There are multiple ways to export/backup and import/restore a database; for example:

  • Use a CLI (command-line interface) solution such as mysqldump or pg_dump.
  • Use a database client.

The following guides include step-by-step instructions on how to import/export your database using a CLI:

Note: You cannot currently import a Redis or Valkey database to Kinsta’s Database Hosting via the command line. You can use a database client like TablePlus to import your Redis or Valkey database to Kinsta as a workaround.

For more details on using a database client with your database, see our guide on connecting and managing your Kinsta database with TablePlus.

Migrate from another database hosting provider

If you already have a database with another provider, you can migrate any database type supported on Kinsta’s Database Hosting by exporting the database from your current provider and importing it into Kinsta.

Follow your current database provider’s documentation to export your database, or use a database client like TablePlus to connect to and back up the database. You’ll need your current database’s connection details if you use a database client.

Once you have a backup of your current database, follow the steps below to restore your database to Kinsta:

  1. Add a Database in MyKinsta.
  2. Download and install the database client of your choice on your local machine.
  3. Connect to your Kinsta database.
  4. Restore your database backup to your Kinsta database.
  5. Once the restore finishes, the data is now in your Kinsta database. Use an internal connection to connect your database to an application hosted at Kinsta. To connect your database to an application hosted elsewhere, use your database’s external connection details.
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