Looking for an alternative to Trello? In the COVID-19 business landscape, remote work has become mainstream. But you can’t manage a remote workforce without the right tools.

There are over 249 project management software tools with significant market share, and most of them support kanban boards.

The sheer number of choices makes it hard to choose the right solution for your business. To make things easier, we’ve examined the clear market leaders and upstarts and narrowed it down to a more manageable list of 18 legitimate Trello alternatives.

We’ll cover everything from features, plans, pricing, UX, and suitable use cases.

Ready to dig in? Let’s do it!

An Introduction to Trello

The key aspect that used to set Trello apart from other project management solutions was the Kanban board feature:

Kanban board
Kanban board example (Source: Hygger.io)

A kanban board is essentially a visual representation of different projects in different stages. It started as a way to visualize project progress at Toyota using whiteboards. Trello founder Joel Spolsky later used the concept to create a more usable project collaboration and management interface.

These days, all major project management tools (including Asana, Jira, Microsoft Project and Planner, and more), offer this kanban board feature.

In a general sense, this makes all of them very similar in usability to Trello.

Does Google Have Something Like Trello?

Google has yet to tackle the project management space with its own dedicated solution. But you could repurpose one of Google’s cloud-based solutions to collaborate on and manage projects.

Google Keep, which is Google’s note-taking application, includes to-do list functionality:

google keep
Google Keep

You can also share certain cards with other Google users and create custom labels and set reminders. Of course, the solution is far from being perfect. You can’t set deadlines or access a kanban-view.

Does Microsoft Have Something Like Trello?

Microsoft offers two separate project management tools you can use as alternatives for Trello: Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project.

microsoft planner
Microsoft Planner


Microsoft Planner is a simple task management and collaboration tool centered around a kanban board view.

It’s included in all Office 365 business plans, including Business Basic (formerly Business Essentials) which starts at $5 per user per month.

microsoft project
Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is a more advanced project management tool with a focus on detailed timelines, task-by-task responsibilities, and more.

While it integrates with Office 365 tools, it’s not part of any Office 365 plan and starts at $10 per user per month. We’ll cover both these tools in more detail below.

Top 18 Trello Alternatives

If you’re looking to find a true Trello alternative, keep reading below.

1. Asana


Asana is a leading project management tool and has transitioned to a mostly Kanban-based view over the last few years.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Asana
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 158
Timeline view ✓ (With free power-up) ✓ (Premium)

Asana has comparable features to Trello when it comes to the Kanban-board approach to task management. It also includes more advanced workflow automation features and three different views.

asana pricing
Asana pricing

The free plan includes up to 15 users, while their premium plan starts at $10.99 per user per month.

User Experience

asana ui
Asana UI

The “Board” view or tab offers almost exactly the same user experience as in Trello. You can drag and move tasks from one stage to the next, or click them to view and edit the details.

Overall, it’s very easy to get started with Asana and start to create and assign tasks.


asana integrations
Asana integrations

Asana has 158 native integrations, including major apps like Slack, Office 365, and Salesforce.

Use Cases for Asana

  • Small teams with complex projects and multiple task owners.
  • Large teams with complex workflows.

Is Asana Better Than Trello?

Because of the differences in concept and use cases, it’s hard to call one or the other the objectively better choice.

But once you understand the differences between them, you might understand which option is better for your company. Read our detailed comparison of Asana vs Trello to get a more comprehensive outlook on both tools.

2. Airtable


Airtable is a smart “part spreadsheet, part database” solution that companies can use to manage teams and projects. We use it for managing tasks related to customer relationships.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Airtable
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 32
Calendar view ✓ (With free power-up)

Airtable doesn’t just have a spreadsheet view, it also has a Kanban view and a Calendar view for managing tasks.

air table pricing
Airtable Pricing

The free plan includes 1,200 rows and 5GB of storage. Plus starts at $10 per user per month.

