Since our infrastructure is secured by Cloudflare, sites, applications, and databases hosted on Kinsta use a range of shared IP addresses provided by Cloudflare. Our Cloudflare IP addresses are reserved for Kinsta customers only, so you won’t share an IP address with spam or adult sites or applications hosted elsewhere.

If you’re looking for information on how to connect to or point to a site, application, or database, check out the relevant section below.

Managed WordPress Site IP Address

The Site IP address (the IP address you’ll need to point your domain to) for your WordPress site can be found in your MyKinsta dashboard under your site’s Info tab (WordPress Sites > sitename > Info).

Application IP Address

The IP address to point your application’s domain to is shown in the Point domain step when adding a non-Cloudflare domain. If the domain you add to your application is a Cloudflare domain (a domain you manage in your own Cloudflare account), you’ll point your domain using a CNAME record instead of an IP address.

Database Connection

To connect to your database hosted at Kinsta from an external source, you’ll need to use the External connection details shown on your database’s Info page.