From mega menus to beautiful tabs and animations, there are plenty of ways to format your menus in WordPress. You might find that you need to fit thousands of product categories into the menu, or maybe you just want to make it look a bit more colorful. That’s why we want to highlight some of the best WordPress menu plugins on the market.

WordPress Already Has Menus — Why Would I Need an Extra Plugin?

Great question! There are several answers, many of which revolve around the fact that the WordPress menus are somewhat limited:

What Features Should You Look for When Researching WordPress Menu Plugins?

When looking at the advantages, it becomes clear that having a plugin opens up far more possibilities for your menus—particularly when running an eCommerce website. What’s also great is that many of the WordPress menu plugins are either really cheap or free.

So, what features should you look for while completing your research?

The Best WordPress Menu Plugins

Now that you understand exactly what to look for in a great menu plugin, keep reading to find out our favorites and the reasons you might consider them over others.

1. Max Mega Menu

The Max Mega Menu plugin is your go-to if you’re interested in a free mega menu with some excellent features included. You’ll have to upgrade in order to get some of the more advanced tools, but the average website should be fine with the free version.

Max Mega Menu
Max Mega Menu plugin

The plugin has some excellent starter features such as the ability to configure several menu locations and a pretty nice drag-and-drop editor. It actually works alongside the default WordPress menu editor, but it adds some other elements to make it easier to work with and handle a larger mega menu.

As mentioned, the free version can be downloaded immediately, but you also might consider upgrading to the Pro or Business license. This would provide more features such as a sticky menu, custom item styling, and a menu logo. This starts at $29 per year.

Best features

Why Would You Consider Max Mega Menu?

I like the Max Mega Menu plugin for those who don’t want to pay anything for a wonderful mega menu solution. The standard features should work for most small to mid-sized businesses, and the upgrade pricing isn’t bad at all if you need something like tabbed mega menus.

2. Responsive Menu

With many of these plugins, you’ll find that the names of them are fairly simple and tell you exactly what they do. The Responsive Menu plugin is one of them, seeing as how it takes your current menu and turns it into a beautiful, mobile-friendly menu. A plugin like this would be used if you happen to buy a WordPress theme and realize that the mobile menu isn’t that great.

On the other hand, you may even be working with an older theme that never came with a responsive menu to begin with.

Responsive Menu
Responsive Menu plugin

The Responsive Menu plugin cuts out any problems you might have with design, seeing as how the builder is visual and there’s no need to use code or hire a developer. It does have a free version with basic functionality such as menu animations and sub-menus.

For more advanced tools, upgrade to the premium version, starting at $19.99 per year.

Best features

Why Would You Consider Responsive Menu?

You would consider the Responsive Menu plugin if you’re not satisfied with the current mobile view of your menu. Many theme developers claim their themes are responsive, but I’ve seen plenty of menus look terrible when on a phone or tablet. This plugin is an affordable way to give your menu a complete overhaul.

3. WP Responsive Menu

The WP Responsive Menu plugin is rather similar to the Responsive Menu plugin we outlined above. Both are worth testing if you’d like to swap out your current menu and ensure that it has a great responsive look to it. It also comes down to personal preference, since this plugin has different animations, icons, and other elements that you might prefer over the Responsive Menu plugin.

WP Responsive Menu
WP Responsive Menu plugin

Overall, the WP Responsive Menu plugin has a respectable free version with features like beautiful responsive templates and support for adding your logo.

Upgrading to the Pro version will cost you $25 for a single site, but it provides several great features like WooCommerce integration, social media icon display, and Google Font support.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WP Responsive Menu?

The WP Responsive Menu plugin is a good solution for those who want a great mobile-friendly menu without the hassle of having to spend too much time designing. It also has some free visual features in there for things like logos and icons.

4. WP Mobile Menu

With WP Mobile Menu we come to yet another option for turning your regular WordPress menu into a better-looking solution for mobile interfaces. Once again, test out all of the “mobile menu” plugins to ensure you find your favorite.

