With Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting, you can deploy static sites composed of non-dynamic files such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. Your repository can contain the pre-built files (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript) or the source code to generate your static site.

Static Site Compatibility

Kinsta’s Static Site Hosting is for pre-built static sites or sites built with modern JavaScript frameworks that use Node.js to build the site at Kinsta. Landing pages, brochure sites, and even some small blogs that aren’t updated too often and do not require dynamic content (like comments) are usually a good fit.

If your site meets any of the following conditions, it will be better suited for our Application Hosting:

  • It uses a language other than Node.js to build the site (e.g. PHP).
  • It requires server-rendering to serve some or all of the site.
  • It requires a database connection.
  • It serves dynamic content.
  • It requires sessions or authentication managed on the server-side.

If you’re not entirely sure which hosting would be best for your site, we recommend deploying your site on both to try out each option and determine which best suits your needs.

Static Site Hosting Examples

For examples of how to deploy a site on our Static Site Hosting services from GitHub, check out these template repositories you can use to create a new repository and deploy on Kinsta:

Other Static Site Examples

The following quick start guides use static site generators that are better suited for our Application Hosting because they use something other than Node.js to generate the static site:

Note: Static sites hosted with Application Hosting require a script called start in their package.json file and use the serve package to serve their static assets. (index.html, styles, fonts, images). This is similar to the Gatsby hello world repository.

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