All of our hosting plans include one or more free premium migrations, as well as our unlimited free basic migrations offer. You can request additional migrations from within the MyKinsta dashboard. And for those of you with a lot of sites, we also offer bulk migration pricing. See the details below.

Additional Migrations

If your site doesn’t fall into our unlimited free migration offer, and you’ve used up your free premium migrations, you can request additional ones by submitting them under Migrations in the MyKinsta dashboard. The cost is $100 per each additional migration.

WordPress migration
WordPress migration

Bulk Migration Pricing

If you’re looking to migrate to Kinsta, or perhaps move a lot of WordPress sites at once, we do offer bulk migration pricing (as seen below).

# of Migrations Cost per Migration
1 to 4 $100 per migration
5 to 9 $80 per migration
10 to 29 $60 per migration
30 to 49 $50 per migration
50 to 99 $40 per migration
100 or more $30 per migration

Important: for bulk migrations of five or more sites, you will not need to submit a separate migration request for each site. Instead, please open up a support ticket with our team in the MyKinsta dashboard to ensure we have all the necessary details to perform the migrations. We will invoice and charge you for bulk migrations and then work with you to schedule them.

Make sure to also see our article on requesting a second migration for the same site.

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