MyKinsta v2 – Touring the New Dashboard

By , Updated: April 19, 2017

mykinsta v2

We are excited to officially announce the release of the MyKinsta v2. Our new dashboard has been redesigned from the ground up, based on user feedback and much-needed integrations with new features we have been adding to our hosting platform. The UI is now cleaner, faster, and more intuitive to use. Today we are going to take you on a quick tour through the new dashboard and show you how managing your WordPress sites is now easier than ever. The team at Kinsta is dedicated to providing constant improvements, and over the course of the coming months, we have lots of new and exciting integrations and features we will be releasing.

MyKinsta v2

For those of you who are current clients, you have probably noticed changes happening to the My Kinsta dashboard over the past six months. A big thank you to all of you who have provided feedback, as we take every single request into consideration. We try to push out new features as soon as they are ready and fully tested. This saves you and us time, as many of the new features usually mean less interaction is needed with our support team. We want you to be able to do everything you need to do right from the dashboard!

For those of you who might not be clients of Kinsta yet, this will give you a little look behind the scenes. Check out some of the new features, tools, and areas in MyKinsta v2 below (click to enlarge view). If you like what you see, feel free to sign up for a MyKinsta account today. It is completely free to create an account, you only pay when you are ready to start managing your WordPress sites. Once you are inside, you can also chat with our sales team.

Main Dashboard

Below is the main MyKinsta dashboard, which is what you see when you first log in. You can quickly see an overview of your WordPress sites, your bandwidth usage for the month, your billing invoices, data transfer, unique visitors, and the new content from our blog which we push out each week. And don’t forget, you can also enable two-factor authentication for additional security.

Everything you need to manage your sites is quickly accessible from the left-hand side menu.

mykinsta main dashboard
MyKinsta main dashboard

The knowledgeable Kinsta support team is always a click away on the bottom right side of the dashboard and available 24×7 if you need help. And don’t forget we have representatives in to assist you in both English and Spanish.

hosting support
Kinsta support

We also know that most of you are always on the go, and that is why we made sure that MyKinsta v2 is also fully responsive, no additional app needed. This means you can easily manage your WordPress sites from anywhere. Take backups, launch migrations, check for plugin updates, chat with our support team, and even clear the cache on your WordPress site, right from your phone.

mykinsta v2 mobile
MyKinsta is mobile ready

Manage Your Sites

The next section in MyKinsta is “Sites,” in which you can see a full list of the WordPress sites you are managing and hosting with Kinsta. You can arrange them by name, total number of visitors to your website, and data usage. We just recently added a search functionality as well for those of you who have a lot of sites!

manage wordpress sites
Sites in MyKinsta

You can easily add new sites by clicking on the “Add Site” button, which gives you three options:

  • Don’t install WordPress (just create a new site container)
  • Add a brand new WordPress install
  • Clone an existing environment (you can now clone your live site or staging)

Everything has one-click install options. You can literally launch a new WordPress site in a matter of seconds. We have three data center locations available, which allows you to place your website in a geographical location closest to your visitors. This ensures low latency and blazing fast load times for your visitors and or customers. You can also optionally check the option to configure it for a multisite installation, as well as install WooCommerce.

add new wordpress site
One-click install WordPress

WordPress Site Info

When you click into manage one of your WordPress sites you are first met with the site “Info” tab. This allows you to see your data center location, IPv4 address, SFTP/SSH and database connection information, and also a link to manage your database directly in phpMyAdmin (Open MySQL). We have status indicators of “Live” and “Staging” to remind you which site you are currently managing. There are also confirmations which require manual input for all important tasks such as deletions, migrations, etc.

wordpress site info
WordPress site info

You can easily change between your live environment and staging environment from the drop-down menu. To create a staging stick, click on “Staging” from the drop down menu at the top right, then click on the “Create a Staging Environment” button.

create a staging environment
Create a WordPress staging environment


The next section of your WordPress site is the “Domains” tab. In here you can add your primary and additional domains. You can set your primary domain, which is the way we refer to your site. The DNS records for the primary domain must be set up correctly for it to work. On a fresh install, you will see your temporary Kinsta URLs in here. There is also a link to open your WordPress admin.

wordpress domains

We also now have tooltips available throughout each section of the dashboard that link to our helpful in-depth knowledgebase articles. We spend a lot of time writing content in hopes that it saves you time.

