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Hand-picked list of the best WordPress plugins

One of the things people love about WordPress is its huge library of third-party plugins. But with 54,000+ free plugins listed at alone and thousands more listed elsewhere, it can be hard to find the one plugin that you need. Talk about a needle in a haystack!

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To help save you time, we‘ve whittled down those tens of thousands of plugins into a list of the 71 best WordPress plugins for a huge variety of different uses. 71 might still be a lot, but it‘s better than 54,000! From SEO plugins to project management plugins, you‘re about to discover the best WordPress plugins for everything!

The best WordPress SEO plugins

If you want your WordPress site to rank well in search engines like Google, you need an SEO plugin to help you optimize your on-page SEO. Here are two of the best...

wordpress seo logo

Yoast SEO

551+ million

Yoast SEO is the SEO plugin that we officially recommend, as well as the plugin that we use on the Kinsta blog. It offers a beginner-friendly way to take care of most of your blog's on-page SEO, including:

  • Easy setup wizard to configure sitewide SEO settings
  • An analysis tool to help you optimize individual pages
  • XML sitemap tool
  • Open Graph support (this lets you control how your content looks on social media)
  • Lots of other smaller settings

Read our full Yoast SEO guide for a look at everything this plugin can do (and how you can use it).

autodescription logo

The SEO Framework

3+ million

The SEO Framework is a more lightweight approach to WordPress SEO. It's not quite as beginner-friendly, nor does it offer analysis functionality like Yoast SEO. But it does a great job at handling all the important on-page SEO aspects for your site while still keeping things lightweight.

wp seopress logo


8+ million

SEOPress is a lightweight, freemium WordPress SEO plugin that comes with a nice set of features, such as:

It comes with two different pricing options: free and Pro ($39/year), both for unlimited sites.

wordlift logo



WordLift is a service designed to help you speak Google's native language by converting your content into a format that is easily understood by search engines: structured data. It does so automatically, leveraging Natural Language Processing and AI.

Most on-page SEO tools allow you to create structured data nowadays. WordLift adds markup and also enables you to publish knowledge graphs easily.

WordLift’s most interesting features include:

seo by rank math logo

Rank Math SEO

61+ million

Rank Math SEO is another interesting WordPress SEO plugin quickly gaining popularity in the industry. Easy to work with and powerful at the same time if you choose to tweak specific settings.

Some of Rank Math’s most notable features include:

  • Google Keyword Rank Tracking.
  • 15+ Schema Markup types.
  • WooCommerce & Image SEO.
  • Support for ACF, AMP, bbPress, BuddyPress, and XML sitemaps.
  • 404 error logging and a built-in redirections module.

The best WordPress security plugins

If you choose a secure WordPress host, your host should already take care of many important aspects of WordPress security. But that doesn't mean you can't beef things up even more with some security plugins!

sucuri scanner logo

Sucuri Security

15+ million

Sucuri Security is a freemium plugin that offers a comprehensive approach to WordPress security.

In the free version, it offers:

  • File integrity monitoring to track file changes
  • Remote malware scanning
  • Blacklist monitoring
  • Security activity auditing
  • Security notifications

And with a paid plan, you can also add a website firewall.

wp security audit log logo

WP Security Audit Log

4+ million

WP Security Audit Log helps you keep track of every single change made on your site by you or other users. By monitoring what various user accounts are doing, you can spot any suspicious behavior and stop it before it becomes an issue.

For example, if someone edits a previously-published post, you can see that in the log, plus a whole bunch of other actions.

With paid add-ons, you can even get automatic reports for certain actions and see what other users are doing in real-time.

google authenticator logo

Google Authenticator


Google Authenticator helps you lock down your login page by using two-factor authentication. Have you ever had to enter a code sent to you in a text message to log in to your bank? It's kind of like that - but for WordPress!

Only instead of getting sent a code via text, you'll use the free Google Authenticator app.

If you're worried about malicious actors getting their hands on either your, or your users', account credentials, this is a great way to stop that from happening.

wps hide login logo

WPS Hide Login

15+ million

WPS Hide Login helps you further beef up login security by letting you move your site's login page to a different URL (that you can choose).

For example, you could go with ''.

It's super easy to set up, and it also has the secondary benefit of eliminating a lot of server-stressing bot traffic that would have previously hit your login page.

The best WordPress performance plugins

Like security, performance is something that your host plays a big part in. But you can also further improve your site's performance by using the right set of performance plugins.

