You’ve pieced together your new WordPress site like a work of art. Everything’s in place: the logo, About Us page, a small eCommerce store, menu, and customized blog. It’s time to pull the trigger, right? Wait a minute. Did you forget one of the most basic parts of a website? That’s right: the contact form.

Some developers know to add it right away, because it’s incredible how easy it is to forget about this form of communication. And it would be a shame to skip the contact form, since many customers scoff at the idea of calling into your customer support line, while others have no intention of taking their mind off work to sit on a live chat module.

That’s where these WordPress contact form plugins come into play. Customers can send in a quick email without spending too much time, and the website with the form can field the message in a timely manner. Not only that, but contact forms prevent spam and allow you to expand the way you interact with your customers (like with conditional logic, which updates the form based on how the user responds).

These WordPress contact form plugins come in many forms, so it would be prudent to browse through the comparison to see which one is right for you. After all, some websites require an expensive, and powerful, WordPress contact form, while others only need the basics.

WordPress Contact Form Plugins Features

At its most basic, a WordPress contact form plugin delivers a handful of fields and minimal design tools. It’s meant to keep your customers in contact with you. On the other hand, the more advanced contact form plugins support conditional logic, design tools, and file submission options. This is in no way a complete list, but here are some features to look forward to:


Best WordPress Contact Form Plugins in 2021

If you’re in a hurry, check out the quick list of WordPress contact forms below. For the more in-depth reviews and comparisons, details on pricing, and the top features from each plugin, continue beyond the short list. Note: These are listed in no particular order.

1. Gravity Forms – Starting at $59 per year

Gravity Forms combines a clean interface with user-friendly tools that are still somewhat advanced for improving customer support websites. The forms, entries, and conditional logic is all unlimited through Gravity Forms, and it also supports things like file uploads and multi-page forms.

Gravity Forms WordPress plugin

Gravity Forms WordPress plugin

The standard Gravity Forms support includes a full ticketing system, an FAQ page, documentation, language translations, and several other resources. The priority support is only available if you go with the most expensive plan ($259 per year,) so that would send you to the front of the line.

There’s no live chat or phone support, but as you’ll see with most contact form plugins, those aren’t really necessary.

Features That Make Gravity Forms a Great Choice:

2. Ninja Forms – Free (Memberships Start at $99 per year)

Ninja Forms has a free version in the WordPress library, but we figure most legitimate companies will consider a premium version membership. The free contact form plugin provides a beautiful user interface for building your own contact forms. There aren’t any limitations for forms, fields, or emails received, and you can save your forms for later.

The majority of the fields and features in the free version are pretty basic, but it’s easy to configure your forms and make them look nice on your website. This plugin rivals that of the Contact Form 7 plugin (featured below).

Ninja Forms WordPress plugin

Ninja Forms WordPress plugin

When you signup for a membership you gain access to dozens of add-ons, customer support, updates, layouts, multi-part forms, conditional logic, and more. Plus, Ninja Forms does a good job of keeping costs low when you decide to buy a package or membership instead of one or two add-ons.

Features That Make Ninja Forms a Great Choice:

3. Everest Forms — Free (Premium Start at $49 per year)

When it comes to form-building, Everest Forms is a solid option. The free version in offers numerous features that will allow you to create unlimited contact forms and other types of forms easily for your WordPress site thanks to a drag and drop form builder.

Everest Forms WordPress plugin

Everest Forms WordPress plugin

The plugin offers a wide range of templates so you don’t have always to start from scratch. You can change the form settings and customize the form according to your requirements. A nice preview feature allows you to see how the form is displayed on the frontend.

There’s also a pro version that brings you even more features and functionalities to your WordPress forms like the 14 additional form fields, dedicated Entries tab for user submissions, and integrations.

Features That Make Everest Forms a Great Choice:

4. HappyForms – Free

HappyForms is one of the newer contact form plugins on the block, but one thing we really like about it is that it’s completely built in the WordPress Customizer. This means you don’t need to learn a new UI, it’s something that most of you are probably already familiar with. It’s being developed and maintained by The Theme Foundry, who know the WordPress space very well as they’ve been designing themes for years.

HappyForms contact form plugin

HappyForms contact form plugin

HappyForms is super lightweight in terms of code and performance. It’s 100% free and works great for those just needing something fast and easy.

Features That Make HappyForms a Great Choice:

Note: There is a small “powered by HappyForms” at the bottom of the form. Some businesses might prefer not to have this.

5. Contact Form 7 – Free

Contact Form 7 is not only insanely popular, but it has been free for as long as I can remember. This minimalist gem delivers what most blogs and small businesses need: a basic contact form that’s stable and reliable. At first, you might think that the best part of Contact Form 7 is that it’s completely free (no premium plans,) but there’s more to the plugin than that.