MyKinsta tooltips


The next section of your WordPress site is the “Backups” tab. Our system automatically creates backups of your WordPress sites every day. You can create a manual backup any time using the backup button. We store a maximum of 14 consecutive backups at a time. You can easily restore your site from a backup with a single click, or you can even restore it to staging.

wordpress backups
WordPress backups


The next section of your WordPress site is the “Tools” tab. This is where all the really fun features are! In here you do all sorts of things:

  • Clear your WordPress site’s cache. This is useful if you want to make sure your site shows the most recent version. Remember, the Kinsta cache plugin is also installed by default on all new sites.
  • Enable a free SSL certificate with Let’s Encrypt or add a custom SSL certificate.
  • Change between supported PHP Engines (PHP 5.6, 7, 7.1). We also have HHVM available.
  • Restart PHP. This may clear out some issues that lead to site speed problems or connectivity troubles.
  • Enable New Relic monitoring with your own custom license key.
wordpress tools
WordPress site tools


The next section of your WordPress site is the “Plugins” tab. In here you can see a list of all your installed WordPress plugins, both activated and inactive. View the current version number as well as if there is an update available.

wordpress plugin list
WordPress plugin list


The next section of your WordPress site is the “Logs” tab. Being able to view log files from the dashboard is a fast way to quickly debug something without having to spin up your FTP client or command line. You can view your error.log, kinsta-cache-perf.log, and access.log files. By default, it will show the last 1,000 lines. You can drag the slider across to see the last 20,000 lines. There is also a search functionality.

wordpress logs
WordPress error logs


The next section is WordPress migrations. You don’t actually need to open up a ticket with our support team to migrate a site. Simply launch “Migrations” from the left-hand side and click on “Request Migration.” Each plan includes a certain number of free migrations. We can, of course, migrate extra sites over for you for an additional charge.

wordpress migrations
WordPress migrations

When you initiate a migration you will be required to fill out a secure form, which helps provided information that our support team will need, such as:

  • Details of your current host
  • Details of your site setup
  • Connection details
  • Optional HTTPS and data center setup
  • Payment information if additional migrations are requested
wordpress migration request form
WordPress migration request form

After the form is submitted we then get in touch with you to schedule the migration for a time that is most convenient for you.

Kinsta DNS

The most recently redesigned section in the dashboard is “Kinsta DNS.” If you are taking advantage of our premium DNS services with Amazon Route 53, here is where you can manage all of your DNS records. It also support in-line editing for quick changes.

kinsta dns
Kinsta DNS

We support the following records: A, AAAA, CNAME, MX, SPF, TXT, and SRV. You can also change the TTL time.

edit dns records
Edit DNS records


The next section is “Analytics.” In here you can view the data transfer, unique visitors, and page views of all your sites. There are filters which allow you to see a combined total or you can view each site individually. You can also toggle it between the last 24 hours and the last 30 days.


If you highlight a specific point in time on the graph it will show you some comparison statistics, such as the data usage being higher than the previous day, etc.

extra data analytics
Analytics data comparison

Activity Log

And last but not least, we have the activity log. In here you can view all actions that are taken within your account, such as site creations, deletions, domain changes, etc. If you have multiple users on your account, this logs it globally so you can see who did what action.

kinsta activity log
Kinsta activity log

There are a few more sections, such as “Settings” and “Billings,” but we won’t bore you with the details of those.


We focus a lot of our time and effort into our architecture and performance. And while that is very important, we realize that streamlining the management of your sites is also a priority. We are currently in the middle of launching even more powerful features for MyKinsta. Make sure to stay tuned to our feature updates page. All current clients are also notified of new features via our internal messaging system. And of course, you can subscribe to our blog to keep informed of everything that is changing here at Kinsta.

Whether you are an existing client or someone just checking us out, we would love to hear your feedback on the new MyKinsta v2! Let us know below in the comments. Also, please bear with us as we get our entire knowledgebase updated with new screenshots and updated directions from MyKinsta v2.