For a quick and easy boost to your overall optimization, consider also minifying your code. Kinsta has built a code minification feature right into the MyKinsta dashboard, allowing customers to enable automatic CSS and JavaScript minification with a simple click.

wprocket logo

WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a premium caching and performance plugin that makes a wide variety of tweaks to speed up your WordPress site. It's also fully compatible with Kinsta's built-in caching, so you can use it on your Kinsta-hosted sites even though we don't normally allow caching plugins.

Beyond page caching, WP Rocket can also help you:

  • Minify your HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files
  • Concatenate your CSS and JavaScript files
  • Add lazy loading for images and videos
  • Optimize your database
  • Make tons of smaller tweaks, like removing query strings, disabling emojis, and more.
perfmatters logo


Perfmatters helps you make a ton of smaller performance improvements to your site that can further reduce your site's HTTP requests and page size.

In addition to letting you easily disable things like:

  • WordPress Heartbeat API
  • Post revisions
  • Emojis
  • Embeds
  • Dashicons
  • Etc.

Perfmatters also lets you enable/disable scripts on a per page/post basis. This helps if you have a plugin that loads its scripts everywhere even though you only use it on a few pages.

For example, Contact Form 7 is notorious for loading itself on every single page on your site. But with Perfmatters, you could ensure it only loads on your contact page.

query monitor logo

Query Monitor

7+ million

Query Monitor helps you track down bottlenecks in your WordPress site's database. It's more designed for developers, so beginners might struggle to pull meaningful information from the plugin.

But if you have some technical savvy, Query Monitor lets you see:

  • All database queries performed on the current request
  • Slow queries
  • Duplicate queries
  • Queries with errors

And you can also filter by query type, component, and calling function.

It can also help you with other debugging by showing PHP errors, scripts/styles, HTTP requests, and lots more.

There's a reason this plugin has a 5-star rating on over 265 reviews.

The best WordPress page builder plugins

Page builders help you create more complex designs without the need to resort to using code. If you've ever felt constrained by the limits of the regular WordPress editor, a page builder plugin might just be your new best friend.

elementor logo


294+ million

Though it was only released in 2016, Elementor has quickly shot up the ranks and is now one of the most popular page builders in existence with over 1.2 million active installs, according to

It offers a generous free version that lets you build complex designs using simple drag and drop and a live, visual preview.

And Elementor Pro - the paid version - lets you build your entire WordPress theme using the same drag-and-drop interface.

beaver builder lite version logo

Beaver Builder

8+ million

Beaver Builder is another big name in the WordPress page builder world. It utilizes the same style drag-and-drop builder on a live preview of your site.

The free version isn't quite as generous as Elementor, but the Pro version offers deep functionality, and you can also add on drag-and-drop theme building with the Beaver Themer extension.

visualcomposer logo

Visual Composer Website Builder

2+ million

Visual Composer is a complete website builder that offers an easy-to-use drag and drop editor. Its free version is enough to build a simple website, however, Premium will give you access to the Theme Builder.

The highlight of the Visual Composer is the cloud-based library of elements, templates, add-ons and extensive design options, called Visual Composer Hub. Additionally, it offers API for add-on development and theme integration.

The best WordPress social media plugins

Social media can work in two ways: You want to boost your site's visibility on social media by getting more shares/likes or you want to display your own social media content on your site. The social media plugins in this section can help you do both.

social warfare logo

Social Warfare

1+ million

Social Warfare helps you add great-looking share buttons to your WordPress site. Your visitors can click on the button to quickly share your content on social media. And you can also display share counts on your own site to add social proof.

It has a free version that's fine for basic share buttons. But the Pro version adds support for more social networks, as well as helpful features like:

  • Pinterest-specific share images
  • Lots of customization options
  • Click-to-tweet

And it can even help you recover lost share counts if you ever moved your site to HTTPS or changed domain names.

essb logo

Easy Social Share Buttons

Easy Social Share Buttons is a premium social media plugin with an astoundingly lengthy feature list. It's also the plugin we use on the Kinsta blog - so all the social media share buttons you see on the Kinsta blog come from this plugin.

In addition to helping you add stylish share buttons and share counts in a variety of styles, Easy Social Share Buttons can also help you:

  • Customize the content that gets shared
  • Display a message after a user shares your content
  • Show your follower count
  • A/B test your share buttons

And it can even help you add an email opt-in box and use live chat via Facebook Messenger or Skype.

instagram feed logo

Instagram Feed

32+ million

Instagram Feed helps you display Instagram photos from any non-private Instagram account on your site. You can use it to display your own Instagram feed, or you could curate a feed from other people's content.

