Bookkeeping and accounting can be time-consuming tasks on their own. If you’re handling multiple users and clients, the rime required can quickly pile up.

At Kinsta, we’re always working to support our customers’ business with new features to make their life easier. That’s why we’ve implemented a per-user automatic invoicing system where you have full control over the recipients of your invoices.

If you’re managing different users in your Kinsta account, or rely on a partner who takes care of billing for you, you can ensure all invoices are sent automatically to multiple email addresses at the end of the month.

Where Do I Find My Invoices?

First of all, you always have access and find your invoices right within the MyKinsta dashboard.

All invoices feature the invoice number, the amount been charged, the billing cycle (monthly vs yearly), invoice creation date, and the start/end dates taken into account.

How to access your invoices

Access your invoices easily

To access your invoices, here’s what you should do:

  1. Login to your MyKinsta dashboard.
  2. Click on Company.
  3. Select the Invoices tab.

Here you’ll find a list of all your invoices. If you’d like to download any of them as PDF files, you can do so by clicking on the little icon on the right (it’ll open in a new tab).

Generating PDF files for your invoices

Generating PDF files for your invoices

The PDF version of your invoice has all the information you need like the total amount due, start and end dates of the service billed, taxes (if applicable), Kinsta account balance, just to name a few.

At the top of the page, you’ll also find a link to download your invoice as a PDF file locally on your computer.

Kinsta invoice as a PDF file

Kinsta invoice as a PDF file

For customers on annual plans, we’ll generate only one invoice per year instead of monthly invoices. This doesn’t take into account any active add-ons or overages, which are billed on a per-use basis.

The annual plan option can save plenty of time and money. If you are interested, you can upgrade to a yearly plan and enjoy 2 months of free hosting!

How to Manage Users Who Receive Invoice Emails

With our multi-user feature, you can create and manage a team and give them access to various aspects of your account such as billing.

Company owners and company administrators are the only user roles who are able to add, remove, and edit users in any account. For a detailed explanation of the different access types, please take a look at our knowledgebase article about how MyKinsta user roles work.

To grant access to invoices and automatic invoice emails, you need to create company billing users.

company billing user is a special role that only sees billing details and company settings. They can see/receive invoices and modify company details like name, address, and payment method. They do not have access to any websites in any way.

To invite a user to your company billing so that they can start receiving automatic invoice emails, here’s what you should do:

Step 1: Log in to MyKinsta.

Step 2: Click on Users in the menu to access the users’ section.

Step 3: Click on the Invite Users button in the top right.

Inviting users in MyKinsta

Inviting users in MyKinsta

Step 4: Enter the email address of the user you’d like to invite.

Step 5: Select Company Access from the dropdown menu.

Granting company access to new users

Granting company access to new users

Step 6: Select Company billing option.

Giving company billing privileges to users

Giving company billing privileges to users

Step 7: Click the Invite User button at the bottom to send your invitations.

If you need to re-send the invitation to a user, you can use the “Resend” button next to the pending invitation. You can also click the trash can icon to delete the pending invitation.

Pending MyKinsta Invitation

Pending MyKinsta Invitation

Enabling Automatic Invoice Emails in MyKinsta

Automatic invoice emails are disabled by default for every user. Therefore, if any user would like to start receiving invoices via email automatically, they’ll need to enable this feature in their own User Settings section within MyKinsta:

Enabling the automatic invoice email feature

Enabling automatic invoice emails in MyKinsta

Specifically, here are the steps required to enable automatic invoice emails:

  1. Log in to your MyKinsta account.
  2. Click on your user in the lower-left corner.
  3. Click on the User Settings option.
  4. Click on Notifications within the User Settings page.
  5. Move to the Invoice in email section and toggle the switch.

Make sure all users who have access to your account have Two-Factor Authentication (2FA) enabled. This decreases the chances of any unauthorized access to your account and keeps your account safer.

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