In fact, you might argue that the support is the best part, since this free plugin includes documentation, an FAQ, a support forum, and a full website with information. That’s more than what you get with some premium plugins.

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin

Contact Form 7 WordPress plugin

As for the features, you can create an unlimited number of forms, use several types of fields like date, URL, email, and text, while also including the email address of your choice to receive your messages from customers.

Features That Make Contact Form 7 a Great Choice:

6. HubSpot All-In-One Marketing

HubSpot’s WordPress plugin is more than just your traditional form builder. This plugin allows you to connect HubSpot CRM with WordPress so you can easily organize and segment your contacts into lists.

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing WordPress plugin

HubSpot All-In-One Marketing WordPress plugin

With HubSpot, you get a lead generation dashboard, lead capture tools like popups, slide-ins, and exit intent forms, a static form builder, a contact database, and lead insights for the first seven days of website activity after lead capture. All these features work immediately, right out of the box, with no development help required.

Features That Make HubSpot All-In-One Marketing a Great Choice:

7. weForms – Free (Premium starting at $39 per year)

weForms is a newer contact form plugin on the market. It’s created by the team over at weDevs, who are well known for their other plugins such as WP Project Manager Pro, WP User Frontend Pro, and WP ERP.

The free version surprisingly includes quite a few features, including being able to see contact form submission data in the WordPress admin.

weForms WordPress plugin

weForms WordPress plugin

Features That Make weForms a Great Choice:

8. Caldera Forms – Free (Starting at $14.99 per month)

Caldera Forms is yet another favorite for those looking for a free contact form. Now developed by Saturday Drive, the same team that works on Ninja Forms. The premium plugin isn’t cheap, so I’d personally try my hardest to see if the free option would work for my business. The free version of Caldera includes a simple drag and drop editor, along with many add-ons for both beginners and advanced web developers.

Caldera Forms WordPress plugin

Caldera Forms WordPress plugin

The whole point is to make things as easy as possible, and much of this is done through the editor. Several great field types come with Caldera, and you can play around with the conditional logic to show specific options based on how your customers reply to your forms.

Features That Make Caldera Forms a Great Choice:

Note: The company communicated that, on December 31st, 2021, Caldera Forms and add-ons will be sunsetted and all users will be transitioned to Ninja Forms.

9. The Jetpack Contact Form – Free

If you could only select one WordPress plugin to install on your website, Jetpack would probably be right at the top of the list. The reason for this is because it includes everything from anti-spam to caching support, and social media tools to the Jetpack Contact Form. So, if you’ve already implemented Jetpack, it might be worth looking into the contact form element.

As you can see in the screenshot below, the Add Contact Form button gets placed above every page and post creation area. This makes it easier to insert a form wherever you want.

Jetpack WordPress plugin

Jetpack WordPress plugin

Upon selecting the Contact Form button and designing your form, you end up with a professional, functional contact form without any of the bells and whistles.

Jetpack contact form

Jetpack contact form

Features That Make The Jetpack Contact Form a Great Choice:

10. FormCraft – $39

FormCraft doesn’t have any free or lite version to play around with before you buy. However, it’s a powerful WordPress contact form plugin with far more beautiful designs than you get in any of the plugins talked about so far. The WordPress contact form plugin includes templates with gorgeous designs, along with dozens of add-ons for expanding how you work with your forms.

FormCraft WordPress plugin

FormCraft WordPress plugin

What’s more, is that this premium WordPress contact form plugin includes special features like the built-in popup forms and math formulas. You can collect payments through PayPal Standard or Stripe, and the Zapier integration is sure to automate some of your processes. With additional add-ons you can make it multisite compatible.

Overall, you’re getting more creative, customizable templates and designs with the FormCraft plugin. It doesn’t cost you a fortune, and the add-ons provide features that might be missing in the regular plugin.

Features That Make FormCraft a Great Choice:

11. QuForm – $29

Many of the WordPress contact form plugins on this list are made only for contact purposes. QuForm is a little different, since it’s made for constructing any type of form, especially those with highly-advanced features and fields.

Quform WordPress plugin

Quform WordPress plugin

The drag and drop editor is worth the price of admission, but you also get tons of options, 19 element types, and an easy theming system. I’d argue that this drag and drop editor is not nearly as good as others we’ve seen, but it’s still intuitive.  These are mobile-friendly webforms, and they have extremely adaptive styling. That’s why we like the pricing.

It gives all companies a chance to see how the styling works, all without blowing the budget.

