To comply with tax regulations, Kinsta charges VAT (Value-Added Tax) to EU and UK residents and to EU and UK-based companies. This article shows you how to add your tax number at signup or via MyKinsta at any time after you have registered with us. To read about what VAT is, how this affects you, and how Kinsta handles VAT, read our general VAT Information guide.

Adding a VAT Number During Signup

Only companies are issued VAT Numbers, so make sure you have Company selected in the Billing Information step during signup. Once you have Company selected, you will be able to set your company name and VAT Number.

Enter your VAT number at signup.
VAT number at signup.

Paste your VAT Number into the field. Note that this can take on many formats as each member state determines its own format. See the relevant format guide for more information:

  • EU VAT Numbers start with the issuing country’s two-letter code. See the EU VAT Number Format Guide for more information.
  • UK VAT Numbers are 9 or 12 numbers, sometimes with ‘GB’ at the start, like 123456789 or GB123456789.

When you click out of the field or submit the form, your VAT Number will be validated using the appropriate system (VIES for the EU, HMRC for the UK). Your VAT Number will only be accepted if its format is valid and active in the applicable system. Once you have entered a valid VAT Number, the VAT and total amount will be adjusted – you will not be charged VAT.

Adding a VAT Number in MyKinsta

If you did not have a VAT Number at the time of signup, you can add it at any time. Go to Company settings and click on the Billing Details tab. There is a VAT number field in the form. Enter your VAT ID there. It will be checked by the VIES system and saved in MyKinsta. If your number is invalid, we will let you know.

MyKinsta VAT ID.
MyKinsta VAT ID.

Will My VAT Be Refunded From Past Invoices If I Enter My VAT Number?

Unfortunately not. Being in possession of a VAT Number is not sufficient to fulfill the data requirements. You must have a VAT Number, and you must supply it at the time of purchase. This means that we can not refund the VAT from past invoices.