Your shop visitors often may find products they’re interested in but aren’t ready to purchase them just yet. Unfortunately, this can lead to them eventually forgetting about these items.

That’s where a wishlist can come in handy. WooCommerce wishlists are helpful tools that enable users to save lists of products they like. They can then come back to them at their convenience once they’re ready to complete their checkout process.

In this post, we’ll start by explaining what a wishlist is and the benefits of adding this feature to your site. Then, we’ll review eight of the best WooCommerce wishlist plugins. Let’s get started!

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What Is a Wishlist?

A wishlist is a powerful feature that enables shoppers to save products they’re interested in. Like adding items to their shopping carts, customers can compile lists of products they may eventually want to purchase. This way, they can easily access them in the future:

A WooCommerce wishlist
A wishlist example in WooCommerce

A wishlist isn’t just a tool for customers. It can also be helpful for their families and friends who are looking for items to gift them.

It’s also a handy feature for site owners. Wishlists provide valuable data to help you make more informed decisions on your marketing strategy and promotions.

Benefits of Using a WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

There are many benefits to using a wishlist plugin in WooCommerce. For starters, this tool lets you add the wishlist functionality to your site without any coding.

A wishlist plugin provides your users with a quick and convenient way of saving products they’re interested in. Thanks to this feature, users will be more likely to purchase their saved items when they make more sense.

For instance, they may choose to go back to their wishlist and purchase the products when promotions and discounts become available, or when a previously out-of-stock product gets restocked.

There are also a variety of ways to use wishlists. For example, they can be a helpful way for customers to track their products. They can also be used as tools for sharing items with friends and family around the holidays. In addition, users can share wishlists on social channels, which can help promote your business and expand brand awareness.

As a WooCommerce store owner, wishlists can help you better understand your products and collect valuable data for better inventory management. For example, if you notice that many consumers are adding certain items to their wishlists, it can help you ensure that those items are always in stock.

Key Features to Look for in a Wishlist Plugin

There are many wishlist plugins to choose from, including free and paid options. However, you’ll want to opt for a tool that suits your needs and budget.

Additionally, there are several key features we recommend looking for, including:

  • Sharing and privacy settings
  • Support for grouped products and product variations
  • Individual wishlist pages
  • Options to purchase directly from wishlists
  • Ease of setup and use
  • Access to wishlist data
  • Integrations and support

Once you figure out which features are most important for your store, it will be easier to decide which tool to use. The next step is to compare the best options.

9 Best WooCommerce Wishlist Plugins for Your Store

Now that we understand more about a wishlist and the benefits of using a wishlist plugin, let’s look at some high-quality options. Below are eight of the best WooCommerce wishlist plugins on the market.

1. TI WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
TI WooCommerce Wishlist

With over 100,000 active WordPress installations, the TI WooCommerce Wishlist plugin is one of the most popular tools you can use to add the wishlist functionality to your online store. It is a freemium plugin with quality features that enable your customers to create wishlists and add products to them quickly.

Once installed and activated on your site, this plugin lets you add an Add to Wishlist button next to the Add to Cart button on your product pages. The freemium tool comes with all the basic settings to add a wishlist to WooCommerce and a paid option with more advanced features.

Key Features:

  • Ability to add wishlist buttons to any products
  • Automatic product removal from wishlist when added to cart
  • Custom wishlist icon uploading
  • Customizable appearance
  • Wishlist social sharing on networks such as Facebook and Twitter
  • Custom CSS styling
  • Multi-wishlists per user
  • Wishlist privacy settings
  • Promotional emails

Price: TI WooCommerce Wishlist comes with a free and premium version. The paid option starts at $79 per year for a single site license. This includes a 100 percent no-risk, 14-day money-back guarantee, as well as one year of updates and support.

2. YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist plugin
YITH WooCommerce Wishlist

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist is another powerful freemium WooCommerce wishlist tool that is feature-rich and flexible. This popular tool makes it easy for shoppers to create a sortable wishlist and share it with friends and family and promote it across social media channels.

