If you need to remove a site you’re no longer using or need to start over with a site you’re developing, you can delete your site from within MyKinsta.

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Delete a WordPress Site / Install

Step 1

Click on Sites in the left bar, where you’ll find a list of your installs/sites. Click on the site you want to delete, scroll down, and click on the Delete Site button.

Delete site in MyKinsta.
Delete site in MyKinsta.

Step 2

You’ll get a pop-up asking you to confirm the deletion of your site.

You have to accept the following prompts:

Then enter your site’s name followed by a dash and the word “live” (sitename-live) in the field and then click the Delete Site button.

Delete WordPress site confirmation.
Delete WordPress site confirmation.

Once the deletion of the site is complete, you’ll have an open spot in your plan for a new site.