WP Mobile Menu
WP Mobile Menu plugin

This one, in particular, features some interesting premium features such as sliding menus, a copyright section, and a header banner. You can even import or export your menus for using elsewhere.

The free version isn’t that bad, but we feel that the premium version is where the true value resides. Unfortunately, it’s a recurring cost at $4.99 per month, but that could be worth it for some companies that need things like alternative menus on each page. You could also go for the $7.99 per month WooCommerce plan for some awesome eCommerce menus.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WP Mobile Menu?

Consider the WP Mobile Menu plugin if you’d like a new, responsive menu with some unique features for eCommerce and visuals.

5. WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu

The QuadMenu plugin creates a mega menu and easily integrates it into your current theme. Several types of menus are available, including a mega menu, a carousel, and a menu with tabs.

WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu
WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu plugin

Visual customization is key with this plugin since you can adjust settings for colors, fonts, and menu items while seeing the changes in front of you. This visual editor is more advanced than the regular WordPress menu dashboard and even some of the other plugins on this list.

The free version has a decent list of features, some of which include multiple menu locations, support for child themes, and icon and cart menus. To add some extra menus–like tabs, login, and social menus–upgrade to the Pro version for the $15 onetime fee. You can choose some of the higher priced plans if you need the plugin on more websites.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WordPress Mega Menu – QuadMenu?

The QuadMenu plugin makes the most sense if you’d like a wide variety of menu options. It’s not only for mega menus, so if you plan on making some other menus–like a carousel or social menu–consider this as your best solution. Also, you get the premium versions for a lifetime.

6. UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin

Some menu plugins are only available as premium purchases. This has both advantages and disadvantages. The bad part is that you can’t test it out with a free version, and some companies might not need all of the advanced features. However, this also usually means it’s a low one-time fee to get the plugin, which you can’t complain about. (Oh yeah, and you typically get much better customer support).

UberMenu - WordPress Mega Menu Plugin
UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu plugin

UberMenu is a highly rated solution, providing a stunning mega menu for all types of devices. These menus can feature large images, products, and lists of your categories. Flexible layouts are available to create anything from a tabbed menu to something more visual. What’s great about UberMenu is that it includes advanced content and features, but it doesn’t take a whiz to figure it out.

The plugin is $21 on the CodeCanyon marketplace, and that’s a one-time fee unless you continue paying for customer support.

Best features

Why Would You Consider UberMenu – WordPress Mega Menu Plugin?

UberMenu is rather useful for those interested in making an extremely unique menu. The custom HTML, shortcodes, and widgets all help with adding anything from maps to contact forms. You could honestly put anything in your menu.

We also like the plugin for those who want to generate menu items automatically–like from your blog posts.

7. WordPress Menu Plugin — Superfly Responsive Menu

The Superfly Responsive Menu plugin sells on CodeCanyon with a price tag of $26. Once again, we’re continuing to see that menu plugins aren’t that expensive, but they could potentially turn your navigation into something truly special.

WordPress Menu Plugin — Superfly Responsive Menu
Superfly Responsive Menu plugin

What makes Superfly different from the others? It’s specifically for making vertical menus. And they are beautiful.

Some of the side menus have more unique, skewed designs for helping your company stand out. You can add items like social media buttons and images, while also offering a fullscreen mode that might pop out when someone requests it. Lots of triggers can be modified on the backend, so you’re able to make your menu complete many actions such as pushing content, scrolling in, and more.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WordPress Menu Plugin — Superfly Responsive Menu?

The Superfly plugin is for those business owners who dig the vertical menu. If that’s your style, this is one of the easiest ways to achieve that. It’s especially useful if your current theme doesn’t support that.

I tend to think that vertical menus are more playful and creative, so I’d most likely recommend it to those types of companies or individuals.

