This year’s WordCamp Europe is a special one. It’s the first event in the history of WordCamps that’s happening 100% online with virtual booths.

This brings many changes for everybody involved: organizers, speakers, volunteers, and sponsors (like Kinsta) have to adapt to this new way of doing a WordCamp.

Marcel Bootsman and I had an active role in organizing Kinsta’s sponsorship activities for this edition of WordCamp Europe. And I can tell you, both personally and professionally, things feel different this year.

From In-Person to Virtual Event, the Community Is Still at the Core

In 2019, I attended my first WordCamp in Tokyo. I spent the day talking to attendees about Kinsta, meeting representatives from other companies, and checking out a few educational sessions.

At the end of the day, I left with a deep appreciation for the people in the WordPress community and I couldn’t wait for my next WordCamp. Little did I know that my next WordCamp would be a fully virtual one brought on by a global pandemic!

Transitioning from a physical conference to a virtual one is a massive undertaking and I am grateful for the incredible WordPress community members who came together to pull it off.

While I still think community events are best experienced in person, I am happy to see that the most important part of WordCamp (WordPress fans coming together for a common purpose) is still alive and well!

And when chatting with Marcel (my partner in crime, if you want), here’s what he shared with me:

When thinking about visiting a WordCamp (I honestly lost count of how many I visited) the first feelings that pops in my mind is friendship and openness. Friendship with so many members of the global WordPress community. Openness because these friendships were easy to establish.

Friendship is at the core if this great community. On WordCamps, you learn, meet, share knowledge, and most of all, have fun. These inclusive events bring people together and that’s what makes the whole WordPress project amazing, and to me is the secret to its success. This virtual event will be different yet it will bring people together. And that’s the most important aspect!

For those of you who are not familiar with the term “WordCamp”, continue reading for a short introduction followed by our reasons to give back to the WordPress project, and be a sponsor.

Oh, and of course you’ll find more about our free virtual goodie bag.

– Brian Li, Website Content Manager

What’s WordCamp Europe?

WordCamp Europe is one of the largest WordCamps around. Organized by the WordPress community for the WordPress community and those who are interested in WordPress.

WordCamps are conferences where people come together to share knowledge, follow sessions and meet with all types of WordPress users, agencies, developers, freelancers, copywriters, designers, and all those with an interest in using this popular CMS.

WordCamps are part of a global initiative to bring together local WordPress communities. You can take a look at all coming (and past) WordCamps on the official WordCamp Central site.

Giving Back to the WordPress Project

Open source software cannot exist without people and companies giving back to the project. Giving back to WordPress can be done in various ways.

Organizing a WordCamp, a local WordPress Meetup, helping out with translating WordPress in your own language, fixing a bug, adding a feature, and sponsoring official WordPress events to help the event organizers cover expenses. This is why WordCamps result in accessible and affordable events for all attendees.

Kinsta’s Virtual Sponsor Booth

Marcel and I gave a presentation in our virtual sponsor booth at WordCamp 2020. We shared tips on distributed teams, company culture, and how Kinsta is staying productive during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Kinsta's virtual booth at WCEU 2020.
Kinsta’s virtual booth at WCEU 2020.

To those who came by and visited us in our virtual booth, we’d like to say a big thank you for joining us at WordCamp Europe 2020! We had a great time and we hope you did as well.

Below, you’ll find details about how to redeem your free virtual goodie bag.

Kinsta’s Virtual Goodie Bag for WordCamp Europe Attendees

As a token of appreciation to all attendees who were at WordCamp Europe 2020, we put together a super nice virtual goodie bag that has juicy freebies all related to WordPress. Specifically, here’s what you can find in it:


Download our eBooks for an in-depth learning experience on a variety of WordPress topics. Whether you’re trying to optimize your agency’s operations, looking to speed up your site, or improve SEO, we have an ebook that can help you out.

1. The Real Value of Managed WordPress Hosting

Imagine if you had a platform taking care of backups, updating WordPress and your theme and plugins, and monitoring and fixing any security breaches. Download this ebook in your preferred language:

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2.The Ultimate Guide to Securing Client Sites

WordPress security should never be neglected. Read this step-by-step guide on security to make sure your clients’ sites are safe. And your business too. Download this ebook in your preferred language:

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3. The 2020 Guide to Managing 40 WordPress Sites

Grow your client intake and business revenue by learning how to manage all your clients’ sites in the most efficient way possible thanks to this free guide. Download this ebook in your preferred language:

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4. How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

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Bonus: Coupon Codes for Perfmatters and Novashare

We have partnered with forgemedia, a performance-focused WordPress plugin development firm to give WordCamp Europe attendees a special offer on two of our favorite plugins: Perfmatters and Novashare.

Use the coupon code KINSTAWCEU at checkout to receive a 25% discount. This code is valid from June 1 through June 20th only.

MyKinsta Dashboard Demo

In our WCEU presentation, we highlighted a few key aspects of the MyKinsta dashboard. If you’d like to see and experience the Kinsta platform’s wide array of features before signing up for a Kinsta plan, then feel free to schedule a demo today.

Kinsta Dashboard
Kinsta Dashboard

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