You can even do both because the plugin lets you display multiple different feeds.

If you want Instagram content to be a part of your site, this is a great plugin to use - the 5-star rating on over 1,750 reviews is good proof of that!

The best WordPress photo gallery plugins

If you want to display a large number of images on your site, an image gallery is the way to do it. But while the core WordPress software does include basic gallery functionality, it's pretty limited. That's why most people turn to gallery plugins instead!

modula best grid gallery logo


1+ million

Modula is a lightweight gallery plugin that makes it easy to quickly create some beautiful-looking galleries.

Its simple wizard lets you quickly create a gallery. Then, users who want more control can dig into the optional settings to fine-tune exactly how the gallery looks and functions.

The free version comes with a limit of 20 images per gallery. But you can lift that limit, as well as get access to more advanced features like filterable galleries, starting at $19.

envira logo

Envira Gallery

Like Modula, Envira Gallery comes in both a free and premium version. The free version is fine for basic galleries, but this plugin is most notable for the deep functionality available in its Pro version.

Here are some of the most powerful things that the premium version can do:

  • WooCommerce integration to let you sell photography
  • Automatic watermarks
  • Sync gallery to Adobe Lightroom collections
  • Password protection
  • Download protection to protect your images
  • Client proofing (great for photographers)
  • Lots more

The best WordPress contact form plugins

No matter what type of site you're creating, you're probably going to at least want a basic contact form. But form plugins can also do a lot more than just contact forms - they can also help you register users, accept payments, and perform plenty of other important functions.

gravityforms logo

Gravity Forms

Gravity Forms is one of the most popular form plugins, especially with developers. It offers deep functionality and customizability - if what you want involves a form, there's probably a way that Gravity Forms can do it.

Some of the functions it can perform include:

  • Multi-page forms with conditional logic
  • File uploads
  • Surveys
  • Payments
  • User registration

Gravity Forms starts at $59, though that doesn't include all the functionality listed above.

ninja forms logo

Ninja Forms

38+ million

Whereas Gravity Forms is exclusively a premium plugin, Ninja Forms is a free core plugin that you can extend with various paid add-ons.

If you just need to create basic forms, the free version is plenty powerful and makes things easy with its user-friendly drag-and-drop builder. And with paid add-ons, you can add functionality like:

  • Conditional logic and multi-page forms
  • Front-end posting
  • Payments
  • Email marketing integrations
  • Plenty more
leadin logo

Contact Form Builder for WordPress

11+ million

Contact Form Builder for WordPress is created by the amazing marketing team over at HubSpot. They days of HubSpot being a standalone solution are over. They are now heavily invested in making the two platforms work together.

The plugin allows you to connect HubSpot CRM with WordPress so you can easily organize and segment your contacts into lists. Some additional features include:

  • Four types of drag-and-drop forms
  • Unlimited fields and submissions (no limits)
  • Compatible with plugins like Ninja Forms and Gravity Forms
  • Built-in analytics to analyze your best pages
  • Live chat widget
  • A single simple database for contact management

The best WordPress ecommerce plugins

Based on market share numbers, WordPress is the most popular way to build an ecommerce store. And when it comes to WordPress ecommerce, there are two main ecommerce plugins, depending on what you want to sell.

woocommerce logo


247+ million

WooCommerce isn't just a popular ecommerce WordPress plugin, it's the most popular way to build an ecommerce store. Period. It powers ~42% of all the ecommerce stores on the Internet.

You can use WooCommerce to sell both physical and digital products (though many people opt for the next plugin in this section for digital products).

Beyond the core WooCommerce plugin, there's a massive marketplace of official and third-party extensions that can help you add all sorts of additional functionality to your store.

To get started with WooCommerce, check out our massive WooCommerce tutorial.

easy digital downloads logo

Easy Digital Downloads

4+ million

As the name suggests, Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) focuses on helping you specifically sell digital products. It makes a great option if you're selling products like:

  • Digital photos
  • Music files
  • Software products (many WordPress developers sell plugins and themes via EDD)

Basically - anything that you deliver over the Internet!

If you're interested in learning more, check out our Easy Digital Downloads tutorial.