YITH WooCommerce Wishlist comes with a high level of support, a standard wishlist page, and checkout redirect functionality. Thanks to the shortcode, you can place the wishlist feature anywhere on your site with ease.

This plugin is an excellent choice if you’re looking for valuable data. The premium version provides store owners tracking information on the most popular products added to your customers’ wishlists.

Key Features:

  • Single wishlist pages
  • “Remove from Wishlist” buttons
  • Wishlist tables with customizable columns
  • Product variation support
  • Wishlist privacy management
  • Viewable list of popular wishlist products for store managers
  • Unlimited wishlists for users
  • Wishlist page and table layouts

Price: YITH WooCommerce Wishlist has a basic free version and a premium option. A Pro license starts at $94 per year and includes one year of updates and support.

3. WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin
WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce

WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce is a solid option if you’re looking for a straightforward wishlist solution. It’s not as intricate as some of the other extensions featured on this list. However, it is helpful if you’re a small business and only need the basic wishlist button and icon.

The configuration of this plugin is straightforward. Once you’ve installed and activated it on your site, you’ll need to choose a single page to display your wishlists on.

Key Features:

  • Wishlist button text
  • Option to add extra action button and link classes
  • Wishlist button categories
  • Wishlist design customization options
  • Automatic removal of products from wishlists when added to shopping carts
  • Shortcode support
  • Pop-up wishlist view to prevent users from leaving the page

Price: The WPC Smart Wishlist for WooCommerce is free to use. However, there is a premium option with access to more advanced features. A single-site license starts at $29 and comes with a seven-day money-back guarantee.

4. MoreConvert WooCommerce Wishlist Plugin

MoreConvert Wishlist plugin

MoreConvert Woocommerce Wishlist is a wishlist solution that aims to be better than its competitors. It’s easy to use, doesn’t slow down your website, and works really well even when your website has a lot of visitors. You can change how it looks and translate it into different languages.

One great thing about this wishlist is that it works well on different devices like phones and computers, which makes it easier for people to use.

People who have used it give it top marks in the WordPress store and say that the customer support is really good and quick to help.

Key Features:

  • Easy customization of buttons, counters, and wishlist pages.
  • Multilingual support with translation for all fields.
  • Fast loading and efficient cache performance.
  • Compatible with over 100 WordPress themes and plugins.
  • Muli-List support and sharing of wishlists.
  • Define wishlist actions after purchase.
  • Detailed reporting for user behavior analysis.
  • Notifications for back-in-stock and on-sale wishlist items.
  • Effective email marketing and automation.
  • Regular updates and quick support.

Price: Most basic features are free, but if you want more, the cheapest premium version costs $79 a year. You can get your money back within 14 days if you change your mind

5. Wishlist for WooCommerce: Multi Wishlists per Customer

Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin
Wishlist for WooCommerce

If you’re looking for a minimalist WooCommerce wishlist plugin, Wishlist for WooCommerce might be the right solution for you. This basic, user-friendly tool provides the standard functionality to let shoppers add products to a wishlist.

This tool is ideal for users looking for a quick and hassle-free way of adding wishlist functionality to their site. However, if you’re looking for a ton of customization and configuration options, this probably won’t be the best fit. While the premium version does include more advanced features, it’s still not as extensive or robust as the other premium tools on this list.

Key Features:

  • Create Unlimited Wishlists: Personalize organization with multiple wishlists.
  • Add to Wishlist Button: Enhance UX with one-click product addition.
  • Wishlist Management: Provide flexibility to view, edit, and delete items.
  • Share Wishlists: Facilitate collaboration via email or social media.
  • Responsive Design: Ensure compatibility on all devices.
  • Customizable Settings: Tailor to match website aesthetics.
  • Multi-language Support: Integrate seamlessly with multilingual sites.

