Make sure to also check out our in-depth post for more social media plugins.
  • Akismet – This essential plugin identifies and archives spam comments and messages. Therefore, your site looks professional and you’re not forced to sift through the spam yourself.
  • All in One WP Security and Firewall – Block everything from brute force attacks to malicious files intrusions.

For every recommendation above, there are dozens of alternatives for you to use. Here are some lists to give you some tips and a better selection of plugins:

You’ll also be happy to learn that Kinsta handles caching for you, so you don’t need a plugin for that, yet you can still keep your site’s performance up.

Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins

Now it’s time to move onto the real estate plugins. These are made just for selling, buying and renting homes and apartments. We’ve compiled a quick list of our recommendations (in no particular order,) but if you’d like more complete, in-depth reviews, continue on.

1. Estatik

Estatik is definitely the king of all real estate plugins, seeing as how it offers a wide range of features in one plugin. Yes, you get the listings and multilingual support. Yes, you receive a responsive layout with a photo gallery. Yes, you can create a slideshow or integrate with social media.

Estatik WordPress plugin
Estatik WordPress plugin

The Estatik PRo version goes for $89, and it provides a full suite of tools like customizable labels, frontend subscription management, and an advanced search module.

Why This WordPress Real Estate Plugin Rocks

  • Even the paid version is worth it. You only have to pay the one-time fee, then you can pretty much turn any WordPress site into a full-fledged real estate hub.
  • It includes a great map view, eliminating any reason to get a map plugin.
  • A mortgage calculator is also packaged into the plugin.
  • The plugin integrates with PayPal to accept subscriptions for clients who want to add listings on a consistent basis.
  • It’s multilingual for connecting with more customers.
  • There’s a slideshow widget for showcasing all of your homes.
  • The support is really good.
  • The premium version integrates with the MLS.

Downsides of this WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • There isn’t much bad to say about the Estatik plugin, but some users have had problems with 404 errors and images in listings, but the support team seems to quickly resolve issues like these.

2. Real Estate Pro – WordPress Plugin

The Real Estate Pro plugin comes highly recommended for a few reasons. First of all, it’s one of those rare plugins where the settings, pages, and templates are all configured right after installation. You truly don’t have to touch anything for it to look pretty nice.

Real Estate Pro WordPress plugin
Real Estate Pro WordPress plugin

Secondly, the plugin allows for a clean listings modules with a beautiful image gallery. Customers can purchase through your website by going through PayPal or Stripe. Furthermore, it’s fully responsive for clients to browse listings on their mobile phones and tablets.

Why This WordPress Real Estate Plugin Rocks

  • Real Estate Pro is compatible and integrated with MailChimp. Therefore, all new customer emails are stored in your database.
  • You can use Visual Composer with the plugin.
  • It allows you to configure subscriptions.
  • Charge for things like adding a listing, claiming a listing, selling a VIP badge or even accessing the site.
  • The plugin translates into 13 languages.
  • The users that come to your site can bid to get the top search rank. Essentially, you could run a listings site with the plugin and not even be a real estate agent.

Downsides of this WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • Although it comes with translations, it’s not that clear how to make the translations.
  • The help files are lacking.
  • It doesn’t integrate with the MLS.

3. WPL Real Estate

With the WPL Real Estate plugin, you get a chance to list agents, share a map view of your listings and offer an advanced search for your clients. The main reason I like this one so much is because it caters to agencies with a handful of agents. You can post agent information and share photos to give buyers or sellers more on who they’ll be working with.

WPL Real Estate WordPress plugin
WPL Real Estate WordPress plugin

The WPL plugin has some native and compatible themes, but it should work fine with just about any WordPress theme. There is a free plugin with decent features, but the true functionality comes in the form of the WPL Pro version. Unfortunately, you have to ask for a free quote in order to see how much it’s going to cost you.

Why This WordPress Real Estate Plugin Rocks

  • The plugin connects easily with the MLS.
  • The customer support is rock solid.
  • There’s more to it than just property listings. For example, you get agent listings and an awesome search feature.

Downsides of this WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • The multilingual features aren’t included with the free version.
  • In fact, quite a few customization options are omitted from the free version. For instance, you can’t hide the address, accept multiple currencies or adjust the “More Details” section if you don’t have the premium version.