User Experience

The default user experience feels more like a more powerful version of Excel or Google sheets.

air table user interface
Airtable UI

But the Kanban view is intuitive and easy to use for previous users of Trello.

airtable kanban view
Kanban view in Airtable

Easily add new projects by clicking the plus sign in each column and move cards around based on your needs.


airtable integrations
Airtable integrations

Airtable has 32 native integrations through their API but supports over 1,000 more through Zapier and other integration SaaS solutions.

Use Cases for Airtable

  • Companies that need data organization features in addition to project management.
  • Users that prefer to work with spreadsheets.

3. Basecamp


Basecamp isn’t just a project management tool, it’s also a collaboration and workstream platform.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Basecamp
Kanban View X
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 46
Chat and Collaboration Tools X

Basecamp includes a message board, real-time group chat, and other collaboration tools beyond just regular project management.

basecamp pricing
Basecamp pricing

Basecamp uses a flat price of $99 per month per company (not user) with a 30-day free trial.

User Experience

basecamp user interface
Basecamp UI

Basecamp divides your company into teams or projects. From the individual team view, you can access the message boards, to-do lists, or campfire live chat.

basecamp user interface project
Basecamp team view


basecamp integrations
Basecamp integrations

Basecamp 3 has 45+ native integrations through its API, and further through Zapier and Automate.io.

Use Cases for Basecamp

  • Companies that want a single solution for project management and collaboration.
  • Companies that want to cut the costs of per-user pricing solutions.

4. Jira


Jira is Atlassian’s (Trello’s parent company) software development management tool.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Jira
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 1,000+
Agile Development Tools X

In addition to task management through Kanban boards, Jira also has agile development tools like agile reporting, bug mapping, and more.

jira pricing
Jira pricing

Jira’s free plan allows up to 10 users, and the standard plan costs $7 per user per month.

User Experience

jira ui boards
Board view in Jira

Jira’s board view functions in almost exactly the same way as Trello.

jira ui releases
Version release in Jira

There’s also version release planning and views to help software developers stay on-task.


jira integrations
Jira integrations

Jira has over 1,000 apps and integrations, including Github, Adobe XD and other essential developer tools.

Use Cases for Jira

  • Software companies that need a project management tool.

5. Microsoft Project

microsoft project
Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is Microsoft’s enterprise project management software.

Microsoft Project Features and Pricing

Feature Trello MS Project
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 17
Timeline and Sprints X

Project offers basic project management in a task list grid and board view, as well as timeline and sprint planning tools for agile development.

microsoft project pricing
Microsoft Project pricing

The basic plan starts at $10 per user per month.

User Experience

microsoft project grid view
Project grid view

Microsoft Project’s basic grid or list view is easy to work with to assign responsibilities, due dates, and more.

microsoft project board view
Project board view

The board view is perfect for users who are already used to Trello kanban boards.


microsoft project apps integrations
Microsoft Project integrations

With just 16 available apps and integrations, it’s clear that Microsoft Project is far behind when it comes to extending functionality with third-party tools.

It does, however, integrate natively with Microsoft Teams and other Office 365 apps.

Use Cases for Microsoft Project

  • Companies that already use Microsoft Teams and Office 365 for collaboration.

6. Microsoft Planner

Microsoft Planner is the SMB-focused alternative to Project, included in all Microsoft 365 business plans.

Microsoft Planner Features and Pricing

Feature Trello MS Planner
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools ✓ (Through MS Flow)
Integrations 181 (Premium) 10+

Microsoft Planner has only basic project management features, with some extended functionality through the Microsoft 365 suite.

microsoft planner pricing
Microsoft Planner pricing

Planner is included with all Microsoft 365 business plans, starting from $5 per user per month.

User Experience

microsoft planner UI
Microsoft Planner UI

The kanban board layout is easy to work with and should be familiar for anyone experienced with Trello.


microsoft planner integrations
Microsoft Planner UI

Planner has very few integrations, with less than 10 relevant results in AppSource. It does integrate with Microsoft tools like Flow and Teams.