8. Mega Main Menu

The Mega Main Menu plugin is listed at $16 on CodeCanyon, making it one of the cheapest premium options on this list. It’s one of our favorite menu plugins because of the ability to add several types of visuals from your dropdowns. You also have unlimited colors to choose from, meaning that you’re able to brand your menu with the current website.

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Mega Main Menu
Mega Main Menu plugin

One reason I like this plugin is that the developers provide a demo dashboard for you to test out and see if you like the interface. Change around the icon positioning, test out different colors, and upload your own branding images. You can truly make your own menu from that demo and see if it’s the perfect match for your company.

Best features

Why Would You Consider Mega Main Menu?

This plugin looks like a great choice for those that want a premium plugin but want to save a bit of money.

It also works quite well if you plan on having visuals such as pictures and icons on your menu.

9. Hero Menu

Hero Menu can be purchased for $20, and it gives you access to a beautiful drag-and-drop builder, fully responsive menu templates, and fairly simple tools for constructing a mega menu. The plugin is meant for building both the simplest of menus and the biggest mega menus. What’s great is that you shouldn’t have to spend an extreme amount of time to complete either.

Hero Menu
Hero Menu plugin

WooCommerce can also be integrated with Hero Menu, making it rather versatile for promoting your products and categories. The intuitive user interface is set up as a visual builder, helping you when adding a new menu or menu item and providing all of the settings right in one spot. It’s also a drag-and-drop builder to make things easier.

Best features

Why Would You Consider Hero Menu?

If you love drag-and-drop builders, this plugin offers the best one on this list. It’s also great for WooCommerce users, since you can include items like your shopping cart in the menu.

10. WP Mega Menu Pro

Here’s yet another solution that has great reviews, plenty of sales, and a feature list that looks wonderful for the price it’s being sold at: WP Mega Menu Pro. The pricing is currently at $19, with the option to extend your customer support.

The interface and menu building process is clean, but I would argue that it’s not quite as intuitive as the competition. What’s great about this plugin is that it comes with a collection of widgets to add modules for contact information, product lists, and more.

WP Mega Menu Pro
WP Mega Menu Pro plugin

The menu also works hand-in-hand with the default menu dashboard, so you get the advantages of a visual builder and what you might already be used to. What’s also cool is that WP Mega Menu Pro starts you off with 10 templates, many of which only require a little bit of work to launch something beautiful like a full-fledged mega menu.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WP Mega Menu Pro?

The WP Mega Menu Pro plugin has one of the longest lists of features and customization tools. Also, the templates are some of the most beautiful on the market.

We recommend this to people who want a little bit of everything packed into their menu plugin. You receive icons, templates, fonts, skins, backgrounds, and much more—all for a reasonable price.

11. WP Mega Menu

WP Mega Menu offers an intuitive drag and drop system to create interactive navigation menus. You can use different widgets icons, images, and tabs, to create your personalized menus and, thanks to custom colors, fonts, and attributes, you can easily create different styles.

This plugin helps to create a menu that attracts visitors with its option to incorporate various media content such as a gallery, audio, video, icons in the menu.

WP Mega Menu plugin
WP Mega Menu plugin

WP Mega Menu is a feature-packed responsive mega menu plugin with a freemium version. The free version is available in the WordPress plugin directory while the WP Mega Menu pro version comes with a license-based price plan, starting from $29 for a single site license.

Best features

Why Would You Consider WP Mega Menu?

If you want to create and manage multi-layered mega menus, you should give WP Mega Menu plugin a try. Go with the free version, at first, if you are ok with the basic features or upgrade to pro if you need advanced functionalities. WP Mega Menu is also compatible with most of the popular themes in the market, so you shouldn’t worry about that too much.

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Which of the Best WordPress Menu Plugins Is Right for You?

Some of these plugins won’t do the trick for your website. However, we covered a wide range of menu plugins so that everyone gets a chance to make their menus look beautiful on all devices.

Here are some final recommendations:

That’s all! If you have any questions and/or comments about the best WordPress menu plugins, let us know below.

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