The Deployments page shows your static site’s deployment details and history.

Static Site Hosting includes 600 build minutes and 100 GB of bandwidth per month per company. If either of these are exceeded, deployments, redeployments, and automatic deployments are disabled for the rest of the month. For more details, see the full list and descriptions of our Static Site Features.

Deployment Details

In this section, you can see where your static site is deploying from, including the branch, a link to the latest deployment, and if automatic deployments are enabled or not. If automatic deployment is enabled, the site deploys every time a commit is made to the branch in the Git repository. You can enable or disable automatic deployments in the static site’s Settings.

To deploy the most recent commit again, click Redeploy.


In this section, you can see a list of all the previous deployments. You can also manually deploy the static site by clicking Deploy now.

If you click on any of the deployments here, you’ll be brought to a dedicated page that shows the Deployment details and Deployment progress.

Deployment Details

This shows information about the deployment, including:

  • The name of the Git repository and branch.
  • The Commit ID, with a link to the commit at the Git service provider.
  • Who initiated the deployment.
  • The deployment start date and time.
  • The time it takes for the deployment to finish (Deploy time).
  • The commit message.

To redeploy the site from this commit, click Redeploy.

Deployment Progress

The Build and rollout process shows the status of the build and rollout:

  • Running: The build and rollout process is still running. If this process takes a long time or you’ve made a change and want to stop the build, you can click Cancel build.
  • Completed: The build and rollout process has finished and is successful.
  • Failed: The build and rollout process has failed. In this case, check the build and rollout log to identify where the process may have failed.

You can click the Build and rollout process to expand it and see the Build and rollout log.

Deployment shows the deployment status. When the deployment is complete, it shows the site’s domain with a link to the static site.

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