With our multi-user feature, you can create and manage a team, giving them access to various aspects of your website. To invite a user to your company, follow these steps below:

  1. Log in to MyKinsta
  2. Click on “Users” in the menu to access the users section
  3. Click on the “Invite Members” button in the top right
  4. Enter the email address of the user you’d like to invite
  5. Next to the email select “Company Access” or “Site Access”
  6. If you selected “Company Access” choose between “Company Administrator”, “Developer” and “Billing”
  7. If you selected “Site Access” select one or more sites and set the access level for each (“Administrator” or “Developer”)
  8. When done click the “Confirm” button at the bottom

For a detailed explanation of the different access types take a look at our knowledgebase article on how MyKinsta user roles work.

If you need to re-send the invitation to a user you can use the “Resend” button next to the pending invitation. You can also click the trash can icon to delete the pending invitation.

Pending MyKinsta Invitation

Pending MyKinsta Invitation

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