Scan WP is a WordPress theme and plugin detector and a multifaceted platform offering an array of indispensable features tailored to empower WordPress users.

Beyond its core function of identifying themes and plugins, Scan WP serves as a comprehensive go-to website, equipped with additional tools such as hosting detection and SEO insights for individual domains. Users can access valuable information about a website’s hosting infrastructure and gain deep insights into the tech stack or SEO performance, including crucial metrics like backlinks and keyword ranking.

Scan WP also provides articles on various WordPress-related topics, from beginner tutorials to advanced development techniques with code snippets. It is a valuable resource for WordPress and web development enthusiasts and professionals.

Avi Klein, the founder of Scan WP, shares the impact of his strategic affiliate partnership with Kinsta on Scan WP’s growth and his appreciation for Kinsta’s generous recurring commissions.


  • Industry: Online Marketing
  • Business size: up to 9 team members

How it all started

Avi Klein founded Scan WP over 8 years ago. The spark ignited when a query surfaced in a WordPress-related Facebook group asking for information about the themes used on certain websites. Avi’s curiosity and willingness to help the WordPress community led to the creation of the first version of Scan WP.

“Before I decided to start this site, I was looking for a technological challenge. I was very much involved in the whole WordPress world at the time, and on a Facebook group, someone asked if anyone knew what theme was used to build a certain website. This was extremely interesting to me, and I started fooling around with some code to see how I can build something like that.” Avi shared.

The challenge

Rapid changes in technology presented several challenges to developing a theme detector and making Scan WP a successful product. As WordPress and its ecosystem also evolved, so did the methods used to detect website themes and technologies.

Avi mentioned that “Detecting WP sites in the good old days used to be easier than it is now. Now there are different ways to block theme detectors, but it’s just the price of progress, and we welcome it.”

Despite the obstacles, Scan WP embraced these challenges as signs of progress and innovation.

Over the years, Avi focused on helping the WordPress community and web users by introducing more invaluable resources such as plugin detection, hosting detection, WordPress tutorials, SEO and web development articles, and even Shopify theme detection.

“Within a couple of years, Scan WP became really popular, and millions of people have used it to get the information they need.” – Avi Klein

However, despite Avi’s consistent dedication to helping millions of users online, there was still a big challenge to overcome. Steady financial support was vital. Without such financial support, the future of  Scan WP was uncertain, jeopardizing the foundation upon which countless individuals rely for their online presence.

The solution

Avi discovered an opportunity with affiliate marketing that allowed him to combine his industry knowledge, help other website owners, and sustain Scan WP financially.

This was a massive leverage for Avi as Scan WP already had abundant resources with recommendations of leading services and tools within the industry.

Advocating for Kinsta’s hosting solutions

Avi actively recommended Kinsta’s hosting in his resources and even directly to Avi’s clients as a top WordPress hosting platform known for its user-friendly interface.

“I discovered Kinsta several years ago when I had a client who was looking for a good hosting solution for their WordPress site. They didn’t like cPanel and wanted something built specifically for WordPress.”

The perfect solution for ScanWP

Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting has proven to be a perfect solution for Scan WP’s audience, which values a fast and secure infrastructure. Kinsta utilizes Google Cloud Platform’s Premium Tier Network and the fastest C2 and C3D machines. It is also fully integrated with enterprise-level Cloudflare for providing extra premium features like global CDN, edge caching or SSL certificates.

Kinsta is trusted by 120,000+ businesses and brands worldwide, as well as recommended by over 12,000 affiliates. The 4.8-star reviews on G2 prove Kinsta’s reliability and make it a highly recommended choice among affiliates.

Having a hosting solution that was tailored for WP sites was not that common back then and since I had a website with many users interested in WordPress products, this aligned perfectly for me since I was already using the service and could full heartedly recommend it to anyone.

Joining Kinsta’s Affiliate Program

Avi joined Kinsta’s Affiliate Program and began incorporating affiliate links when recommending Kinsta’s Managed WordPress Hosting. Soon after, he started receiving one-time bonuses and started building a steady, recurring income stream.

As Kinsta values long-term relationships, the commissions are among the highest-paying within the industry.

For every WordPress referral, Kinsta’s Affiliate Program rewards affiliates with a one-time bonus of $50 – $500 plus a 10% lifetime monthly recurring commission.