4. Easy Property Listings

Easy Property Listings has more of a freemium business model, where the regular plugin is completely free, but several extensions are available for you to buy. For example, you can buy the Comparables extension and spend around $47.

Easy Property Listings WordPress plugin
Easy Property Listings WordPress plugin

The stats are rather interesting since you can look at how many listings have been posted in a certain timeframe. You can also check how many of those you have been sold. Listing widgets are provided as well. Therefore, you can reveal some property listings in a sidebar next to your blog feed.

Why This WordPress Real Estate Plugin Rocks

  • The listings don’t need much in terms of customization. This is one of the easier plugins to show your listings and see them displayed beautifully on your website.
  • It integrates with WordPress frameworks like Genesis, Headway, and iThemes Builder.
  • 100s of theme templates come with the plugin.
  • The customer support is strong.
  • The plugin delivers over 150 custom fields for the ultimate listing customization interface.
  • The API documentation is available to give more experienced developers more freedom.

Downsides of this WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • The following paid extensions should definitely be part of the regular, free plugin (but they aren’t): Sliders, Listing Templates and Advanced Mapping.

5. Essential Real Estate

The Essential Real Estate plugin gives you a lot of premium features in their free version of the plugin. You can easily customize and override the layout and functions. It supports global payments, single list properties, single agents, and more.

Essential Real Estate WordPress plugin
Essential Real Estate WordPress plugin

This plugin essentially has everything you need to start a Real Estate website. It also has an impressive 5-star rating on the repository! It has custom post types, taxonomy features for properties, agents, packages, user packages, invoices, and even transaction logs. You can add new listings, edit them, and much more.

Why This WordPress Real Estate Plugin Rocks

  • Easily add/modify all attributes for a listing (such as city, state, status, neighborhood, price, etc.)
  • This plugin has tons of features packed in!
  • You can submit properties via both the frontend and the backend.
  • Pays close attention to SEO, allowing you to even set the slugs for custom post types.

Downsides of this WordPress Real Estate Plugin

  • Due to everything, the plugins includes it can be a little overwhelming.
  • Longer learning curve.

WordPress Real Estate Themes (Bonus)

Even though this post is regarding plugins, we couldn’t leave out a couple really high-quality real estate themes you should check out.

1. WPCasa

WPCasa is probably the most widely known WordPress theme framework built to satisfy real estate agencies’ various needs. It is a flexible, fully responsive framework offering countless options for customization.

WPCasa WordPress theme
WPCasa WordPress theme

Edit screens and theme settings are extremely easy to handle with the use of drag & drop widgets. There are numerous layout options available, the background and the components of the header are also customizable, but if that wouldn’t be enough, you can create your truly bespoke website by using one of WPCasa’s professionally designed child themes, or making your own.

All WPCasa themes and child themes are available in several languages, which can easily be added and edited in the WordPress admin. Continuous support is provided in three languages to help users get the best out of the purchased theme. Purchase includes future updates and installs on unlimited sites.

The icing on the cake is that you can not just look at the front end demo before buying the theme, but you can create a personal test site for 7 days free of charge to experience all the advantages and drawbacks of the theme.

2. AgentPress

AgentPress is also a fully-featured realty WordPress theme, which is truly a great deal for real estate professionals.

AgentPress WordPress theme
AgentPress WordPress theme

Purchase includes access to AgentPress Pro and the Genesis framework too. Responsive design, unlimited support, and updates are of course provided. Again, several layout options, custom background, header, and menu are available. What makes AgentPress special is its smart listing system based on the combination of dsIDXpress plugin and dsSearchAgent. This mixture provides indexable MLS listing system, which is also good for SEO purposes.

Does Your Site Have the Best WordPress Real Estate Plugins?

As you may have noticed, you don’t really need all of these WordPress real estate plugins. Sure, you might go with something like Estatik for listing your properties and WP Amortization Calculator for displaying additional financing information, but there’s no need to have two home listing plugins. Therefore, we recommend reading these reviews, then testing out the ones that sound interesting.

Then you can install the necessary WordPress plugins for security, SEO, social media, and more (the standard plugins we covered at the beginning of this article). If you have any questions about the best WordPress real estate plugins, or if you’d like to talk about your experience with any of the plugins, let us know in the comments section below.

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