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Real-World WordPress Benchmarks with PHP5.5 PHP5.6 PHP-NG and HHVM

TL;DR In a local, Vagrant-based environment HHVM lost, probably due to a bug; it’s still investigated with the help of the HHVM guys! However on a DigitalOcean 4GB box it beat even the latest build of PHP-NG!

The Ultimate WordPress Guide You Should Read

Are you a real WordPress enthusiast? Do you work with WP and use it day by day? If so, our in-depth WordPress guide is dedicated to you!

Ultra High Availability WordPress Hosting Explained

If you’re running a serious online business, I’m sure you know the following feeling all too well: your site is down. You don’t know why, and your hosting company’s support team isn’t replying. Visitors are still coming to the site as usual and immediately they’re bouncing back after not being able to load your site. One click back to the search engine and they have dozens of more sites to choose from…

The Leading WordPress Event Management Plugins

Have you ever run an event from a WordPress website? It is a challenge for most new event promoters. First, you need to get the word out. Second, you have to set up a ticket system. Third, you have collect payments.

5 WordPress Marketing Plugins That Boost Content Productivity

Content marketing isn’t a fad. It’s here to stay. But it’s a difficult marketing tactic that requires a lot of planning and strategy. Here are 5 great WordPress marketing plugins to help you do just that and make your blog’s content truly excel.

WordPress Version Control With VersionPress

This week we saw the announcement of an interesting project that could make proper version control available for all WordPress site owners, its name is VersionPress. However, due to the indecision of the project owners’ regarding its licensing we’re not celebrating just yet.

How to Import Tumblr to WordPress – Tutorial

WordPress is an excellent option for bloggers. Here’s a quick and simple guide on how to import Tumblr to WordPress in just a few easy steps.

How to Reduce Bounce Rate – 24 Actionable Tips

Bounce rate is an influential search engine ranking factor that tells Google a lot about your blog’s quality. Maintain a low bounce rate, and that’s at least one way Google will look at you with favor. Keep a sky-high bounce rate, however, and you might just find yourself bounced out of the SERPs.

WordPress Google Maps Integration – How to Get Maps on Your Site

Trying to get people to visit your brick-and-mortar business through your website? There’s no better way to do that than Google Maps. Integrating Google Maps with your WordPress website is ridiculously simple — here’s a quick tutorial.

Web Scraping on WordPress Sites – How They Do it And How to Prevent it?

The one thing that makes a website stand out is good content. No matter how much time and effort you put in your blog or website content, if your posts are good and available publicly, they will invariably end up in third party sites sooner or later. Why do they do it? How can they extract your data so easily? Is there a way to prevent this act? This post discusses the possibilities.

Your 6 Options For Google Webmaster Tools Verification

If WordPress digital marketing has a weak spot, it’s the lack of a true digital analytics solution. Fortunately for WP users, search engines – most predominantly Google, along with Bing and Yahoo! – have come to the rescue, filling the void with state-of-the art analytics tools on offer, for free.