The best WordPress image compression plugins

Image compression plugins help speed up your WordPress site by reducing the file size of the images that you use.

imagify logo


8+ million

Imagify is an easy-to-use image compression plugin from the same developers as WP Rocket. It can help you manually or automatically:

  • Compress the images that you upload to your site using three different methods (including lossless and lossy compression)
  • Resize the actual dimensions of your images to a maximum size that you specify

Imagify is free for up to 25 MB of images per month (~250 images). After that, paid plans start at $4.99 for 1 GB of data per month. You can also purchase one-time plans, which come in handy if you need to bulk optimize an existing media library.

wp smushit logo

Smush Image Compression and Optimization

45+ million

Smush Image Compression and Optimization is a popular plugin that helps you automatically or manually:

  • Compress images
  • Resize image dimensions

That's a lot like Imagify - but here's where it differs:

Smush lets you optimize unlimited images, though with two caveats:

  • You can only use lossless compression in the free version
  • There's a max file size of 1 MB

If you want to remove those limitations, you can get the Pro version of Smush as part of the WPMU DEV Membership.

optimole wp logo

Optimole Image Optimization Service

2+ million

Optimole is an all-in-one cloud-based image optimizer. With a simple to use UI Optimole can be set up to work with WordPress and Elementor in seconds. Features the following:

  • Better PageSpeed scored with images resized to the exact size of the image container on the device or monitor.
  • Better mobile experience with all images compressed and sized according to device, browser, and viewport.
  • Automatic watermarking for your images.
  • LazyLoading without content shifting.

Optimole starts with a fully functioning free account with 1GB of optimization and 5GB of viewing bandwidth served from a CDN. Paid plans start with 10GB and 50GB with AWS Cloudfront and 130+ locations around the world.

The best WordPress CRM plugins

A CRM, short for customer relationship management, helps you better understand your customers, which is important for pretty much every business. Thanks to WordPress CRM plugins, you don't need to use a pricey external platform just to get to know your customers.

erp logo



WP ERP is a HRM, CRM & Accounting Solution for WordPress. That's a lot of acronyms, so let's break it down:

  • HRM - Human Resource Management - this helps you manage your own company structure and employee information - including stuff like holidays and leave requests.
  • CRM - Customer Relationship Management - this helps you manage relationships with your customers, including customer profiles and logs.
  • Accounting - this helps you see the transactions within your organization in real-time and just generally manage your accounting.

So if you're looking for a plugin to run not just your CRM, but other aspects of your business as well, WP ERP offers a lot of functionality.

The best WordPress LMS plugins

In recent years, eCourses have exploded as an industry, with tons of talented instructors selling courses on...pretty much anything! LMS plugins - short for Learning Management System - can help you create and monetize your own courses via WordPress.

learndash logo


LearnDash is a popular LMS plugin used by both big universities - like the University of Michigan - and smaller digital entities - like WP Elevation and Pro Blogger.

It helps you create detailed online courses, complete with gamification, engagement triggers, and drip-fed content.

Whether you want to create free courses or accept payments and directly monetize your courses, LearnDash has the functionality that you need.

lifterlms logo


1+ million

LifterLMS is another quality WordPress LMS plugin that you can use to create courses. It's especially popular with WordPress sites. For example, it's used by both WP101 and Divi Academy.

Unlike LearnDash, LifterLMS is a free core plugin at that you can extend with a variety of add-ons for things like:

  • Social learning
  • Advanced quizzes
  • Assignments
  • Payment gateways
  • Etc.

The best WordPress directory plugins

Want to create a directory of businesses in a certain geographic area or industry? If so, you need a directory plugin to keep everything organized and searchable.

business directory plugin logo

Business Directory Plugin

1+ million

Business Directory Plugin helps you create a Yelp-like directory for your chosen niche. It's a free core plugin that you can extend as needed with a variety of premium modules.

You're able to create either free or premium listings. And with the premium modules, you can also add functionality like ratings, maps-view, more detailed searches, claimable listings, and more.

geodirectory logo


1+ million

GeoDirectory is another business directory plugin that helps you create a Yelp-like or TripAdvisor-like website. It's designed to scale - even up to millions of listings. And through its core functionality and premium extensions, you can add deep functionality like:

  • Reviews
  • Claimable listings
  • Premium listings
  • Multi-location directories
  • Maps-view
  • Events

The same team also offers a number of themes designed to integrate with the GeoDirectory plugin.

