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Headless CMS

An illustration for static site generators showing hands typing on a laptop.

Top 5 Static Site Generators in 2022 (and When to Use Them)

If you are trying to build a static site, here are 5 static site generators to choose from along with why you should possibly choose each one.
Reading time
10 min read
Publish date
November 8, 2021

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How to Build a Blazing Fast Static Site With Hugo

Hugo can generate most websites within seconds (<1 ms per page). Learn how you can start building your Hugo static site.
Reading time
30 min read
Publish date
October 25, 2021

Learn How to Create a Headless WordPress Site With Vue.js

Have you been wondering what all the chatter is about headless WordPress? Dive into what it is and learn how to use it to build an app.
Reading time
12 min read
Publish date
October 7, 2021

WordPress vs Static HTML: How Should You Build Your Site?

Trying to decide between WordPress vs static HTML to build your website? In this post, we'll explain how each method works and then go over some of…
Reading time
14 min read
Publish date
April 4, 2018

WordPress Revolution with GraphQL

GraphQL represents the dawn of a new age in web & application development & it'll most likely put all WordPress REST APIs in the world out of work…
Reading time
8 min read
Publish date
March 18, 2016