Use Cases for Microsoft Planner

  • Basic planning tool for businesses subscribed to Microsoft 365 for other apps.

7. Workzone


Workzone is a project management solution focused on agencies and product teams.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Workzone
Kanban View X
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 17+
Workload Management X

Workzone goes beyond basic project management and also handles workload tracking and management.

workzone pricing
Workzone pricing

Workzone has no free plan, and its cheapest plan starts at $24 per user per month.

User Experience

workzone project dashboard
Workzone project dashboard

The project dashboard view is great for companies that are very deadline-driven.


workzone integrations
Workzone integrations

Workzone has 17 integrations, including Microsoft Teams and Slack.

Use Cases for Workzone

  • Companies that want to use a single tool for project and workforce management.

8. Wrike


Wrike is a project management platform with advanced workflow tools for creative teams.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Wrike
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 400+
Workload Management X

Beyond basic kanban and task management, Wrike also has a Gantt chart view, workload management tools, and creative workflow tools.

wrike pricing
Wrike pricing

Free for up to 5 users, with the pro plan starting at $9.8 per user per month.

User Experience

Wrike UI
Wrike UI

Wrike’s kanban view is simplistic and intuitive. You can easily create, assign, and move tasks.

wrike image comments
Wrike image commenting

It also includes creative approval workflow tools, including image approval and in-image commenting.


wrike integrate
Wrike integrations

Integrate Wrike with over 400 different SaaS apps with the Wrike Integrate add-on. If you’re a Gmail user, there’s an add-on for that as well.

Use Cases for Wrike

  • Marketing and creative agencies with complex workflows.

9. KanbanFLow


KanbanFlow is a great free alternative to Trello and other project management tools.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello KanbanFlow
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools X
Integrations 181 (Premium) Through Zapier
Time Tracking X

In many ways, it’s a scaled-down Trello, but it has time tracking of tasks (Trello doesn’t and requires third-party apps).

kanban flow pricing
KanbanFlow Pricing

The free version allows unlimited projects, users, and boards, but has limited analytics and no integrations. Premium starts at $5 per user per month.

User Experience

The basic board view experience is comparable to Trello, although the colorful design gives a more playful vibe.

pasted image 0 1
KanbanFlow time tracker

The most interesting part of the UI is the Pomodoro time tracker users can use to track time spent on tasks.


It supports some integrations through Zapier, and a REST API is available.

Use Cases for KanbanFlow

  • Companies that want an unlimited and free Trello alternative.
  • Teams that use the Pomodoro technique for work.

10. Sortd


Sortd is a project management tool right inside your Gmail inbox.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Sortd
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) Gmail and Google Workspace

Sortd offers task management and basic email-focused workflow tools.

sortd pricing
Sortd pricing

Sortd is available for free with up to 3 lists and personal boards. Pro plans start at $6 per user per month.

User Experience

sortd ui
Sortd UI

Sortd gives you complete project management board functionality within your Gmail inbox.


Beyond its integrations with Gmail and Google Workspace, it doesn’t offer any integrations.

Use Cases for Sortd

  • Companies that still use email heavily to work with partners and clients.

11. Monday

The Monday platform website

Monday is a smart workflow and automation-focused project management tool.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Monday.com
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 30+
Time Tracking X

With advanced workflows and time tracking, Monday has slightly more extensive functionality.

Monday pricing table
Monday pricing

There’s a free forever plan and then Monday starts at $8 per seat per month from there.

User Experience

The most impressive part of Monday’s user experience is how easy it is to automate recurring tasks.

monday com workflow tools
Monday workflow tools


monday com integrations
Monday.com integrations

Monday.com has over 30 native integrations, including major SaaS apps like Zoom, Slack, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Use Cases for Monday

  • Teams that use multiple platforms and want to automate more of their workflows.