The Pro version unlocks more advanced features like:

  • Show/hide the Add to Wishlist button based on the product tag.
  • Allow customers to reorder items in their wishlist using drag & drop.
  • Allow customers to reorder items in their wishlist using navigational up/down arrows.
  • Advanced reporting for admin.

Price: A license for WooCommerce Wishlists is $50 per year. This includes one year of support and updates and a 14-day money-back guarantee.

6. WooCommerce Wishlists

WooCommerce Wishlists plugin
WooCommerce Wishlists

If you’re looking for a premium extension, WooCommerce Wishlists can be an excellent choice. This is especially true if you want both your registered customers and guests to be able to create unlimited wishlists on your website.

This plugin enables users to create wishlists for everyday use and special occasions. For example, it can be handy for registry-related websites, such as baby showers and weddings. In addition, it comes with an impressive range of customization features and administrative views for shop owners.

Key Features:

  • Wishlists for guests and registered users
  • Wishlists stored for up to 30 days for guests or indefinitely by registered customers
  • Unlimited wishlists
  • Full privacy controls
  • Social media sharing
  • Support for grouped products and product variations
  • Customizable button text
  • WordPress menu integrations

Price: A license for WooCommerce Wishlists is $79 per year. This includes one year of support and updates, as well as a 30-day money-back guarantee.

7. WishSuite

WishSuite plugin

WishSuite is an intuitive WooCommerce plugin that lets you add aesthetically pleasing wishlists to your online store. It makes it convenient for users, including both registered and guest shoppers, to add and view products for future use.

It’s a beginner-friendly tool that includes an effortless setup process. You can display wishlist tables on any page and use the provided shortcodes to place wishlist buttons throughout your site. Once added to their shopping carts, customers will also easily remove the items from their wishlists.

Key Features:

  • Wishlist sharing options across social media networks
  • Customization options
  • Product removal from wishlist feature
  • Option to display wishlist table on any page
  • Shortcode for adding and showing wishlist button anywhere on the page

Price: WishSuite is completely free.

8. Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce plugin
Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce

Another free option to consider is Premmerce Wishlist for WooCommerce. The plugin provides an easy way to add and share products to wishlists. As the store owner, you can use it to view existing wishlists and create targeted offers and discounts to help drive conversions.

This plugin is not as feature-packed as some of the other wishlist tools. However, it can be an affordable and hassle-friendly option that works with just about any WooCommerce theme. To make the most of the plugin, we recommend upgrading to the premium version.

Key Features:

  • Easy to use interface and settings
  • Custom wishlist buttons and custom URLs
  • Option to share wishlists
  • Backend wishlist management
  • Widget support

Price: Premmerce Wishlist is a freemium plugin. In addition to the free version, there are also premium plans starting at $99.99 for a one-year, single-site license.

9. My Wish List for WooCommerce

My Wish List for WooCommerce plugin
My Wish List for WooCommerce

My Wish List for WooCommerce is a premium extension you can use to enable wishlist functionality among registered and unregistered users on your site. Wishlists are viewable from the My Account page for registered users and can be displayed to guest users via shortcode.

This plugin lets you view critical data on products frequently added to your customers’ wishlists. One of the benefits of this tool is that it is Ajax-enabled, which can help lead to faster page loads.

Key Features:

  • Option to display wishlists for both registered shoppers and guest visitors
  • Backend wishlist statistics and critical insights
  • Shortcode for displaying wishlist widgets
  • Sort products by most or least added from the admin screen

Price: My Wish List for WooCommerce costs $29 per year. This includes a year of updates and support and a 30-day money-back guarantee.


An essential part of managing a WooCommerce store is ensuring that customers have an easy way to find, track, and purchase products they’re interested in. However, they may not always be ready to buy an item straight away, which is why it’s wise to let them create a wishlist. As discussed in this post, there are various WooCommerce wishlist plugins to choose from. If you’re looking for a robust option, you could select a tool like TI WooCommerce Wishlist or YITH WooCommerce Wishlist, which offers a more advanced premium version. Do you have any questions about WooCommerce wishlist plugins? Let us know in the comments section below!

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