At Kinsta, we offer an uptime guarantee backed by our Service Level Agreement (“SLA”). Each WordPress site runs in a single Linux container, with the database running as a service within the site container. We do not run multiple load-balanced instances of each site. If you’d like to learn more, check out our article about our Kinsta architecture.

Thanks to the flexibility afforded by the use of a container-based infrastructure, proactive load management by our Engineering team, and the use of a best-in-class cloud provider in Google Cloud Platform, we are able to offer an SLA-backed 99.9% uptime guarantee.

Uptime Monitoring and Notifications

We monitor the uptime of all WordPress sites on our platform, checking your site every 2 minutes. If our monitoring detects that a site isn’t loading, our engineers respond quickly to get service restored to the site.

Additionally, when WordPress site monitoring notifications are enabled in MyKinsta (User Settings > Notifications), if one of the errors below is detected on your WordPress site, we’ll send you an email to let you know your site needs critical attention:

  • Site Errors – We utilize a custom-built tool for monitoring our infrastructure. If we detect errors or issues on your site, we’ll send you an email notification to let you know.
  • DNS Errors A correct DNS configuration is of critical importance for your WordPress site. If we detect that your site’s DNS isn’t pointed correctly to Kinsta, we’ll send you a notification right away.
  • SSL Errors – If there’s a configuration issue with your domain and the SSL certificate expires, we’ll notify you.
  • Domain Expiration – If we detect an expired domain assigned to your Kinsta site, we’ll send you an alert.

WordPress Site Monitoring Notes

Some scenarios that may interfere with our uptime monitoring include:

  • Password protection (basic authentication). If this is enabled, your site will return a 401 error to our monitor.
  • A site in maintenance mode (which can happen when running updates or if a maintenance mode plugin is enabled) may return a 503 response, which prevents monitoring.
  • We can’t monitor non-WordPress sites.
  • Bot blocking service or plugin. If you block all bots or if you’ve blocked our kinsta-bot user agent, our monitor will receive a 406 response code and won’t be able to monitor the site.
  • If either our uptime monitor’s IP address(es) or origin country (geo-blocking) is blocked, this will prevent monitoring. If you activate these features on Kinsta’s servers, we can add exceptions so our monitor won’t be blocked.
  • Custom caching rules and configurations at CDN, proxy, or security services may cause issues. Caching everything, including Kinsta’s query string HEAD request, will interfere with our monitoring.
  • Sites with reverse proxy setups where the primary domain isn’t redirecting to the target URL can’t be monitored.
  • If the primary domain doesn’t resolve to the install where it’s added, or it has a redirect to another domain (listed in the same site’s domain list).