12. ClickUp

ClickUp Trello alternative
ClickUp Trello alternative

ClickUp is a project management software designed to be one place for all of your work.

ClickUp Features and Pricing

Feature Trello ClickUp
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 (Premium) 86 (native)
1000+ through Zapier
Timeline and Sprints X

ClickUp offers a wide range of ways to organize your projects; making use of ClickUp’s hierarchy will allow you to view your projects however you need to. By working at the List level you can see a single project, but if you zoom out to the Everything level you can view all of your tasks in an entire workspace!

ClickUp pricing
ClickUp pricing

ClickUp’s free plan allows unlimited members and tasks, but paid plans give access to permission control and unlimited storage space.

User Experience

ClickUp user experience
ClickUp user experience

ClickUp has a total of 15 views that you can use in your Workspace; including a Doc view for creating your own Docs, and a Chat view that allows you to communicate with your team in a channel.

ClickUp’s Board view also lets you view your tasks like Trello’s kanban style.

ClickUp dashboard
ClickUp Board view


ClickUp integrations
ClickUp integrations

With over 80 native integrations ClickUp is a powerhouse of integration, allowing you to link with your email inbox, GitHub, and many more.

On top of this, you can also build connections with ClickUp through Zapier, Integrately, or Integromat; opening up the doors to thousands of more integrations.

Use Cases for ClickUp

  • Companies that want to bring their entire workflow into a single location to allow for project management and collaboration.
  • Single users looking to streamline their own productivity and save time with their own projects.

13. Pipefy


Pipefy is another project management tool focused on automating inefficient workflows.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Pipefy
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 7+
Pipefy is one of the cheapest paid Trello alternatives on our list, starting at only $9/user per month.


Pipefy pricing
Pipefy pricing

User Experience

pipefy ui
Pipefy UI

The Pipefy user experience is intuitive, with the familiar kanban view as the default setting. You can easily create, assign, and move tasks along the pipeline.


pipefy integrations
Pipefy integrations

As a relatively young upstart, Pipefy only has a few native integrations but does have Slack and Google Hangouts covered.

Use Cases for Pipefy

  • Companies looking to improve workflow efficiency.

14. Taiga


Taiga is an open source project management tool for startups and agile development teams with a really intuitive UI.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Taiga
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 6+
Scrum X

The software is available through different plans starting as free up to $3000+ for on-premise instances based on the number of users and infrastructure. For those interested in open source solutions, Taiga is a great candidate.

Taiga pricing
Taiga pricing

User Experience

Beyond a simple kanban view, Taiga offers advanced Scrum and sprint tools, like this backlog view of Sprint performance.

taiga spint backlog
Taiga sprint backlog


Taiga has native integrations with Slack, Github, Gitlab, HipChat, Mattermost, and DealCloud.

Use Cases for Taiga

  • Companies that have the expertise to use open source solutions and embrace agile development.

15. Restya

restya board

Restya is an open source alternative to Trello and other project management software. The software is available both as cloud-based or on-premises install.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Restya
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 Through Zapier
Scrum X

The software is free to use but it comes with premium packages that provide more features starting at less than $20 per month. Support is available as a paid option.

User Experience

restya board ui
Restya’s UI

With Restya, you have full control over the kanban board, from the number of columns, tasks, to the background music (you probably want to leave this off).


Through Zapier, Restya can be integrated with 1,000+ apps and software tools. Unfortunately, most of these are only available through their power-up packages (paid).

Use Cases for Restya

  • Companies that have the expertise and infrastructure to use open source solutions.

16. Wekan


Wekan is another open source Trello alternative released under the MIT license.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Wekan
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 1?

Wekan is free to use and can be hosted on your own server as well.

User Experience

wekan ui
Wekan’s UI

Wekan’s UI is a straightforward, no-frills kanban board for task management.


While working on more integrations, currently Wekan only supports time tracking via Titra.

Use Cases for Wekan

  • Any company that needs a clean kanban board, believes in open source software, and doesn’t want to use third-party services.

