There are a number of settings available in DevKinsta. This page will walk you through what each of them do.


DevKinsta is available in a wide variety of languages. Use your operating system’s language (if supported) or select one from the available list.

Time Zone

Time zone settings can be useful to ensure that your local and remote environments share the same time zone. Use your operating system default or choose from the available time zones.


DevKinsta uses dark mode by default but ships with a light mode as well to make sure it fits in well with your development environment.

Automatic updates

You can check manually versions of DevKinsta or you can enable auto-updates which always installs the newest DevKinsta in the background.

Site Path

Here you can change your site folder location which is /Users/user/DevKinsta by default.

My Account

If you have MyKinsta account then you can login to it. If you do not have a Kinsta account, use the Create MyKinsta account link to sign up.

WordPress installation defaults

To ease site creation and standardize them you can add a default Admin username and password. If given these will auto-fill details in newly created sites.

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