Kinsta uses companies to associate users and plans with sites hosted on our platform. So understanding how companies work at Kinsta will help you understand how you can work with multiple sites, users, and plans on our platform. Think of companies as the central point in this arrangement that plans, users, and sites revolve around:

  • A hosting plan is applied to a specific company
  • Each site belongs to just one company
  • You as a user can have access to one or more companies

Access and Permissions

Let’s say you create a company. You then add a plan to that company. Once the company has a plan, you can add sites to the company. You can then grant another user access to your company. With our multi-user feature, there are four different types of company user roles you can use to manage the permissions and determine exactly what that user can do in your company.

However, you can also grant users access directly to individual sites, so creating a separate company may not be needed.

Create New Company

If you are working with multiple clients or agencies you might want to create additional companies for your sites, and then grant access to the company. To do this click on your user’s avatar in the bottom left of the sidebar and into “User Settings.” Navigate to the “Access” tab and click on Create New Company.

Create a new company in MyKinsta.

Create a new company in MyKinsta.

After creating the new company and adding a plan, you can see which company you’re currently logged in as in the sidebar, under your name. Use the drop-down to switch companies.

Switch companies in MyKinsta.

Switch companies in MyKinsta.

You can then invite users to your company. Also, see our Knowledge Base article on how to remove a user from a company.

How Does this Compare to Reseller Hosting?

With reseller hosting, you typically purchase hosting and resell it to your clients. The host typically offers an integrated billing system, which allows you to bill your customers directly from the host’s interface. In addition, the customer is provided access to a private hosting control panel that only contains their websites.

The closest thing currently available at Kinsta is providing site-level roles (Site Administrator or Site Developer) to your customers. This method allows your customers to manage their sites in the MyKinsta dashboard. However, there is no integrated billing portal in MyKinsta, so you’ll need to use an external billing system to generate and process invoices.

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