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Negative SEO (Case Study) – Cleaning up an Attack With Ahrefs

Negative SEO can come in all shapes and forms. Check out how we easily cleaned up a negative SEO attack on Kinsta.com with the Ahrefs tool.

WordPress SEO Checklist – 45 Tips to Increase Traffic by 571% in 13 Months

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How Much Is My Website Worth? (+ 3 Mistakes to Avoid When Selling)

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How to Change the Author in WordPress (5 Methods)

Learn how to change the author in WordPress in single posts, pages, how to change it for multiple posts (bulk editing), and the author archive slug.

12 Best WordPress Portfolio Plugin Options to Showcase Your Work

Whether you're a photographer, artist, or agency, you need a portfolio. We'll outline the best WordPress Portfolio Plugin options for all businesses.

WordPress for Nonprofits: Best Themes, Plugins, and Tools to Empower Your Project

Need to launch a new site for your nonprofit organization? We've put together all the best WordPress themes, plugins, and tips to run your nonprofits!

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium cache plugin for WordPress, recognized as the most powerful caching tool by WordPress experts.

What Is Affiliate Marketing and How Does It Work?

Want to start with affiliate marketing to make passive income? Learn what affiliate marketing is, how to start an affiliate website, and profit fro...

11 Best Google Analytics Alternatives for Powerful Data Gathering

Google Analytics isn't the only tool available to track analytics. Check out these great google analytics alternatives to track visitors, orders, a...

WordPress Hacked: What to Do When Your Site Is in Trouble

Learn how and why WordPress sites get hacked, the most common signs of hacks, and how to fully clean up your hacked WordPress site!

How to Embed iFrame Code on Your WordPress Site (Manually and with Plugins)

Need to feature someone's else content on WordPress? iFrame it's your best friend! Learn how to use iFrames on your site with this in-depth tutorial!

How to Install a WordPress Theme (3 Easy Methods)

Have questions about how to install a WordPress theme step-by-step? This tutorial will guide you through the entire installation process.