Application Pricing

Application Hosting pricing is usage-based. This means that you only pay for the resources your application uses. We bill monthly at the end of your billing cycle or when your use of the services reaches a preset billing threshold, whichever occurs first. Your billing cycle begins when you create your first application or database.

Your invoice will be based on the following:

  • Bandwidth (egress only)
  • Build time
  • Application hosting pod usage


If your application has a web process that allows users to access the application via the internet, the traffic flowing out of the application to the user (egress) is the bandwidth we charge for. We do not charge for traffic coming into your application (ingress).

This bandwidth is calculated and billed on a per-byte basis at a price of $0.00000000014 per byte ($0.14 per GB). This means no rounding or charges based on every “started” Gigabyte. You will only be charged for actual usage. You can see your usage on the Bandwidth chart in Analytics.

Build Time

Applications or sites need to be built in secure, isolated environments and require resources such as RAM, CPU, and disk to be available. We have 3 build machines available:

  • Standard
  • Medium
  • Plus

Larger build machines will build applications faster, and some applications may even require the elevated resources of a larger build machine. You can see how long each build has taken on the Build time chart in Analytics.

If you change your application during the build process and need to build it again, you can cancel the build within Deployments to save any unnecessary build costs.

Application Hosting Pods

An application can have multiple processes. Each process has its own dedicated resources, and you can select a pod for each individually. You will be billed for each pod according to its size and how long it is used (in seconds). You can see the Runtime for each application process in Analytics.

As an example, you could have the following application setup:

  • A web process for an online store that requires a lot of power, using a C3 Pod (4 CPU / 4 GB RAM).
  • A background process that creates statistics based on orders and needs a lot of power, using an M3 Pod (2 CPU / 8 GB RAM).
  • Another background process runs once a day and requires very little processing power, using an S2 Pod Type (1 CPU / 2 GB RAM).

For the month of March, the web process runs for the full month, and the background jobs only run for 30 minutes a day. So the total usage (there are 744 hours or 2,678,400 seconds in March) is:

  • 2,678,400 seconds of usage for the web process
  • 55,800 seconds of usage for the first background process
  • 55,800 seconds of usage for the other background process

Multiply the usage by the cost for each pod to calculate the total amount to be billed.

Note: If you choose a Hobby pod size for your web process, you will not be able to add a custom domain to your application. If you need a custom domain for your application, you can upgrade this anytime.


With our direct usage-based approach to Application Hosting pricing, if you create an application and delete it after a day, you only pay for the time used on that day. For insights into your application’s usage data, see Application Analytics.

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