The best WordPress forum plugins

Want to create a discussion board at your WordPress site? Then you need one of these forum plugins!

bbpress logo


8+ million

Originally launched back in 2004 as a solution for the support forums, bbPress is the quintessential WordPress forum plugin. In fact, even today it's still used at the support forums, so that's about as good of a demo as you'll get!

bbPress' focus has always been on remaining lightweight, so there aren't a ton of features baked into the core. But because it's so popular and has been around so long, you can find tons of helpful extensions if you do want more functionality.

It's also backed by Automattic, so you can be pretty confident it's not going away any time soon.

buddypress logo


11+ million

BuddyPress is another Automattic-backed plugin that can help you add a forum to WordPress. Unlike bbPress, it's not just focused on forums - it's actually built to help you create entire online communities.

But as part of that, you can include forums. And you can even integrate BuddyPress and bbPress together to create a forum with more detailed user profile functionality.

The best WordPress donation plugins

If you're running a non-profit on WordPress, or just looking to accept donations as part of your site, there are some great donation plugins that can help you either accept one-off donations or run complete fundraising campaigns.

give logo


5+ million

Give is a free core plugin with a variety of paid extensions. By the numbers, it's the most popular WordPress donation plugin.

In the free version, it helps you build custom donation forms right in your WordPress dashboard. You can even add goals and let donors choose from preset or custom amounts.

To manage your campaign, you can view detailed information about donation activity right in your dashboard. And you can even manage your donors and offer them tax-deductible receipts.

For more functionality, you can find tons of premium add-ons for features like:

  • Recurring donations
  • More payment gateways
  • PDF tax receipts
  • Lots more
charitable logo



After Give, Charitable is the next most popular donation plugin you'll find at It operates on a similar payment model - a free core plugin with premium extensions.

In the free version, you're able to set up custom donation forms for unlimited campaigns. You can add donation goals (including time-sensitive deadlines), and visitors can choose from preset amounts or enter their own amounts.

On the back end, you'll be able to manage your donors and automatically generate donation receipts.

For more functionality, you can purchase paid add-ons for features like:

  • Recurring donations
  • Peer-to-peer fundraising campaigns
  • More payment gateways
  • Plenty more

The best WordPress real estate plugins

If you want to sell houses, rent apartments, or otherwise list any type of real estate on your WordPress site, one of these real estate plugins can help you get the job done.

estatik logo



Estatik gives you the power to display your real estate listings exactly as you want. It includes a form builder to help you create your listings, as well as a listing manager to help you manage your listings on the backend.

Other helpful features include AJAX autocomplete search, a map view, support for different agents, and plenty more.

real estate pro logo

Real Estate Pro

Real Estate Pro is designed to be easy to use because it creates all the necessary pages and categories as soon as you activate it. You can display both rentals and houses for sale. And you can even charge homeowners or agents for premium listings.

If you want a quick-and-easy way to get started with a WordPress real estate site, this one is a good option.

The best WordPress membership plugins

Membership sites allow you to manage members and what content is available to different types of a bunch of other smaller features! To create a membership site, though, you'll need a membership plugin.

ultimate membership pro logo

Ultimate Membership Pro

Ultimate Membership Pro helps you create a fully-functioning membership site. You can either let users register for free or require them to pay a one-time or recurring subscription.

Beyond that, you also have tons of options for restricting your site's content, including an option to drip-feed content to members on a set schedule.

There's a lot of functionality here, so you'll need to check out the full feature list if you want to know everything this plugin can do.

membership by supsystic logo

Membership by Supsystic


Membership by Supsystic helps you create private online communities complete with custom registration forms, social functionality, member groups, and more.

It's more lightweight than Ultimate Membership Pro - but it also has a free version. And if you do go Pro, you can similarly get access to content restrictions and subscriptions.

The best WordPress quiz plugins

Whether you want to create a fun BuzzFeed-style quiz or a more serious survey, one of these quiz plugins can help you get the job done.

quiz master next logo

Quiz And Survey Master

1+ million

True to its name, Quiz And Survey Master helps you create all kinds of different quizzes and surveys.

You can incorporate a variety of questions including:

  • Multiple choice
  • True and false
  • Open answer
  • Drop-down
  • Fill in the blank
  • Number

And each quiz that you create can have unlimited results pages depending on how respondents answered. You can even let people share their results on social media to help your quiz go viral.

social polls by opinionstage logo

Poll, Survey, Form & Quiz Maker by OpinionStage

1+ million

Opinion Stage lets you create professional quizzes along with surveys and polls.

