In order to process payments, we ask you to input your payment details in MyKinsta, but your payment details are never stored on our servers. They are stored with Stripe, our credit card processing company. Stripe is one of the most secure payment providers in the industry.

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How to Add Your Credit/Debit Card

To add a credit/debit card, log in to your MyKinsta dashboard and click on Company on the left-hand side. Click on Payment Method in the tabbed section and then click on the Add payment method button.

Add a payment method in MyKinsta.

Add a payment method in MyKinsta.

A form will be displayed for you to fill out your payment details. Your CVC number is a three-digit number found on the back of your card.

If you have an American Express card the CVC is a four-digit number on the front of your card. Once you’ve entered your card details, click the Add Card button.

Add your credit card in MyKinsta.

Add your credit card in MyKinsta.

After a few moments, your card will then show up under Payment methods. If you only have one card, it will automatically be assigned as your default payment method.

A new credit card added in MyKinsta.

A new credit card added in MyKinsta.

You can add multiple cards, but our payment system will always charge your default card if possible. The secondary card will be used if we are unable to charge your primary card for some reason.

You can change your default card at any time from the Payment Methods tab by clicking Update on a card and selecting the Set this card as default option.

How to Add a Cross-Border Credit Card

If you would like to use a cross-border credit card in MyKinsta, you may need to input your zip code without letters. For more information, see our guide on how to add a cross-border credit card.

More Information

You can also check out more details on how to update a card and what to do about failed payment statuses on invoices.

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