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10 WooCommerce Shortcodes To Improve Your Site

In collaboration with the WooCommerce experts at AnnexCore, get 10 WooCommerce shortcodes that will speed up your development workflow, facilitate standardization across your sites, and make all your sites easier to maintain in the long term.

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10 WooCommerce Shortcodes to Improve Your Site

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The holiday shopping season is upon us. Is your WooCommerce shop ready?

WooCommerce shortcodes are here to help. Shortcodes perform a particular function in a site with only a simple line of pseudocode. In fact, that’s where their name comes from: Shortcodes = shortcut + code.

With them, you can do cool things with little effort as they eliminate the need for complicated scripts. 

Download this free ebook to immediately gain access to 10 of the top WooCommerce shortcodes as well as details on what they can do:

  1. Products
  2. Recent Products
  3. Product Categories
  4. Related Products
  5. Add to Cart
  6. Best-Selling Products
  7. Cart
  8. Top-Rated Products
  9. Order Tracking
  10. Checkout

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AnnexCore is a Kinsta Agency Partner and a go-to agency for ambitious businesses using WooCommerce. They’re all about the 10/10, “would recommend” customer service, and focus on providing the right solutions to help clients scale and stay ahead of the curve. They’re also a member of Kinsta’s Agency Directory, our trusted list of agency clients.

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