Among its biggest strength is its ease of use. You can either start from scratch or use one of the hundreds of readymade templates to get up and going in minutes.

Opinion Stage lets you create personality as well as trivia (knowledge) type quizzes, and you are able to define a success score and outcome. They look beautiful and will stand out on your website. In addition, you can fully customize their appearance, so they perfectly fit on your site.

It includes an analytics tool that helps you keep track of the result and performance of your quizzes, optimizing them for the maximum reach and success.

wordpress viral quiz logo

WordPress Viral Quiz

WordPress Viral Quiz brands itself as a 'BuzzFeed Quiz Builder', which should give you a pretty good idea of the types of quizzes you'll be creating with this plugin.

You can create two types of viral quizzes:

  • Personality quiz
  • Trivia quiz

And you can also use your quizzes to generate email subscribers or social shares, depending on your goals.

The best WordPress PDF plugins

If you need to display embedded PDFs or documents on your WordPress site, these two PDF plugins will be a big help.

pdf embedder logo

PDF Embedder

3+ million

PDF Embedder is a simple, no-nonsense way to embed PDFs in your WordPress site. It uses JavaScript, instead of iFrames. And your visitors will be able to use Next/Prev buttons to navigate around your PDFs. They can also go full-screen for distraction-free reading.

google document embedder logo

Google Doc Embedder

1+ million

Google Doc Embedder uses the free Google Docs Viewer to allow you to embed a variety of file types, including PDFs. Beyond PDFs, you can also use it to embed files including DOC, XLS, PPT, etc.

The best WordPress age verification plugins

In order to comply with regulations - e.g. beer or liquor websites- you might need to prevent underage users from browsing your site. That's where age verification plugins come in.

age verify logo

Age Verify


Age Verify makes it easy to add an age gate to either all or some of your WordPress site. You can choose how old visitors need to be, and how long to remember them for. You can even check a box so that logged-in users never need to verify their age, as well as customize the message that appears.

age gate logo

Age Gate


Age Gate offers similar functionality to Age Verify, but with a little more polished design.

You can choose how old users must be, as well as whether to apply your age gate to all content or just some content.

The out-of-the-box designs look great. And you also get some other more advanced features that let you:

  • Add an age check to the registration form
  • Let users check a box to 'remember me'
  • Ignore logged-in users
  • Exclude search engines from seeing the age gate

The best WordPress project management plugins

Did you know that you can use WordPress to help manage you or your business' projects? All you need is a project management plugin!

wedevs project manager logo

WP Project Manager


WP Project Manager is a freemium project management plugin with a deep feature list. In the free version, it helps you stay on track with unlimited projects.

For each project, users can send messages back and forth and use to-do lists and milestones to stay organized.

And with paid add-ons, you can add Kanban boards, Gantt charts, time tracking, and plenty more.

projectopia logo


Projectopia, formerly known as CQPIM, is a premium WordPress project management plugin.

On the back end, it helps you manage your projects with milestones and tasks, as well as plenty of other functionality.

And it also includes front end functionality for your clients that lets them oversee the project, plus a lot more functionality there, as well.

The best WordPress download manager plugins

Want to let users download files at your site, but with more restrictions than just publicly hosting the file for everyone to use? If so, one of these WordPress download manager plugins can help give you a little more control.

download manager logo

WordPress Download Manager

7+ million

WordPress Download Manager helps you both upload files and control who can subsequently download those files.

On the upload front, it gives you chunk upload support so that you can bypass your site's max upload limit for especially large files. And you can also connect to cloud storage providers to host your files there.

Then, you can control who can download your files with functionality like:

  • Category access control
  • Password protection
  • CAPTCHA protection
  • IP block
  • More
download monitor logo

Download Monitor

4+ million

Download Monitor lets you manage your downloadable content as a custom post type. You can easily insert downloads into your other content. And you can also track download counts and/or restrict downloads to only registered users.

The best WordPress backup plugins

If your site isn't hosted somewhere that offers automatic backups like Kinsta does, you need a WordPress backup plugin to keep your site's data safe and secure.

vaultpress logo


1+ million

VaultPress is a subscription-based backup and security plugin from Automattic, the same company behind

Depending on your plan, VaultPress offers either daily or real-time automatic backups to VaultPress' own cloud storage.

From the VaultPress interface, you can easily download or restore one of your backups.

worker logo

ManageWP Worker

17+ million

ManageWP Worker helps make it easier to manage your WordPress sites. Part of that 'easiness' is its premium cloud backup service.

