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What’s New in WordPress 5.6 (Accessibility, Performance, Security)

PHP 8 support, Application Passwords, Site Health improvements, Block API V2, and much more. Check out what's new in WordPress 5.6!

How to Change Your WordPress Homepage (3 Methods)

Need to change your hompage in WordPress? It's an easy task! In this guide, we'll walk you through three different ways you could use.

21 Fastest WooCommerce Themes in 2020 (Based on Thorough Testing)

We tested and compared the fastest WooCommerce themes to find the quickest options on the market, with performance and load time tests.

How to Quickly Fix WordPress Mixed Content Warnings (HTTPS/SSL)

Mixed content warnings are common after an HTTPS migration or adding a new service. Check out how to quickly fix these on your site.

Proxy vs VPN: 5 Crucial Differences You Must Know

Learn the differences between a proxy server vs a VPN and which option you should use to improve your security.

Why You Need An Application Performance Monitoring Tool

Learn why you need an application performance monitoring tool to manage your website’s performance. Fix performance issues faster with APM.

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