MyKinsta includes omni-search functionality that allows you to use commands to navigate the MyKinsta interface. For example, if you want to view the domains for a site when you open MyKinsta, you can use the omni-search to enter a site name followed by domains, and this will open the domains page for that site directly from the dashboard. You can also use it to create new sites, applications, databases, and more. Any action you perform with a click of your mouse can be effortlessly accomplished through the omni-search feature, enabling you to run any process or navigate to any page anywhere in MyKinsta.

You can access the omni-search using the following shortcuts:

  • macOS: CMD + K
  • Windows: CTRL + K
  • Linux: CTRL + K

MyKinsta also includes a global search, which you can access using the Jump to or search option in the top navigation bar or with the shortcut CMD + / (macOS) or CTRL + / (Windows/Linux).

The search option within MyKinsta.
The search option within MyKinsta.

Check out the omni-search feature in action in the video below:


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