The best thing about the Kinsta affiliate program is that I can confidently recommend Kinsta as a great hosting platform and, on the other hand, get a lifetime recurring commission from them. It’s a win-win! Since Kinsta is great at retaining their users, I get recurring commissions for years for each user I send them. – Avi Klein

Stable passive income and growth

Through Kinsta’s generous affiliate commissions, Avi gained a stable passive income. He can now focus more on scaling Scan WP, recommending Kinsta’s reliable hosting, and contributing to the WordPress community.

“If you’re looking for a tailored solution which is really easy to manage, no technical knowledge needed, really fast loading times and incredibly secure – Go to Kinsta (Wait, let me send you an affiliate link 🙂)” – Avi Klein

The Winning Affiliate Strategies

Avi Klein recognized the potential of affiliate marketing and its impact on Scan WP’s growth. He implemented various affiliate strategies that effectively contributed to Scan WP’s success with Kinsta’s Affiliate Program: 

1. Lists

Readers tend to skim articles. They’re often looking for clear, easy-to-digest content that helps them understand and make decisions faster. Listicles are particularly effective as they compare the features, pros, and cons of similar products or services.

When readers can easily find what they’re looking for, they’re more likely to engage and click on affiliate links, ultimately increasing conversions.

Scan WP has numerous lists featuring hosting providers, WordPress themes, plugins, and other helpful web resources that actively contribute to its affiliate success. For a better affiliate marketing strategy, Avi redirects readers to more in-depth reviews for further details on the products or services he recommends.

2. Dedicated reviews

Dedicated reviews provide a more in-depth look at a product’s features and offerings. They help readers better understand how a product or service can solve their pain points.

Scan WP provides in-depth reviews that help users make informed decisions. These reviews detail the strengths, weaknesses, and functionality of various WordPress themes, plugins, and hosting services. By outlining key features and offering practical insights, Scan WP’s reviews make it easier for users to choose the best tech stack for their specific needs. 

3. Tool detection and affiliate marketing

Scan WP is a tool that allows users to find out what technology is behind a particular website—like what theme, plugins, or hosting provider a site uses. Avi saw an opportunity here to merge affiliate marketing with these tools.

When users use Scan WP’s theme, plugin, or hosting detector tools, the results are linked to an affiliate ID.

Whenever a Kinsta-hosted website is detected, the tech stack is recommended with an affiliate link. Kinsta’s affiliate program has a 60-day cookie storage time, increasing Avi’s affiliate conversion chances.

When someone uses Scan WP to detect a site’s technology, the tool also provides affiliate links in the results. These affiliate links contain a special ID that identifies Avi as the referrer.

When Scan WP detects that a website is hosted by Kinsta, it not only shows that Kinsta is the hosting provider but also recommends Kinsta’s services through an affiliate link. This means if someone clicks on this link and then signs up for Kinsta, Avi earns a commission from that referral.

Kinsta’s affiliate program includes a feature where the referral (or “cookie”) is stored for 60 days. This means that if the person who clicked the affiliate link signs up for Kinsta within those 60 days, Avi would still earn a commission, even if they don’t sign up immediately.

Kinsta’s dedicated affiliate support team continuously guides all its affiliates, including Scan WP, by offering strategies and tactics to help them achieve success in affiliate marketing.

The result

Scan WP has seen steady growth for over 8 years, largely due to its dedication to the WordPress community. It has become an indispensable resource that helped millions make informed decisions with its essential tools, educational content, and in-depth reviews.

This was made possible through the help of affiliate marketing.

When asked about what Avi appreciates the most about Kinsta’s affiliate program, he answers:

Recurring commissions is a big one. People don’t tend to move hosting companies that much, so getting 1 sale could end up being a completely passive income for years.

Also, I feel that the conversion rates on Kinsta are pretty good. They know how to close a sale which is really important to not waste any more traffic than you need to.

We use a percentage of the income to invest back in the company/website. That could be for more content, features, APIs, SEO work, etc.

Kinsta’s Affiliate Program and its lifetime recurring commissions have played an important role in providing Scan WP with a steady passive income. This financial freedom allowed Avi to continually improve content features and support the community as Scan WP grows.