How to Restore WordPress Site From Backup

Updated on June 28, 2018

You can easily restore your WordPress site from an automatic or manual backup right within the “MyKinsta” dashboard.

Each backup is a complete snapshot of this environment’s files, database, redirects, and Nginx configuration at the time the backup was created. When you restore a backup all changes to the websites files, database, redirects, and Nginx configuration will be rolled back to the time the backup was created.

Restore WordPress Site

Select your site in the Sites section and click on the backups tab. You’ll see a list of your available backups.

Restore WordPress site from backup

Restore WordPress site from backup

To restore a backup simply click the “Restore” button next to the backup you’d like to restore. Depending on how large your site is this may take a couple of minutes. While the restore is in progress you will not be able to access your site in the admin, we’ll show you a friendly reminder of the restoration process.

WordPress backup in progress

WordPress backup in progress

Once the restore process is complete the admin will refresh automatically and you’ll have access to the site again. Whenever you restore a backup a new backup is generated which will reflect the state of your website just before you restored it. This is handy if you’d like to undo the restore.

Check out our tutorial on how to create manual WordPress backups, as well as how to restore a WordPress backup to staging.

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