Company Settings

Kinsta uses companies to associate users and plans with sites hosted on our platform. Understanding how companies work at Kinsta will help you understand how you can work with multiple sites, users, and plans on our platform.

Think of companies as the central point in this arrangement that plans, users, and sites revolve around:

  • A hosting plan is applied to a specific company
  • Each site belongs to just one company
  • You as a user can have access to one or more companies

The company settings documentation includes the following:

You can access the company settings within your username > Company settings.

Access your company settings in MyKinsta.
Access your company settings in MyKinsta.

Update Your Company Details

If you want to amend your company name or address, click your username > Company settings > Billing Details.

Access and Permissions

During the process of creating a company, you’ll add a plan to that company. Once the company has a plan, you can add sites to the company. You can then grant other users access to your company. With our multi-user feature, there are four different types of company user roles you can use to manage the permissions and determine exactly what that user can do in your company.

Note: You can also grant users access directly to individual sites, so creating a separate company may not always be needed.

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