Kinsta’s default PHP memory limit is 256MB, which is more than enough for most WordPress plugins and sites. This limit exists to prevent PHP scripts from consuming excessive memory. If you set the limit too high, a misconfigured or broken script can cause serious issues by using up too much memory.

If your site is set up correctly at Kinsta, you shouldn’t run into a memory limit error. If you see this error, we recommend checking your WordPress settings to make sure it hasn’t been accidentally set too low.

Checking and Changing Your PHP Memory Limit

To check your current PHP memory limit for WordPress, log in to your site’s WordPress dashboard and navigate to Tools > Site Health.

Go to the Info tab and click the arrow icon next to the Server section to expand this section and view your PHP memory limit.

If the memory limit is lower than 256M, check your wp-config.php file to see if the WP_MEMORY_LIMIT has been modified and adjust it if needed.

If the memory limit is 256M, but you’re having issues with PHP memory, we recommend checking and testing plugins and themes. You can use a staging environment to safely deactivate and reactivate plugins and themes to identify the source of the memory usage.

If the error persists and you cannot identify the source, you can open a new chat with our Support team to check the logs and rule out any issues on the server-side.