In the free version, you can back up your sites to an off-site location on a monthly basis (which is too slow for a busy site). If you pay, though, you can get access to on-demand backups, as well as weekly, daily, or hourly backup cycles.

The best WordPress Q&A plugins

You already learned about some of the best forum plugins, but if you're looking for more of a StackOverflow-feel to your forum, one of these Q&A plugins is a better option.

dw question answer logo

DW Question & Answer


DW Question & Answer creates a question and answer forum on your site complete with upvotes, view counts, and answer counts. Readers can vote on the best answer, and submitters can even close a topic once their question has been answered.

You can also make things private if you don't want guests to have access, which is good for something like a support forum.

cm answers logo

CM Answers


CM Answers offers a similar StackOverflow-approach to questions and answers, including view counts and answer counts. Readers can sort answers by quality, and with the premium add-ons, you can also add features like micropayments to create gamified rewards for answering questions.

The best WordPress lead generation plugins

If you want to build an email list, you need a lead generation plugin to help you do it. Here are two of the best.

optinmonster logo


85+ million

OptinMonster helps you create a variety of different optin forms for your WordPress site using a drag-and-drop editor. Beyond that, it's known for the detailed functionality it gives you to target and trigger your forms, as well as easy A/B testing to help you optimize your forms.

Though it's now a platform-independent SaaS, OptinMonster originally started as a WordPress plugin. And it still maintains a dedicated WordPress plugin that lets you manage your campaigns from inside your WordPress dashboard.

bloom logo


Bloom is an optin plugin from Elegant Themes that's part of the Elegant Themes Membership package.

It lets you create 6 different types of optin forms, including slide-ins and popups. You can use page-level targeting to match your forms with specific content, and the detailed triggers let you control exactly when your forms show up. You can even use creative triggers like displaying your form after a visitor leaves a comment or purchases a product.

And like OptinMonster, Bloom includes a built-in A/B testing tool to help you optimize your conversion rate.

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1+ million

The MailOptin plugin offers call to actions, email optin forms, notification bars, WordPress popups, and a newsletter feature. It’s a solid WordPress lead generation plugin, with customer acquisition and marketing wrapped into one package. It was also made to integrate with the popular Elementor page builder. You can create forms with Elementor and combine that with MailOptin.

MailOptin’s LeadBank feature stores leads along with essential data like the time of conversion and where the conversion occurred. In short, it gives you far more information than a regular lead generation tool.

The best WordPress advertising plugins

If you want an easier way to insert and manage ads on your WordPress site, picking a dedicated advertising plugin can save you time and get you access to new functionality.

ad inserter logo

Ad Inserter

13+ million

Ad Inserter is a flexible plugin that lets you inject a variety of different types of ads pretty much anywhere on your WordPress. You can inject ads at specific spots, or use random criteria like 'random paragraph'.

You can also rotate ads and view stats to see how different ads perform, plus lots of other helpful features.

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3+ million

AdRotate is another popular advertising management plugin. It helps you insert ads anywhere on your site, including ad rotation and in-dashboard stats. And with the Pro version, you can even sell ads directly, set up unlimited schedules, and lots more.

The best WordPress code plugins

Are you one of those people who's constantly adding code snippets to your site? These plugins can make your life easier!

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Code Snippets

7+ million

Code Snippets gives you a user-friendly interface to add all those code snippets you previously would've added to your theme's functions.php file.

This is helpful for two reasons:

  • Each code snippet is separate, so you can activate/deactivate individual snippets as needed.
  • Your code snippets will stay with you if you ever switch themes.
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Head, Footer and Post Injections

3+ million

Head, Footer and Post Injections is a lot like Code Snippets, but it's focused on helping you add code snippets to your:

  • Header
  • Footer
  • Post content

It's handy for both injecting ads and adding all sorts of scripts to your site's header, like Google Analytics or Google Tag Manager.

The best WordPress columns + table plugins

Need to create a table or otherwise display your content in a grid? These two plugins can help out.

lightweight grid columns logo

Lightweight Grid Columns


Lightweight Grid Columns helps you create responsive grids in your content using simple shortcodes. You can specify different widths for different devices, as well as add your own custom CSS classes or inline styles.

The grids are based on the Unsemantic Framework, and the plugin is developed by Tom Usborne, the same guy behind the popular GeneratePress theme.

tablepress logo


10+ million

TablePress has one of the most impressive ratings you'll find at There's a reason people love it, too.

