To ensure your data remains safe and encrypted, we only support SFTP connections at Kinsta.

FTP Clients

If you don’t already have an FTP client installed on your computer, we recommend one of the following:

FTP Settings

You’ll need to configure your FTP client with the following settings, which can be found in MyKinsta under Sites > sitename > Info:

  • Connection type: SFTP (not regular FTP)
  • Address/URL/Hostname: Found in MyKinsta under Sites > sitename > Info
  • Username: Found in MyKinsta under Sites > sitename > Info
  • Password: Found in MyKinsta under Sites > sitename > Info
  • Port: Varies from site to site, found in MyKinsta under Sites > sitename > Info
SFTP details in MyKinsta.
SFTP details in MyKinsta.

Some FTP clients may default to FTP as the connection type, so be sure SFTP is selected as the connection type. If you don’t you might see an error similar to:

Cannot establish FTP connection to an SFTP server. Please select proper protocol.

Client Examples

Here are a few examples of settings in FTP clients.


SFTP details in Cyberduck.
SFTP details in Cyberduck.


SFTP settings in WinSCP.
SFTP settings in WinSCP.


SFTP settings in FlashFXP.
SFTP settings in FlashFXP.


SFTP settings in Transmit.
SFTP settings in Transmit.

Changing Your SFTP Password

If you would like to change your site’s SFTP password, you can do so in MyKinsta.

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Steps To Change Your SFTP Password

  1. Log in to MyKinsta.
  2. Click on Sites in the left sidebar menu.
  3. Select the site you want to change the SFTP password for.
  4. Under the SFTP section, click on the Generate New SFTP Password button.
  5. Click the Generate new password button in the pop-up window that appears to confirm the change.
  6. You will receive a notification at the bottom of the screen in a second or so, at which point the password is updated.
  7. Copy and paste the new password into your FTP client as needed.
Change SFTP password in MyKinsta.
Change SFTP password in MyKinsta.

More Information

SFTP is a secure way to connect to your website files and the only supported file transfer protocol at Kinsta. For more details about how SFTP is more secure, be sure to check out the difference between FTP and SFTP.