Top 6 WordPress Project Management Plugins

By , Updated: June 5, 2017

wordpress project management plugins

Project management involves planning, organization, and discipline to follow procedures and policies to ensure tasks meet their deadlines and stay within budget. This usually involves working with multiple members on a team to achieve pre-determined goals and objectives. Quality control checks by a project manager might also be involved to make sure things are up to a certain standard. WordPress has some creative solutions for managing your projects right within your dashboard. We have gathered up the top six WordPress project management plugins which can help you stay organized and on task.

WordPress Project Management Plugins

Note: These are listed in no particular order.

1. WP Project Manager

Let’s start with the free WP Project Manager plugin, developed by the guys over at weDevs. These guys have been in business since 2008 and have a large team that actively maintain their plugins. For managing projects within your WordPress system, WP Project Manager allows you to move your management functions in-house as opposed to having to log in to an external site multiple times a day.

wp project manager plugin
WP Project Manager WordPress plugin

Here are some of the features of the free version:

  • Easily add projects to manage from inside WordPress
  • Collaborate with team members based on their user levels
  • Get an overview of your project list with a calendar function
  • You control user roles, assigning managers, co-workers, and clients
  • Assign creators and limit project visibility
  • See current project statuses
  • Track milestones
  • Archive completed projects
  • See all files associated with a single project in one place
wp project manager tasks
Example of tasks in WP Project Manager

WP Project Manager has a premium version, starting at $59/year for a single license, which includes additional features such as unlimited users and projects, a front-end feature, as well as priority support. They also have premium add-ons available which you can use to extend it even further, such as Gantt charts, time tracking, invoices, and subtasks.

2. CQPIM WordPress Project Management

CQPIM is a premium full-feature project management plugin for WordPress, available only on codecanyon for $38. It was originally designed by an in-house web agency to fulfill their client’s needs and eventually decided to launch it full time based on feedback and lack of WordPress project management plugins on the market.

cqpim project management for wordpress
CQPIM Project Management plugin for WordPress

This plugin was designed for everyone from small freelancers to big agencies, to help organize their work and tasks without having to leave WordPress. It has an extensive feature set, some of which include the following:

  • Powerful settings, control panel, and workflow control
  • Separate client dashboard from which they can add their own team members
  • Dashboard alerts for quotes, projects, invoices, support tickets, etc.
  • Timelines, milestones/tasks, and files
  • Quotes and estimates section with lots of features
  • Project templates with task management and task progress bars
  • Support ticket feature
cqpim tasks screen
Example of tasks in CQPIM

There is much more to this plugin, too many features to list! It currently has over 1,000 sales with a 4.5 out of 5-star rating.

3. Project Manager by UpStream

UpStream is a free project management plugin that allows you to easily manage any type of project, right from within your WordPress website. Your clients can track the progress of their project via the front-end project view.

upstream project management plugin
UpStream Project Management WordPress plugin

Some of UpStream’s features include:

  • Milestones and tasks (which can be linked)
  • Upload files and documents
  • Bug tracking
  • Automatic progress tracking
  • Discussion threads
  • Client users with contact details and custom fields
  • Built-in roles for managers and users (no need for additional plugin)
  • Customizable front-end templates
  • Developer friendly
project template
Example of project template in UpStream

They also have premium extensions which allow you to add front-end editing capabilities as well as project timelines. The plugin even got a big thumbs up from Steve Burge, founder of OSTraining.

4. Kanban Boards for WordPress

Kanban boards are best known for agile project management and has a very similar feel to Trello. You can use it to track sales, editorial calendars, and more. It has a lot of integrations with popular WordPress plugins such as Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms.

kaban for wordpress plugin
Kanban for WordPress plugin

Some of Kanban’s features include:

  • Multi-site support
  • Tasks can be assigned to team members
  • Ability to group tasks by projects
  • Optimized for mobile
  • User permission management
  • Multi-language support
  • “Edit in place,” just like Trello
  • Custom views for bookmarking
kaban tasks
Example of tasks in Kanban

They also have premium add-ons available which allow you to extend its functionality by enabling multiple boards, advanced user management, task comments, task colors, task attachments, and even notifications.

5. Project Panorama

Project Panorama is a WordPress project management and communication plugin designed to keep your clients and team in the loop. It excels in providing visual progress and dashboards.

project panorama plugin
Project Panorama WordPress plugin

Some of Project Panorama’s features including the following:

  • Assign start and finish dates
  • Embed projects into your WordPress theme
  • Define milestones
  • Discuss your projects with pertinent parties.

The dashboard for the plugin looks beautiful!

project panorama dashboard
Example of Project Panorama dashboard

They also have an extensive premium version available which allows you to assign phases, upload and store documents, protect projects with passwords, and set security protocols. You can read our detailed Project Panorama review.

6. Smarty Pants Client Project & Document Manager

Smarty Pants is a robust WordPress project management plugin with many great features. Developers divide the features into administrator features and client features then pile premium features on top of those.

SP Project and Document Manager
SP Project and Document Manager WordPress plugin

As an administrator, you have complete control over user access. You can upload files to each client and project page and get an overview of the last 50 client uploads. You can also add staff, suppliers, vendors, subcontractors, and partners. Users at all levels can create projects according to your permission parameters. Clients can upload multiple files, delete files, and search for files by name. They also have the ability to rename files.

They also have a premium version available which features:

  • Tag search
  • Category management
  • Custom notifications
  • File auto delete
  • Build your own form fields
  • Advanced shortcodes
  • User-created groups
  • Thumbnail views

Prices range from $75 to $575 for lifetime support, but you can also get a 30-day free trial.


From basic free plugins to frameworks extendable by premium add-ons, you can use WordPress to manage all of your projects, clients, vendors, and suppliers. The best project management plugins are easily integrated into any theme or environment. You never have to leave your WordPress dashboard! If you want to share your experience using any of these WordPress project management plugins, please feel free to do so in the comments section below.