It makes it easy to create all sorts of tables. You can import from JSON, CSV, Google Sheets, Excel, etc. And then you can edit your table using an Excel-like interface right in your WordPress dashboard, including basic formulas.

If you need to create any kind of table at your site, TablePress is a great first option. Learn more about how to use TablePress.

The best WordPress transactional email plugins

Transactional emails are all those more matter-of-fact emails that WordPress sends when a user registers, requests a new password, etc. Lots of plugins will send transactional emails as well. For example, WooCommerce sends a number of transactional emails for a user's order status. If you want to make sure these emails actually land in your subscribers' mailboxes, a transactional email plugin can help.

mailgun logo


1+ million

The MailGun plugin helps you easily connect to the MailGun service to send your transactional emails. You can send up to 200 emails per day for free, but after that you'll need to pay for the MailGun service.

Learn more about how to use MailGun on WordPress.

sendgrid email delivery simplified logo



SendGrid is another service that can help you safely and effectively send your transactional emails. And the SendGrid plugin makes it easy to get set up with SendGrid on your WordPress site.

The best WordPress affiliate marketing plugins

If you use affiliate marketing to monetize your WordPress site, you can make your life easier by taking advantage of some of the best affiliate marketing plugins.

pretty link logo

Pretty Links

6+ million

Pretty Links helps you manage and cloak all the various affiliate links you use on your WordPress site. Beyond just cloaking your links, you can also easily insert affiliate links into your content right from the WordPress Editor - no need to go to the affiliate network each time you need a link.

And with the premium version, you can even automatically link certain keywords, split test affiliate programs, and more.

aawp logo

Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin

If you use the Amazon Associates affiliate program, Amazon Affiliate WordPress Plugin makes it a lot easier to:

  • Import product information
  • Keep your information up to date
  • Quickly create affiliate text links

Pricing starts at €39 for a single site.

The best WordPress comment plugins

Do you find the native WordPress comments too basic by default? These comments plugins can help you add some extra functionality!

subscribe to comments reloaded logo

Subscribe to Comments Reloaded


Subscribe to Comments Reloaded lets commenters sign up for email notifications when a user replies to their comments. You can also require double opt-in so that users have to confirm their subscriptions.

And all of this functionality is added using the normal native WordPress comments.

postmatic logo


Postmatic makes it easier for users to stay engaged with your comments section by allowing them to reply to comments via email, rather than forcing them to go back to your site.

You can also have Postmatic send out comment digests that filter for frequency and quality.

For a more stripped-down version of Postmatic, you can also try Replyable (from the same developer).

The best WordPress spam plugins

Because of WordPress' popularity, it's a juicy target for spammers all around the world. But by using one of these anti-spam plugins, you can stop most spam in its tracks.

akismet logo


284+ million

Akismet is the godfather of comment spam reduction plugins. Developed by Automattic, it's been around for what seems like forever and does a great job filtering out most comment and trackback spam.

You'll need an API key to use it. But that API key is free for non-commercial use.

google captcha logo

Google Captcha

4+ million

Google Captcha (reCAPTCHA) by BestWebSoft helps you add the user-friendly Google reCAPTCHA system to your WordPress:

  • Registration form
  • Login form
  • Reset password form
  • Comments form
  • Contact Form
  • Custom form

While using any type of CAPTCHA is always an aggressive approach, Google reCAPTCHA is about as non-intrusive an option as you'll find.

The best slider plugins

Sliders sometimes get a bad rap. But when done right, they can be an effective way to showcase and make content stand out on your site. This might include things such as product tours or photo galleries.

slider revolution logo

Slider Revolution

Slider Revolution is an innovative, responsive WordPress slider plugin that powers over 4 million websites. Whether it's a slider, carousel, hero image or video scene for best conversion rates (or even a whole front page), the visual, drag & drop editor will let you tell your own stories in no time! .

  • Fully responsive and looks great on both desktop and mobile devices.
  • No coding knowledge necessary.
smart slider 3 logo

Smart Slider 3

14+ million

Smart Slider 3 is a powerful and intuitive WordPress plugin to create sliders. Fully responsive, SEO optimized and works with any WordPress theme. Create beautiful sliders and tell stories without any code.

  • Content slide builder – Edit your slides as you used to in page builders.
  • Canvas slide builder – Drag and drop your layers anywhere on the slide.
  • Slide library – Slide Library provides several pre-made slides to kickstart your work.

What do you think are the best WordPress plugins?

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