2 Trello Alternatives Built Into Your Website

Do you want the functionality of Trello built straight into your WordPress site? With these two project management plugins, that’s exactly what you can get.

17. Kanban for WordPress

Kanban for WordPress plugin
Kanban for WordPress plugin

Are you looking for a self-hosted solution to Trello, but don’t know your way around Github repositories? Kanban for WordPress could be the choice for you.

Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Kanban for WordPress
Kanban View
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 WordPress and Plugins
Editorial Calendar ✓ (Right inside WP)

In addition to a full-featured kanban board, it also offers an editorial calendar and sales pipeline tools.

kanban pro pricing
KanbanPro Pricing

The basic Kanban for WordPress plugin is 100% free with no user or usage restrictions. The pro plugin license costs a flat fee of $149 per year or $499 for a lifetime license.

User Experience

Kanban for WordPress' UI
Kanban for WordPress’ UI

The plugin builds a kanban board into your site and, because it’s built straight into WordPress, your existing writers and editors can easily start using it to manage projects.


It integrates with several popular WordPress plugins like Gravity Forms.

Use Cases for Kanban for WordPress

  • WordPress site owners who want a self-hosted kanban tool.
  • Publishers and magazines that use WordPress as a platform and need a tool to manage editorial content.

18. Panorama – WordPress Project Management Plugin

Panorama WordPress plugin

Panorama is another project management plugin for WordPress.

Panorama Features and Pricing

Feature Trello Panorama
Kanban View X
Card Owner
Workflow Automation Tools
Integrations 181 WordPress

Panorama doesn’t currently have a kanban board view, but rather a unique project dashboard.

project panorama pricing
Panorama pricing

The WordPress plugin is free, but if you want access to the full features and support, you need to invest in at least an individual license at $69 per year.

User Experience

panorama ui
Panorama’s UI

The dashboard is a bit clunky, with large pie charts and descriptions pushing the task lists far below the first view.


It integrates with WordPress, but not with any other collaborative tool or app.

Use Cases for Panorama

  • WordPress site owners who want a self-hosted project management tool.

See more self-hosted alternatives to Trello in our post on WordPress project management plugins.

Trello Alternatives (Free vs Paid-Only)

The majority of the solutions covered in this article follow the same freemium model as Trello.  Essentially, that means they offer a limited version of their product available completely free of charge.

Here’s a handy summary:

Free Trello alternatives

  • Asana (Free up to 15 users)
  • Jira (Free up to 10 users)
  • Pipefy (Free up to 10 users)
  • KanbanFlow (Unlimited users and projects)
  • Sortd (Up to 3 lists)
  • Airtable (Up to 1200 rows or 2 GB data)
  • Wrike (Free up to 5 users)
  • Kanban Boards for WordPress
  • Panorama for WordPress
  • Taiga (Open Source)
  • Restya (Open Source)
  • Wekan (Open Source)

Paid-only Trello alternatives

  • Basecamp ($99/month for unlimited users and projects)
  • Microsoft Project (Minimum plan of $10/user/month)
  • Microsoft Planner (Included in Office 365 Business plans)
  • Monday.com (14-day free trial available)
  • Workzone

What’s the Best Trello Alternative?

The best alternative to Trello depends on the unique situation of your company.

For example, if you already use Office 365 Business and just want a simple task management and collaboration tool for your team, Microsoft Planner might be the best choice for you.

On the other hand, if you work with a wide range of different freelancers and don’t want to deal with individual user licenses for each one, paying the flat fee for Basecamp, or opting for an unlimited free option like KanbanFlow, could be your best option.

If you want a more robust project management solution, Asana or Jira are probably the best choice.

My point being: all Trello alternatives included on this list are the best option for someone. You just have to figure out which one is the best for your situation.

Matteo Duò Kinsta

Head of Content at Kinsta and Content Marketing Consultant for WordPress plugin developers. Connect with Matteo on Twitter.