Features That Make QuForm a Great Choice:

12. Ninja Kick – $19

I’d like to compare the Ninja Kick plugin with the FormCraft plugin we talked about above. Both have solid form designs, expanding beyond the traditional “flat” formats and instead going for some extra flavor. You’ll also notice that a contact form can be placed in a different area, like as a slide-in from the left side of the screen.

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Ninja Kick offers rich customization and flexible settings. For example, you can easily configure animations, label styles, color schemes, and more. Three themes are packaged in with the Ninja Kick plugin. This isn’t as much as what we’ve seen from other plugins, but the themes do look great.

Ninja Kick WordPress plugin

Ninja Kick WordPress plugin

As for the overall interface, Ninja Kick is rather basic and easy to understand. It doesn’t seem to conflict with other plugins or themes, and it’s an extremely lightweight contact form plugin to go with.

Features That Make Ninja Kick a Great Choice:

13. Formidable Forms – Free (Premium starting at $49 per year)

Formidable Forms is another great choice if you’re looking for a free or premium option for a contact form plugin. As of writing this, it has a little over 200,000+ active installs with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating. Easily create contact forms, polls and surveys, lead generation forms, email forms, and any other forms you imagine.

Formidable Forms contact form plugin

Formidable Forms contact form plugin

Do you need GDPR compliant forms? No problem. Turn off IP tracking or the setting to save your form submissions, or add a checkbox field to your form to collect consent. The free version of the plugin actually has quite a bit of functionality compared to other contact form plugins. But they also allow you to add more features with their premium version or add-ons.

Features That Make Formidable Forms a Great Choice:

14. ARForms – Starting at $37 (Lifetime Updates)

ARForms plugin is one of the most mature solutions in a league table of the WordPress contact form builders. It has been around for five years serving thousands of WordPress users and generating positive feedback.

ARForms WordPress plugin

ARForms WordPress plugin

The most prominent features that set this player ahead the pack are a very intuitive drag-and-drop real-time form builder that gives you customization control over each field, 28+ fields (including multiple file upload, checkboxes and radio buttons, password, etc.), a luxurious styling toolset and a whole array of other cogs for creating branded forms.

Another great feature aimed to eliminate design limitations is 40+ professional contact form templates ready to be used. Any of those modern-day templates for a diversity of niches can be download for free within a premium version.

Interested in a truly high-touch plugin presentation? You can register a free trial account and check all options thoroughly on the backend before you pay any money.

On top of that, ARForms will give most price-conscious people the best bang for their buck since the premium version encompasses almost all on-demand features at an affordable price.

Features That Make ARForms a Great Choice:

15. Flo Forms – Free

Flo Forms is an easy to use drag & drop form builder for WordPress. Created by the folks from Flothemes, one of the leading providers of premium WordPress themes for creatives since 2013.

Flo Forms WordPress plugin

Flo Forms WordPress plugin

It’s easy to set up, customize and includes a multitude of advanced features: conditional logic, email reminders, flexible layout options and many more. Flo Forms is free to use and includes pretty much everything you need to create nice looking forms with advanced options.

You can deploy a form on your site in minutes, as no coding skills are required. It allows you to collect the information you need from your visitors and convert them into customers.

Features That Make Flo Forms a Great Choice:

16. Simple Basic Contact Form – Free

Simple Basic Contact Form is a great free plugin designed for those who need something that is fast and easy to set up, functional, and incredibly lightweight. It’s developed and maintained by the amazing team over at WPKube.

Simple Basic Contact Form WordPress plugin

Simple Basic Contact Form WordPress plugin

Built with the WP API, the Simple Basic Contact Form plugin offers better security and performance that outranks most other contact form plugins. Since it works without JavaScript it loads much faster and it does its job perfectly by blocking spam and sending formatted plain-text messages.

Features That Make Simple Basic Contact Form a Great Choice:

17. Kali Forms – $29

Kali Forms is a WordPress plugin that combines a clean user interface with a number of powerful features that are really easy to use and tweak for anyone who just wants to create a simple contact form.

Kali Forms plugin

Kali Forms plugin

Kali forms already includes lots of what you should expect from other a contact form plugin including conditional logic, multi-page forms, and file uploads. On top of this, the plugin is extremely fast as it’s built with React.

Features That Make Kali Forms a Great Choice:

Choosing a WordPress Contact Form Plugin

The contact form is not only a way to stay in touch with your customers, but it shows that you’re a legitimate business. You’re open to communicating with users, and that might be all it takes to get a sale or a new reader. If you have any thoughts about these WordPress contact form plugins, let us know in the comments section below.

Do you prefer any of these contact form plugins over the others?

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