Kinsta’s Database Hosting supports the latest version of MariaDB, MySQL, PostgreSQL, and Redis, and you can host your database on one of 25 data centers. You can create a brand new database or import an existing one directly onto the Kinsta infrastructure. You choose the resources to best suit your database requirements, including CPU count, RAM, and storage space. 

Database Hosting includes the following features:

  • Unlimited users: You can invite as many users as required to your company or site with different levels of access, depending on what their role is.
  • Unlimited databases: You can add as many databases as you want within your company, each with the resources required for the specific database.
  • Unlimited usage: There are no row limits or query count limits.
  • Automatic backups: We automatically create daily backups of your database, and you can create up to 5 manual backups with no impact on your storage space.
  • Analytics: Kinsta’s Analytics provides you with in-depth information about your database’s usage.
  • Private network: If you host both your database and application on Kinsta, you can set up an internal connection to create a private network so everything is on the same cluster and you don’t get charged for ingress traffic.
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