When creating an application, you have two options for the build environment, Set up container image automatically or Use Dockerfile to set up container image.


We use Buildpacks, an open-source project maintained by Heroku. When adding your application, select the option to Set up container image automatically, and we’ll automatically determine and use the corresponding buildpack to create a container for your application based on your repository.

If you want to use a different language version for your application, you’ll need to set the version in your application’s files.


If you want more control or already have your own custom Docker image built, you can use a Dockerfile in your repository instead of letting Kinsta set the runtime automatically with a buildpack.

To use a Dockerfile, select the option to Use Dockerfile to set up container image when adding your application.

The Dockerfile path is the path to your Dockerfile relative to the repository root. For example, if your Dockerfile is in the repository root, enter Dockerfile in that field. If your Dockerfile is in a subdirectory named app, enter the path to the Dockerfile: app/Dockerfile.

Context is the path in the repository we need access to so we can build your application. Most applications are built from the repository root, and you can enter the repository root (.) in the Context field. If your application needs to be built from a subdirectory (e.g. app), enter that subdirectory path in the Context field: app.

Complete the rest of the fields for adding your application and click the Add application button.

Add an application with a Dockerfile build type.
Add an application with a Dockerfile build type.