Referral Program

With Kinsta’s Referral Program, you can earn credits by referring others to Kinsta with a special referral link. Your credits begin accruing as soon as your referrals begin using and paying for any of Kinsta’s services. Credits will be applied to your next invoice after a qualifying referral credit is received and will lower the amount due.

You can view your total credits and details on the Referrals page in MyKinsta (Your name > Company settings > Referrals). When you have credits available, they are also shown on the Payment Methods page as an Account Balance.

General Information

If you’re already a Kinsta customer, no additional signup is required. If you aren’t yet a Kinsta customer, you’ll have access to your referral link once you sign up.

  1. Log in to MyKinsta.
  2. Click your name in the upper right corner and select Company settings in the dropdown.
  3. Click on Referrals in the left sidebar to access the Referrals page, where you’ll see your Referral link.

How can I make a referral?

We track referrals through referral links that place a cookie in the customer’s browser. You can send your referral link via email or another messaging service to a potential Kinsta customer or place it on your website or a third-party platform. We provide 60-day tracking cookies and last-touch attribution to ensure you’re properly credited for the referral.

Who can I refer?

Only someone creating a new Company in MyKinsta and completing a qualifying action will be eligible to count as a referral. See our referral terms for specific requirements.

At this time, only the Referral link provided on the Referral page can be used to properly attribute your referrals to your account. There isn’t a way for users to manually enter a referral code.

Earning and Using Credits

What is a qualifying action?

A qualifying action is one of the following:

  • When a referral starts using one or more of Kinsta’s paid services.
  • When a referral pays $50 or more for Kinsta services.

How much credit do I earn for referring new customers?

  • A referral who has started using one or more of Kinsta’s paid services will earn the referring company $10 in Credits.
  • A referral who has paid $50 or more for Kinsta services will earn the referring company $50 in Credits.
  • Rewards can only be earned one time per referral.

When will I receive the credits?

When a referral completes a qualifying action, the referring company will be credited as follows:

  • $10 credit 5 days after the referral signs up for a paid service (this excludes free services where you only pay for overages).
  • $50 credit after the referral surpasses $50 in payments (excluding any credit balance).
    • Released after the 30-day money-back guarantee period is over for WordPress plans.
    • Released after payment for all other paid services.

How do I use the credits I earn?

The credits your company earns through the referral program will be reflected in your company’s account balance and will automatically be applied to your next invoice. Kinsta will always use as much credit as possible to lower your amount due. Any leftover credits remaining will be used on future invoices. Any leftover amount due will be charged to your default payment method.

When do my credits expire?

There’s no expiration date on referral credits as long as you have an active hosting plan. See our Terms for more information.

Can my credits be split across companies or accounts?

Referral links are only available on a per-company basis. If you’d like to apply your credits to a particular company, use that company’s referral link.

Can I earn cash instead of credits?

If you’re interested in earning cash, check out our Affiliate Program instead.

Promotional Methods and Referral Terms

Am I allowed to run paid ads?

Referral program participants cannot bid (in regards to online advertising, including but not limited to pay-per-click or pay-per-impression campaigns) on any keywords or phrases containing Kinsta-branded terms and cannot include Kinsta’s referral links in paid ads that impersonate our brand. See our referral terms for more details.

We don’t have any objections if you run paid ads (without using Kinsta branded terms) to drive traffic to a page on your site that contains a Kinsta referral link.

Can I get an exclusive discount for my referral?

No. At Kinsta, we don’t provide exclusive discounts for our referral program. Moreover, we don’t have any coupon codes or deals available for potential clients. Learn more about our business approach to coupons. As per our referral terms, we prohibit the use of coupons and references to non-existing discounts.

That doesn’t mean that users can’t save some money on Kinsta’s hosting services or that we don’t provide any incentives for potential clients. For a limited time, Application Hosting and Database Hosting customers get the first $20 on us.

Yes. You can place a referral link on some third-party platforms like social media, video streaming platforms, and open-source code repositories.

However, you cannot refer traffic to Kinsta through incentivized programs or schemes like pay to read, pay to click, banner exchanges, click exchanges, pop-up/under, press releases, or similar methods.

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