With our multi-user feature, you can create and manage a team, giving them access to various aspects of your websites. We offer a number of roles to allow you to fine-tune user access. This article explains the various capabilities you can give to your users.

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Company and Site Level Roles

When inviting or modifying a user, the first choice you’ll need to make is to make the user company level or site level. Site-level users only have access to specific sites you assign to them while company users see company-level details. All user roles have access to Kinsta’s support team, but we’ll only be able to assist with sites that your user role has access to.

Company Administrator

Company administrators have the highest level of access. They have complete control of all company and site data, including Kinsta DNS and migration requests. Only give company administrator access to users who you trust.

Company Developer

A company developer has access to manage all sites (including deleting them), Kinsta DNS, and can manage site-level users, but does not see billing details, company settings, or migration requests.

Company Billing

A company billing user is a special role that only sees billing details and company settings. They can see invoices, enable automatic invoice emails, and modify company details like name and address. They do not have access to any websites or migrations in any way.

Site Administrator

Site administrators have complete access to a site and have full control of all environments attached to that site. The only actions they are not permitted to do are removing a site from a company’s account or submitting or managing migration requests. Note that a single user may be a site administrator for multiple sites.

Site Developer

Site developers have access to the staging environment for a single site. They have full control over the staging environment only and can perform any actions apart from removing the staging environment or pushing it to live. Note that a single user may be a site developer for multiple sites.

Site developers do not have access to analytics, user management, migrations, or the activity log features In MyKinsta.

Company Ownership Role

There is a special role called the company owner. A company owner is always also a company administrator. There must be one and only one company owner at a time.

A company owner is the only user in a company who can request an account closure. Apart from that, they are exactly like company administrators in day-to-day use.

It is possible to transfer ownership of a company to another company administrator. For more information, take a look at our knowledgebase article on transferring company ownership.