Research Program

At Kinsta, we are committed to continuously improving MyKinsta and your hosting experience. By joining our research program, you can directly impact the future of how MyKinsta looks and works. We might ask you to share your thoughts on hosting services, tell us about how you work, or test and give feedback on new features.

What to Expect

When you have research invitations enabled, we will occasionally contact you with opportunities to participate in studies in exchange for monetary rewards or swag. These most commonly include interviews, usability tests, surveys, and beta tests in which you’ll get exclusive sneak peeks at upcoming features before they go live. Your input will help guide the future of Kinsta’s services!

How to Join

If you are a Kinsta customer, you can enable research invitations in your User settings in MyKinsta. Click on your user icon in the upper-right corner of MyKinsta, and click User settings.

MyKinsta user settings.
MyKinsta user settings.

On the User Settings page, click on Notifications in the left side menu and scroll down. Enable the toggle in the Research invitations section to be contacted about upcoming research opportunities. If you decide you do not want to receive invitations in the future, disable the same toggle.

Enable research invitations in MyKinsta.
Enable research invitations in MyKinsta.

If you are not a current customer, but you want to participate, sign up via the form on the Kinsta Research Program page.

That’s it! As a member of the Kinsta Research Program, we’ll reach out to you to test new features and give feedback from time to time. We take research engagement and feedback very seriously, so we truly appreciate your time and support.

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